November Fishing Thread

It's getting cold up where most of y'all hang out; nearly time to organize/reorganize/re-reorganize the tackle box, buy stuff you don't need and will never use, and re-read your Patrick McManus collection.

We have over 500 posts in the Fall Thread, my abacus is running low on beads to keep count, and someone's computer can apparently only handle so much. So by popular demand (one request) here is your new thread to post your latest fish porn, ask questions, and share your wisdom re: all things fish.

I'll go first

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Water temps (holding around 68) should allow me to get one more trip this fall. Going to try to make it this weekend. Big drums or bust .

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Today was short on numbers but high on 18.5 trout and 27.5 red (above). That's a Slayer "golden brim" colored soft plastic in its mouth. Took 5 minutes and a couple laps around the boat to get him in the net; then spent about the same amount of time resuscitating the fish prior to release.

We've had the first frost and some moderately dramatic temp drops here in the middle of the Bay. I haven't been out, personal reasons, and well, sloth, but while I figure there are trout still available here in the Mobjack area, I still think it's about time to look for the striper thing. We'll see.
My big issue right now is trying to decide what to put in my tank. I have been in the habit of only fueling with non-ethanol gas, but with the local gas station selling regular at 2.10 and the non-ethanol being 3.15, I'm conflicted. I figure I'll use another tank (44 gal) before I shut down for the winter, so I'll still have to fuel up before/at the end, so I'm thinking of saving the bucks, I'm down to maybe 11 gal now, and then filling up with non-ethanol maybe with a booster of gas saver after season. I will do my regular for the motor, change the water/fuel separator filter and fill it with sea foam and running it into the injectors before storage.
What do you guys think? And yes, $30 or more matters to me, if I'm not risking more by being frugal.

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If you're looking at the last tank to sit till next season do not use Ethanol. The reason you fill up your tank is to reduce condensation in the tank. The reason you don't use Ethanol is that its hydrophilic and collects condensation. You'll never fill up your tank enough to completely cut out condensation with it sitting in the hot cold cycle for months. Spend the extra money and guarantee your gas is good at the start of next season or risk it and find out that you've gotta pump your tank at the beginning of next season.

Ethanol is generally fine to use if you're not letting it sit. Drive around and see if you can't find a better deal on E-Free.

In your case just use Ethanol for that first 44 gallons and run it till its empty then fill it back with E-Free for winterization with whatever your normal additives are.

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I get the reason not to let it sit, and I won't. Just wondered what folks thought of saving some bucks in the more gas consuming chase the birds game that the local rockfish season demands. I have absolutely no intention of letting my gas tank sit for any length of time with ethanol gas in it. Wouldn't matter if gas prices weren't so stupid, I mean it is cheaper to produce non ethanol gas after all, but I be a po' man, so it can matter for me.

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Yeah i dont know your set up but most newish motors run ethanol no issue. The only thing you worry about is your fuel lines as long as those aren't old or cheap atwoods you'll be good.

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My motor is a 2005 115 4 stroke Yamaha, and I've been told that running it on fuel with ethanol should not be a problem, but storing fuel with ethanol is a big problem, even when treated, so I thought I'd solicit advice from the community. Since my winterizing routine with the sea foam hitting the injectors, I've had virtually no issues with my motor or fuel, but I definitely make sure that my tank is full of non ethanol gas at that point as well. I also have yet to find any water in my water/fuel separator when changing it, even the year I left the gas cap off during a measured 1" rainfall, but I did pour some treatment in to try to mitigate that possible problem.

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My motor (2017 merc 4stroke 40) only utilizes a 6gal portable tank. I religiously use ethanol only since the cost to me is pretty negligible. I've only owned this boat about a year. Still less than 100hrs on it overall... should I worry about any additional "winterization" other than keeping the tank full/ making sure all water is out? (Stored indoors 100% of the time it's not in use)

Here's my honest opinion on winterization. VA and south really doesn't have to worry about it too much. You're never in a deep freeze long enough for it to really matter. If you're not using you boat at all over winter:

Fill up the tank, throw some stabil in it. Start the motor, unhook the gas line from the tank and let the motor starve, drain all your water out. That right there is sufficient to me.

If you want to fog its really easy with that F40 and any new four stroke. Mix the fogging oil with a gallon or 2 of gas (read fogging oil for mixture) and run it until you get smoke out of the exhaust.

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Yeah, for me, the fogging thing is taken care of by introducing the sea foam into the injectors via the fuel/water separator filter where it sits until spring. Keeps 'em clean, and they're the thing I used to have trouble with. I do keep the boat tank full to the top to minimize the chance of condensation. Have done this routine for four years and am very satisfied with the result so far. I guess my problem lies in determining whether quick use of the ethanol fuel for economy's sake when I'm running a lot will end up being a problem in the long term. I would be running almost all of it out before filling with non ethanol for winter.

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I'd at least run the same octane level of a major brand (good additives).

If I can get down to join you, I would be happy to cover the difference. But things are very problematic right now.

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Well, we have several weeks before the season's over. Keep in touch.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays