285lbs Weight Class Overview: John Borst

2018/2019 Season

Billy Miller (r-SR, Perry OH) came to Virginia Tech as a graduate transfer from Edinboro where he was a two time Eastern Wrestling League heavyweight Champion and qualified for the NCAA tournament three times. His record as a Scot was 79-28. As a Hokie, his record stood at 16-9 (3-2 ACC) and finished third in the ACC Championship Tournament. Qualifying for his fourth NCAA tournament, he bowed out with an 0-2 record. In his last year, Miller never lost by fall and, only two of his losses would by more than 7 points or major decision.

2019/2020 Season

John Borst (r-SO, Stephens City VA) actually started two duals last year, while Billy Miller was injured, and had a final record of 12-10. He wrestled attached in the Hokie Open, Southern Scuffle, Cliff Keen Invitational, Franklin & Marshall Open, and the Appalachian Open since he used his redshirt in 2017/2018.

Borst engages in head ties, like most heavy weights. For offense, he follows in the footsteps of Coach Ty Waltz in shooting high-Cs. John does have ankle pick he uses when there's a significant size disadvantage. When on top during referee's position, Borst will break down his opponents by rolling over their wrists. From there he has a couple options to score points, like a half nelson, but looks to be more comfortable with tilts.

The improvements that John Borst needs to make this year is getting deeper with his high-C shot and not letting his opponents post him up. He can always work on his strength, agility, and conditioning since he will be outsized in most of his matches. He is on the smaller size as a 285lber.

My prediction is John Borst to go 3-2 in ACC dual meets. I believe he will qualify for the NCAA Tournament but will not earn All American status. For his schedule, it has a mix of top and low end talent. He will be going against four preseason top-20 wrestlers as of right now.

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Didn't Borst project as a 184 or 197 out of high school? Feel like the jump to 285 may be a lot.

I criticize knowing full well I could never do what these athletes do.

Wouldn't surprise me if it was 197. Kyle Snyder wrestled at 197 as a freshman before dominating heavyweight and then cutting back down for international competition. Ty Walz was pretty undersized too. It's extremely important that Borst makes up for it with his agility and endurance.

It's Time to go to Work

Borst is crazy athletic though and strong for his size. Look for him to pull out an upset or two due to those things.

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Where all the Christiansburg boys at this year?


You're not wrong though. The pipeline isnt what it use to be when there was Epperly, Dance, Carter, etc

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I have though it for a few years now but I honestly think VT first national championship will be in wrestling.