Hazelton Named to Biletnikoff Watch List

Adding to the summer award watch listees, Damon Hazelton has been tagged as one of 60 in the country on the Biletnikoff Watch List. As mentioned with Willis, these lists are usually meaningless, but Biletnikoff is hard as hell to spell without googling.

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My first thought was why isn't Turner also on the watch list.

You know you're in good shape at a position when you think you might have a guy on your team who's as good or possibly better than the guy that made the watch list.

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I was going to take a cheap shot a French who basically said I was an assclown when I said I'd take Hazelton or Tre over Coale on his all decade team. Decided to do that in the comments instead.

French, your WR takes are as bad as your cheese takes.


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Let him have it!

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

because we're moving him to DB, duh

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We might have two 1000 yard receivers this season.

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What heady times these are...I'd be perfectly happy with a 1000 yard running back...by god it's been a while

1000 yards is 1000 yards no matter how you get them.

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What weighs more a pound of gold or a pound of feathers?

We put the K in Kwality

Trick question. No one here is rich enough to have a pound of gold to measure it for an answer.

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A pound of gold is worth $22,736 right now. While not chump change at all, it's not some astronomical amount.

While some one here could buy a pound of gold for $22k, no one is rich enough to have that lying around their house. You have to be pretty rich to own a lbs of gold for measurement purposes.

How many Hokie Club priority points for a pound of gold? Someone here may be able to muster enough up.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Not if you invested in gold in the early 2000s.

And you keep that ish in the safe deposit box at the bank, of course.

I am under the impression that no one under 80 years old buys gold as an investment. So do we have many 99 year olds on TKP?

Y2K wasn't that long ago

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I know, right? Gold was a good investment back then, but now, not so much.

Not as safe as they used to be:

NY Times - Safe Deposit Boxes Aren't Safe

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Damn. That's shocking.

He could be elite if he stops managing to drop passes that somehow always end up in a defender's hands. He has great size and speed and is clearly a quick study if he went from playing running back to being a good receiver so fast. I'm hoping he can take that next step.

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I thought Hazelton did pretty well as a WR. Certainly he had a few head scratching moments. And his biggest issue IMO is that he doesn't give effort if he knows the play isn't going to his side of the field. But as a WR, he's pretty darn good.

Is it basketball season yet?

Maybe I have my O&M memory glasses on, but I don't remember nearly as many drops as a lot of people do. He seemed to be huge all season for us and was keyed on by nearly every defense we played.

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He was most definitely taking off plays. WRs gotta block on run plays, and I recall Wiggins getting on him about it several times.

But when a ball is coming to him, it's his.

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Marcus was a QB converted to WR catching passes from a TE converted to QB. Sometimes I forget how horrible that 2012 offense was.

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Every reciever getting caught on the 3 yard line and then we couldn't punch it in.

Yep. We had gotten so spoiled with good running back play over the years that we all just assumed Michael Holmes would be elite as soon as he assumed the starting spot. Then he loses the spot to JC Coleman who then loses it to Martin Scales. An utter disaster.

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win it...Let s go hokies

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Tre and Haze should challenge for All-ACC honors. I think given Willis' favoring of Haze that he is the safer pick to compete for a 1st team spot.

As far as the Biletnikoff goes, hopefully they make through many cuts and end up on some shortlists, but I can't imagine anyone on our team having a chance of winning it with guys like current trophy holder Jerry Jeudy and Justyn Ross out there.

Yep, these awards typically just go to the best guys at each position on the best teams, unless they don't have someone who stands out at a certain spot, and it goes to someone with gaudy stats. In the case of multiple good guys on good teams at one spot (ie QB) they'll sometimes spread it around with the Maxwell, Davey O'Brien, and Heisman.