ESPN With the Hard Hitting Gamecast Updates during the ACC Tournament

Sometimes all you can do is point and laugh.

So what did the ACC personalities tagged by ESPN think about the VT-Miami game yesterday? Lots of things happened, including a ranked team cruising to a win over a really bad team, but might have suffered a setback with their top shooter possibly getting hurt. How did they think of it all during the game?

Phew, glad we got that out of the way. Vital up to the minute reporting there. Hard hitting journalism that really relates to the fans following.

Surely, things must be better with the Thursday games, especially with VT and FSU squaring off in a battle of ranked teams potentially with a Top 4 seed on the line. Surely they are going to dedicate more time and energy to this one, right?



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Today I found out I have been paying comcast a rental fee for my cable modem, for more months than i'd like to admit. Thing is, i own my cable modem and have for some time. Check your bill people!

Man, I hate comcast, and Duke and ESPN and their infatuation with a handful of people, ZW included. That was a good joke during today's broadcast by McDonough and Dakich, about the white smoke from the rooftop meaning he'll play, like some sort of announcement of the new pope..

Comcast charged me for HBO (that I wasn't receiving, nor did I want to) for like 5 months before I caught it. I don't make those mistakes anymore, I examine their bill very closely these days.

To their credit, they refunded me the full amount and even credited me a little on top. But still, I know what they tried to pull.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

At this point I think we all want Zion to go pro so maybe just maybe college analysts will stop talking about him.