Should/Will Buzz Get ACC COY?

Despite losing his best player halfway through the conference season, his best recruit being "ineligible" and one of his senior leader becoming indefinitely suspended, he set a Virginia Tech record for most conference wins and in line to at least tie the highest NCAA seed in program history.

This maybe the best team in the history of Virginia Tech basketball.

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Should he: yes
Will he: no

Outside of VT fans no one is really even talking about how we lost Clarke and nolley he is only getting talked about for losing Robinson. If you consider all the starters he lost and fact he's only playing seven men then definitely yes. We lost four games when Robinson went down (3 of which we prob would have won with him) But I think the voters are lazy and wont look that deep.

Buzz has unquestionably turned in his best coaching job thus far, so naturally he'll finish 3rd behind Chris Mack and Tony Bennett.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Yes and yes. No one else has stood out. Those teams are cruising along with no major injuries outside of a couple games. The bottom of the ACC is very bad. The top is good but loaded and everyone knows it. If not Buzz, honestly pains me to say, Bennett

Only at Duke and UNC will you get rewarded for literally meeting expectations

That pisses me off. Everyone just wants to praise Coach K. He almost lost to a terrible wake team with two top 5 picks. Look at what he did vs Buzz when a player went down.

Disclaimer: I hate everything about Duke and Coach K

Only 2 top five picks? What happened to his 3rd pick?

He hurt his ACL when his shoe blew out.

Pretty sure he will still be a top five pick.

Sorry. I meant that he wasn't playing. 3 top 5 and maybe 4 top 10.

And worth noting that VT beat Duke with Zion and JRobb out.

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Buzz is my coach of the year every year

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

He gets some love down here from David Glen in the Raleigh market who runs the ACC sports journal. So his work isn't unnoticed outside of Virginia. He might win.

Man, what could've been...

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Bunny will probably win it this year. He's got Hamsterdam humming right now and he's not juking the stats.

I regret that I only have but one leg to give for this

He should be. Hamilton has done a good job at FSU but he has a lot more depth available for him and equal 5 star talent to Buzz.

It is a fricken joke when coach K is on the list for coach of the year. He has the most talented roster in all of basketball and the fact they aren't undefeated with Zion and lost more than 1 game without him should be every reason he shouldn't be on the list.

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I didn't know this, but apparently Coach K has not won the ACC Coach of the Year since 2000. Also forgot that Seth had won it as well...

998–99 Mike Krzyzewski*^ (4) Duke N[8]
NABC[8] 16–0 1 37–2 [6][12]
1999–00 Mike Krzyzewski*^ (5) Duke — 15–1 1 29–5 [6][12]
2000–01 Paul Hewitt Georgia Tech — 8–8 5T 17–13 [6]
2001–02‡ Gary Williams* Maryland — 15–1 1 32–4 [6]
2002–03 Skip Prosser Wake Forest — 13–3 1 25–6 [6][13]
2003–04 Herb Sendek NC State — 11–5 2 21–10 [6]
2004–05 Seth Greenberg Virginia Tech — 8–8 4T 16–14 [6][14]
2005–06 Roy Williams*^ North Carolina AP[8]
USBWA[8] 12–4 2 23–8 [15]
2006–07 Dave Leitao Virginia — 11–5 1T 21–11 [11][16]
2007–08 Seth Greenberg (2) Virginia Tech — 9–7 4 21–14 [14]
2008–09 Leonard Hamilton Florida State BT[8] 10–6 4 25–10 [17]
2009–10 Gary Williams* (2) Maryland — 13–3 1T 24–9 [18]
2010–11 Roy Williams*^ (2) North Carolina — 14–2 1 29–8 [19]
2011–12 Leonard Hamilton (2) Florida State — 12–4 3 21–9 [20]
2012–13 Jim Larrañaga Miami (FL) AP[21]
USBWA[23] 15–3 1 29–7 [2][24]
2013–14 Tony Bennett Virginia — 16–2 1 30–7 [25]
2014–15 Tony Bennett (2) Virginia USBWA 16–2 1 30–4 [26][27]
2015–16 Jim Larrañaga (2) Miami (FL) — 13–5 2T 25–7 [28]
2016–17 Josh Pastner Georgia Tech — 8-10 11 21–16
2017–18 Tony Bennett (3) Virginia AP

2018–19 Tony Bennett (4) Virginia 16–2 1T 28–2

It's sucks seeing Bennett's name on that list so much.

