OT: Most memorable NCAA Tournament for you?

I have a lot of these, and some are painful. One that still hurts was a ticky tack call that fouled out Keith "Mister" Jennings where ETSU was poised to be the first 16 to beat a 1 (Oklahoma with Mookie Blaylock and Stacy King.)

In terms of the most exciting moment (where I didn't have a stake), I still remember seeing this live in my 8th grade algebra 1 class (thanks Mr. Fleenor.)

I also watched the Duke Kentucky game with the Laettner shot. I didn't like either team, but Jamal Mashburn had a ridiculous game to keep Kentucky in position to win. I felt ill when Laettner made that shot.

My underdog pick will always be my favorite first round game. Two friends of mine and I from EHC went to the Damons in Bristol VA (RIP) for the first round in 1999. We were there almost 7 hours, and the last game of the night was UNC vs Weber State. Harold the Show Arceneaux put on a show for the ages, and Weber State won the game. We were going crazy in an empty Damons late at night while the poor staff were desperate to go home. (If you worked at Damons in Bristol VA in 1999, sorry.)

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Dunk City was so fun to watch

I was dating a girl that went to George Mason when they had their Final Four run and that was probably my most memorable, but because she played in the Pep Band and got to go to all the Final Four games. I was actually annoyed that she got to be there and could not have given a shit about Basketball. But she brought me free stuff so there was that.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

I should have been into that run. I just couldn't after the one player nut-shotted an opponent at the end of the regular season.

My favorite mid-major runs have been the Butler, Loyola, and Kent State runs. Kent State held a special place because I watched their first round game in person, a win over Oklahoma State in Greenville, SC. Kent State's best post player was Antonio Gates. Yes, that Antonio Gates.

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Also, if you have a sports bucket list and A) going to the first round of the NCAA tournament live and B) being in Vegas during the first round of the tournament are not on that list, you eat cheese.

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Setting up at a sports book in Vegas for the first round action is a phenomenal sports experience. Even if you arn't a betting person, just watching the feel in the room on every shot is hard to describe

Agreed. I hit a money line on St. Mary's beating Villanova the only time I got to go and it was an amazing vibe. The only bad parts are:
A) not being enough room in nice books, like the Mirage. We spent most of our time in The Flamingo, which isn't exactly the nicest book in Vegas
B) table minimum bets jump way up, so you lose money much faster at the tables. I stuck to my 3 game parlays with the rare moneyline bet on a dog.

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I eat cheese and those are both well within the top 5 of my sports bucket list. Pending the Hokies' placement next week A) could be in play soooon.

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I got a hotel next to Hollywood Casino in WV. They have a legal sports book. We are going to bounce back and forth between the casino and the suite at the hotel to play parlays all day Thursday-Saturday.

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My state won't legalize sports gambling. Fortunately, the wife is agitating for a Vegas March Madness honeymoon next year, so I'll probably get B) within a year.

I'm hoping for Hokies to Tulsa. Sub-9 hour drive for me.

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lolUVA losing to a 16 seed.

I still kick myself for not getting to see that live. It was a major blunder on my part.

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I was listening to the game on a plane. It's the one and only time I wish that my flight was delayed!

I enjoyed the hell out of watching that on TV as it unfolded.

I watched it at my bachelor party with my friend from loluva. We were in Pittsburgh for the first round last year and as soon as it was over he ordered 4 shots then casually looked over and said, anyone else want something.

The only time I've ever been happy to have insomnia. I was awake on the couch, my wife, asleep in the bedroom, I was watching on my computer, starting about halftime, after a wikipedia wormhole.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

My wife and I saw it live. It was an incredible atmosphere and amazing to get to see the LOLUVA tears first hand.

Tournament from the 2001-02 season when UMD won it all. I grew up in MD, so in 6th grade, I was a fan of UMD. That team was awesome - Juan Dixon, Steve Blake, Lonny Baxter, Chris Wilcox. That team/season was probably the first time I was a fan of a team. Everyone in the state was watching every game, obsessing over that team.

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That was the same year as the Kent State run I referenced. My best friend is a huge Indiana fan, so he went crazy that whole tournament. Lonny Baxter was a really good college post player. It is a shame that guys like Baxter, Corlis Williamson, Marcus Fizer- those interior post 4's, don't seem to fit into the NBA well.

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I'm from Arkansas and was a die hard fan. Still a fan, but my loyalty is with VT now. With that said the greatest NCAA moment for me was Definitely Scotty Thurman draining a 3 against Duke to seal the championship. I was in 5th grade and still remember it clearly.

As for the Corliss Williamson comment, that dude lost a bunch of weight after he was drafted to turn himself into a small forward and had a very good NBA career. He played 12 years in the league.

2011 when UCONN won the Big East tournament then turned around and won the NCAA tournament behind Kemba Walker.

