VT game with a TO on First Play???

My GF and I can't remember which game had a TO on the very first play after the opposing coach said that the noise in Lane wouldn't be an issue. It was a mid-to-late 2000s game.

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App State. David Wilson's first game as starter. Took the ensuing handoff 20 yards for the score.

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That was a TD not a TO.

App State fumbled on the 2nd play from scrimmage, on the next play David Wilson had the 20yd TD run. TO, then TD... All in 3 plays. Man I miss the days when we actually won cupcake games convincingly

2006 Thursday Night game vs. Clemson. The day I fell in love with Virginia Tech football.

I vaguely recall Clemson coming out on fire in the opening drive to go up 7-0. And then we curb stomped them and controlled the rest of the game. People stormed the field.

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What I recall most was Bowden complaining about cups and trash thrown at him, only to find out it was Clemson fans that did it.

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We made them burn all 3 timeouts in the first quarter, if not their first drive. 06 Lane was space shuttle launch loud.

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We had a 5 game win streak against Clemson after that Victory. Remember when the Atlantic was the "weak" division and it was VT and GT every year beating up on ACC? We used to dominate the ACC when we came in Circa 04-2010. Beamer used to have a crazy high win pct. in Conference play. I miss those days, where I was legit bummed when we went to Chick Fil'a bowl instead of the Orange bowl for the 3rd year in a row.

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Ugh I feel like we left so much on the table in that era. I feel like we were a top 5 team in college football in 2004. We took Auburn to the wire in the Sugar Bowl, and they were easily the second best team in the country that year. That 2005 team definitely should have gone to a BCS bowl game had Vick not turned the ball over against Miami a million times. 2006 went about as well as you could imagine, although beating Matt Stafford and UGA in the Chick Fil A Bowl would have looked good. Still not sure why Glennon didn't get pulled in that one. 2007 we lost to fucking Kansas in the Orange Bowl. 2008 is actually the only year I feel like we capitalized on our potential. Winning the Orange Bowl with such a young team was impressive. 2009 we were ranked 4th till we lost to both GT and UNC in back to back weeks. We easily could have won the ACCCG had we made it that year. 2010 we should have beaten Boise had we not gotten down by so much early on, then we beat JMU because we're not experiencing the hangover effect or whatever. 2011 we should have won the Sugar Bowl, catch or no catch. That fake punt call is where we lost that game.

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I remember when we were 1-6 in BCS bowls with our only victory coming against Brian Kelly and the 13-0 Bearcats.

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They were 11-2.

They had some really good players though, especially on offense. That was one of Bud's best games he ever coached.

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I must be thinking of a different Cincy season then. I still get chest pain every time I think of Kansas and Michigan BCS bowls.

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Yeah, those ones were tough to stomach. We were woefully underprepared for Kansas. That game changed how we prepared for bowl games. We were prepared for Michigan. Unfortunately a horrible fake punt call and egregious overruling by the officials cost us. To this day, I have no clue how they overturned that. They called it a catch on the field, and he actually did catch the ball. I don't know what they saw that was "indisputable video evidence."

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By "TO" do you mean timeout or turnover?

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Timeout. Other folks said Clemson in 06 which sounds familiar.

Didn't Motu score on an opening kickoff? Taking the ball from the kick returner.

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Yup. Western Michigan and PJ #Rowtheboat


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Marshall last year but they didn't have that quote.

Texas A&M had a delay of game on the first play of the game back in 2003. Crazy that we could sell out and fill up a game in a hurricane on a Thursday night at one point.

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They made us go to class so you're damn right I was going to that game. It was fun back in those days when fans viewed the weather as a challenge and always took it on full force.

I guess we haven't had a massive home game in the pissing rain since 2009 Miami, but I doubt fans would turn out the way they did for that, 2007 Boston College, 2003 Texas A&M, etc. anymore. It's sad, but times change. There isn't as much excitement around the program, watching a game on tv from the comfort of your own home is much more appealing than sitting in bad weather for three hours.

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I remember walking back to the Corps dorms in Dress A absolutely soaked and smelling like wet dog and just angry at the world after the '07 BC game. To this day I hate Matt Ryan.

I was 9 years old for that game. To this day, I've repressed it from my memory. Men were fighting, women were crying, I heard "fuck" more than I ever had to that point in my life. I remember getting orange hair gel in my hair before that game, and it was all running down my face by the end of the game. I slept the whole way home (about an hour and a half to two hours) and sleepwalked through school the next day while all my WVU friend berated me for that loss (I got the last laugh when they lost to Pitt later that year and missed the National Championship). Thankfully that team was resilient and bounced back from that because that easily would have sent most teams into an absolute tailspin. Says a lot about the senior leadership of that team. What a class that was. Too bad they had to go out with a loss to Kansas. They deserved better.

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That was the game where I was taught to pee in a poncho due to the length of the lines at the toilets. Also the first game my parents let me skip school for. A lot of fun until those last 4.5 minutes.

Your parents taught you to pee in a poncho?

Leonard. Duh.

Didn't even think of it as an option before.

You know how someone mentions something and you can instantly smell it? I can smell this exact night in Rasche Hall. I can also taste the sweet sweet victory of watching Matt Ryan get sacked during the ACC championship game in Jax that year. Good times.

That was the longest walk back to Brodie I ever experienced. Had a 9am the next day and went to get ABP before class and campus was just absolutely silent. Dress A in the rain is a smell you'll never forget.

I remember the 2009 miami game. That was a long wet ride home after that game. Now I will almost always bring a change of clothes if I am not staying local after the game.

Between 2011 and 2015 it seemed like it rained almost every white out game. One year it was the Marshall overtime game that we squeaked out with a win.

That was the craziest game I think I've ever seen in person. It was pissing the rain, Keyserling missed like 3 field goals, there were 2 blocked kicks, Derrick Hopkins almost scored a touchdown, Kendall Fuller got into a fight with a Marshall tight end, and Marshall dropped an INT that landed in Willie Byrn's hand for a TD and forced overtime. I feel like Tech fans have long forgotten that game, but Marshall fans certainly have not.

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