Should go to Buzz.

We'll see, though.

I think what Buzz has done this year with the cards he was dealt has been great, and he should at least get some consideration for COY.

However, the conference record doesn't impress me as much. While the top half of the conference is strong, the bottom half is REALLY weak this year. The Hokies played GT and Miami twice, and those teams are struggling.
Plus, the Hokies didn't do anything against the top four teams in the conference, except beat a wounded Duke team at home, that turned around and should have lost on it's home court to Wake "dumpster fire" Forest.

Leonard. Duh.

*Almost* beat UVA at home with a six man rotation and downultiple starters

*Beat a "wounded" Duke (who has mostly McDonald's all americans comprising their team) with a more wounded squad and playing six men that game (don't think kabongo got any play vs Duke)

Got boat raced by UNC and UVA on the road

The award is for coach of the year, not team of the year and I agree that he deserves at least consideration. Our conference record would have looked significantly better if J Rob hadn't gotten injured, I believe, and I think Buz did a really good job of getting the ship righted with the handful he had left. He can't make those threes fall against UVA, but I felt like the game plan was solid. I don't think for a minute he'll win, but it wouldn't shock me if he did.

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I would give it to Bennett. They lost Nigel Johnson, Isaiah Wilkins and Devon Hall and only added the kid from Bama and the tiny guy.

They've been fantastic.

I'm not arguing that he doesn't deserve it, but he's been dealt a hand with 3 All-ACC guys and a couple other 4* recruits. And that transfer was also a top 60 recruit out of HS. He's always been a fantastic coach, guess it just depends on what you weigh the most when determining the COY.

but he's been dealt a hand with 3 All-ACC guys and a couple other 4* recruits

Recruiting is a HUGE part of coaching. Saying someone shouldn't be in the running for COTY because they have really great recruiting classes completely ignores the importance of recruiting to the coaching position.

I'd say the fact that Bennett (and K and Roy) are able to put together really strong seasons while also putting together really strong recruiting classes makes their candidacy for COTY even stronger.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

True, but when has winning a lot with highly ranked recruits led to ACC COY in the past? I'm not saying it's right, but in the last 8 years, the coaches who have won are Bennett, Hamilton, Pastner, and Larranaga. Roy hasn't won since 2011 and K hasn't won since 2000. Heck, Seth has won twice since K last won. The award has been typically given to the coach who has done the best on-court coaching job with the talent level they have. In my (admittedly biased) opinion, that's Buzz.

The only thing I want to give Bennett is a loss.

I guess it all depends on what you think defines COY. Bennett has an experienced bunch that was the #1 overall seed last year and has had another solid year, can't take anything away from him.

Coach K has blue chippers everywhere, but does make the pieces fit.

Coach Williams had probably the quietest season in the ACC living in Zion's shadow and then got the season sweep against Duke (i know, no Zion). And has UNC surging at the right time.

If you put any of those other coaches on VT, is this team better or have a better season? I'm not so sure.

I think if VT was able to beat FSU and get that double-by and top 4 seed, the optics looks a bit better. Losing Clark and Nolley was a big blow to depth, having JRobb go out and adapt with only a single other PG, relying on Wilkins and Horne, getting some really strong play from KBJ to go super-nova when JRobb went down. It has been an amazing season from a hard working bunch.

I think if VT hadn't gotten blown out by UNC and UVA under the big lights, you could have made a stronger case for Buzz, but there are some big names in front of him.

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that's some bullshit right there. The only improvement Bennett made year over year is taking a #1 overall seed (who lost to a #16 in the opening round, lest we forget) and made them a, lemme check, oh yes, #1 overall seed. Buzz took a team expected to finish #5 in the conference, lost his preseason 2nd team all ACC point guard, and still game plans his way into a #5 finish.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Not to mention they were picked to finish 5th before Clarke and Nolley were ruled out for the entire year. Right before the season started.

I can't give coach of the year to someone who got boat raced and lost to a #16 seed within the same "calendar year" since the last voting took place.

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I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty salty Buzz didn't win it. Even saltier that Bennett did.

Going in Bennett's favor, when you start the year at rock bottom, the only direction is up...

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Well, there's always staying at rock bottom...

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Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Nope. He got runner-up/1st Alt.

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Seth Greenberg just said on the halftime show that he thinks Buzz should have won ACC COY.

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Just posted this on the tourney thread, and I'm already drinkin', but I thought that was a pretty interesting observation.

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