Worth noting that the seeds/teams in the final four that year were 3 UCONN, 4 Kentucky, 8 Butler, and 11 VCU, so that was a crazy overall tournament with a lot of upsets and unexpected deep runs.

I saw their 1st and 2nd round games in DC in person that year. Butler was also in DC even though they were in a different bracket and had a crazy ending to their game with Pitt.

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1983 Final- Derek Whittenburg's airball, alley oop to Lorenzo Charles at the buzzer. I think they took down the unbeatable Phi Slamma Jamma team from Houston. To win it all

One of my greatest College memories!!!

NC State was 17-10 entering the 1983 ACCTournament and were hardly even considered a bubble team for the NCAAs.

After they won the ACC tourney, (which was probably the only way they were selected for the NCAA Tourney) I made the CRAZY assumption that if they could beat the best teams in the ACC then they could WIN IT ALL and I picked them in my tourney bracket pool to win! (My buddies thought I was insane!!!)

Almost every game was a come from behind nail biter!

For the first and only time in my life I won the pool and $250!

Just watched the recap of that run by NC State on 30 for 30, and as enduring as the Lorenzo Charles tip-in is, the great memory of Jimmy V is equally as enduring. Great coach and a hero for his fight against cancer and for his cancer fighting foundation. Damn, can't believe how long ago that was, my senior year at VT.

2004. UAB was playing Kentucky in the round of 32. Kentucky was the #1 seed and UAB was #9. It was my first time ever in our neighborhood bracket pool at $10 a bracket, (I was 10 and very excited) and I picked UAB over Kentucky. My dad reviewed my bracket and said I need to change that, UAB has no chance. Watched the game with him as he just sat there and laughed at the result. Haven't forgiven him to this day.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

A lot of my friends were undergrads at Mason during their final four run. One was even Gunston the Mascot, so I enjoyed that month of partying and exposure that it brought the area.

I remember looking at the teams they needed to go through: UNC, Michigan State, Wichita State (who was a solid mid major) and then UConn as the overall #1. Eventually losing to the first team to go back-to-back champions with the same starting #5.

Recency gives credit to the memory to what Butler was able to do in going back to back finals.

The Webber Timeout game was wild because of what it would have meant for the legacy of the Fab 5.

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Most remarkable to me was 2005, simply because I was on a golf trip to Myrtle Beach with my uncle (mom's youngest brother, so he was only 13 years older than me) and all his permanent bachelor buddies .

We played golf Thursday and Friday early tee times, drank bloodies, then saddled up at this amazing sports bar and watch the first round games both days for hours, followed by a stop at a fine gentlemen's establishment to close out both evenings. One guy ended up spending like $3600 there.

That was the year with the Vermont and Bucknell upsets over Syracuse and Kansas, along with a few others in the first round.

Me and my family got to go to the 2nd round games in Greensboro in 2009. Got to see a Hansbrough-led UNC stomp LSU and Duke do the same to Texas. Easily the most blue blood environment I've ever been in. Place was packed and it was rockin.

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I got to watch the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament in Raleigh in 2008. I got to see the start of Steph Curry and Davidson's run. That will always be a special memory.

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Bryce Drew hitting the shot for Valpo in 1998. Its where I fell in love with the chaos of the first couple days of the tournament.

My my all time top 'holy shit!' moment....

The double pump marcus Paige off balance 3 to tie..

Followed immediately by the biggest 'onions' shot in tournament history

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That Jenkins shot is one of my all time favorite sports calls

it was made so much better by the silliness of the shot that Paige hit right before it. That was just a great game all around. I love seeing the fan reactions at the Pavilion when the shot when in. Absolute pandemonium

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Both of these are my top two. The Drew shot I saw in my AP Statistics class during my junior year of high school. That was the moment I started to love the tournament.

The final minutes of the UNC/Villanova game are incredible. "The Moment Villanova Won the 2016 NCAA Basketball Championship" is the greatest video in sports history and you don't even see the shot, just the fans:

One of my favorite tournament games were 2005 Illinois vs Arizona in the Sweet 16. Illinois came back from 15 down in the last 4 minutes behind Deron Williams, Dee Brown and Luther Head.


Another was Xavier vs Kansas State in 2010. 3 point battle back and forth, Jacob Pullen and State got the win in double overtime.


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Luther Head is an All-NCAA Name Team candidate.

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Here is one of my favorites; ETSU upsetting Arizona in 1993. I ended up getting to play rec league 3 on 3 with a couple of these guys (Calvin Talford and Trazel Silvers) at the Abingdon Rec Center and it was a thrill. The only bummer was that Mr. Jennings had moved on to the NBA, so JUCO Jason Nibblett and Eric Palmer took the place of Jennings.

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March 16, 2007. An incredible contest between Greenberg's Hokie squad and Illiniois. We trailed from the 8:39 mark in the first half until Deron Washington hit a jumper with 47 seconds left in the game. And then about six different heart attacks during those last 47 seconds of play. The last time we made it out of the first round of the tournament and just a classic game all around.

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We won which was obviously great, but I remember that being an offensively challenged game. Not the most entertaining... And the SIU game to follow was really disappointing.

SIU was custom built to counter what Greenberg's squad was all about that year. The outcome in the second round sucked, but it wasn't unexpected.

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

Watching Georgia Tech make it to the regional finals in 1985, losing to Georgetown, after winning the ACC Championship. I was in HS in Atlanta at the time, and was at their ACC Championship game. It was an exciting run.

Of course, ask me again next month, and I'll say my favorite NCAA Tournament memory is Virginia Tech going to the Final Four.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Wisconsins run to the natty was a ton of fun. I had just gotten accepted to grad school there (in feb) and really it was the first time I paid close attention to a team and had one to root for. That upset over Kentucky was a friggin blast

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

Damons was awesome back in the day. It's a shame Bristol decided to try to outgrow itself for no reason.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Has to be last year's for me. I know Tech didn't do well, but Marshall won their first tournament game ever after winning their conference for the first time in 31 years. It was an unreal experience, and I'll remember those two weekends for the rest of my life.

Not to mention UVA became the first 1-seed to ever lose to a 16-seed.

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1983 NC State vs Houston for the championship. I was following that team because ESPN was airing an instructional series featuring Jim Valvano, Thurl Bailey, Derek Whittenburg and Sidney Lowe during that season

2004 in raleigh to watch VCU and got to see Manhattan beat Florida.

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Sophomore year in Pritchard in March 2008. I had just printed and filled out a bunch of brackets and the RA came by asking if I wanted to be in the hall pool. I said no initially because I had just finished all my brackets. He convinced me to make one more. That tournament was the first time all #1 seeds made the final four and I had them all correct. I was going to win regardless too. I had picked Kansas to win and there was a restaurant near my house in Salem called Henry's Memphis BBQ. If Memphis won the title they were going to give away discounted food. My paper pick Kansas won and I won $50 in the hall pool that the RA convinced me to join.

UNI choking away a 10 point lead against Texas A&M with 30 seconds to go a few years ago to eventually lose in overtime was pretty wild.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Richmond spiders. Early 80s. Johnny Newman, Greg beckwith and company take down the Goliath Charles Barkley of Auburn. Deemed the giant killers from then on. Epic. Were up by over twenty into the second half and the beast Barkley woke up and erupted but it was just a bit too late and the spiders pulled it out.

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1986, Mannnings run for the title. I got a t-square and drafting board of my dads and drew up my own bracket. Drew little logos too.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this: watching it in college. Get out of class, bike it hard to the convenience store, grab a case of beer, and head to our friend's apartment who has 4-5 tvs setup for the first two rounds. Every year since, I've been out on a jobsite and I'm always so sad that I'm not settling in for a wild and crazy day of basketball and crushing beers with friends lol

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I'd have to say last year this day exactly

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My wife is a George Mason alumni and we have been season ticket holders since 1985 (we stopped in 2017, moved to SML). It was a cheap way to see college games and the hospitality room served some pretty good beer, so what's not to like. But that run they made in 2006 was just a blast and we were at all the games from the second round to the final 4. The only down side is my wife always has to remind this time of year that GMU has been to a Final 4. I can still dream.

What part of SML, if you don't mind me asking?

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Just past Channel Marker B46 on the right off the blackwater river. You can't miss me with the Hokies colors and the Hokie Bird on my boat shed.


I was sitting about 15 rows behind this backboard in 1996. By far the most memorable moment.

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This one

The one and only year I put money in the office pool...picked Maryland to win it all (2002), got $50 I think. Retired from betting after that. ๐Ÿ‘‘ (also completed my nuclear training during the tourney, went on transfer leave, got married, reported to new command, and was later notified I'd won by word of mouth...all makes it more memorable)

If the other ones were memorable I've already forgotten them, but I know I watched some exciting finals; Villanova, Butler, and a few other games involving Duke or UNC come to mind.


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Ima go out on a limb and say this one!

Mario Chalmers' 3 to tie Derrick Rose's Memphis squad, then beating them in OT. That game was incredible.

2019 When the Hokies won it all to give Buzz a proper sendoff

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You beat me to it, but may I add:

2019, when Buzz took an undermanned team to the championship game where they beat loluva by ten. After cutting down the nets someone hands Buzz a pen and he signs a five year extension on the spot.

That's my favorite moment! ๐Ÿ˜

There is nothing in the world like Thursday night in Blacksburg!