The D Hunter vs. UNC

Floyd is going to be out the first half vs. UNC due to his targeting penalty vs. URI. Devon Hunter is in line to start against UNC.

This is a big moment for Hunter as I believe this is his first start. This is also a big moment for some of the members of our coaching staff (Hamilton in particular) as Hunter is the most decorated recruit in the Fuente era.

I don't have a keen enough eye to know if Hunter is going to be a liability or not. How has he been playing this year? I know Floyd hasn't been up to DBU standards this year. Just excited for Hunter to see if the light will turn on for him.

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The D Hunter. Lawd.

Well, we seemed to play better when he was playing in the 4th. Not saying it was all him, but we shut URI down. So, that's nice.

We also have a very difficult defensive scheme. It's the triple option of defense, and without certain stars playing, the head can wrap up the feet real quick. Edmunds could cover with his athleticism. Adibi was just too fast in the college game.

So when you have guys who are thinking too much, they play super slow. Hunter recognized that last year and asked for a redshirt.

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I would start Ladler

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I would start DD at Rover and Rodgers at FS.

Or JR Walker.

But I'm not very comfortable with Hunter or Ladler.

Floyd hasn't been playing like the #1 jersey should be playing. I hope Hunter can prove he belongs and AT LEAST get more time with the first string the remainder of the season. We need him big time next year.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Floyd had two solo shoestring tackles yesterday that were incredible- he has been a liability in coverage but his positive contributions need to be pointed out.

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True, but he also whiffed a tackle allowing a 50 yard gain on third and 19

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They were shoestring because he took poor angles and barely made the tackle. Don't know what's up with him this year.. but hoping he can turn it around.

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This was going to be my response. From memory those tackles were make up for him attacking at a terrible angle

Floyd doesn't pass the eye test and has the lowest PFF grade on defense this year. We all hate it for him. By all accounts he is a great teammate and respected leader, but we can't have that kind of liability out there right now.

He and Quillen have been our worst players on defense this year. The subscriber article on TSL covers the two of them and their advanced stats. I want Floyd to do well, but he has been extremely inconsistent the last two seasons.

Floyd hasn't looked good since 2017 when he was surrounded by NFL talent. I just don't think he's good enough to be an ACC player. I love his leadership and effort (I'll never forget him chasing down the Pitt wide receiver leading to the goal line stand), but to be a senior starter, he's just not cutting it. Not all of it is his fault. He has had three different coaches in three years. I really just think that if Hunter plays well or even just as good as Floyd, you have to roll with him no matter how tough that choice is.

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Agree- been saying this. He has looked slow and off this year. You notice it- he is not nearly as active as years past. Don't know why, but it's noticeable. He was beaten badly and missed a key tackle on a RI 3rd down in the 4th quarter for example.

He used to play downhill very well and wasn't prone to taking bad angles. He was not too free in the hips when turning to cover downfield.

Now he is worse against the run and still has the same shortcoming in coverage.

I've been saying your first sentence for 2 years. And honestly I didn't even really get the love in 2017. Folks noticed his strengths then, but his weaknesses - when exposed - were glaring.

Could turn out to be better than Floyd, wouldn't be the first time coaches are afraid to play a young backup but he ends up better than a senior starter

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I don't know that I can say "Hunter played really well when Floyd was out" because it wasn't a huge sample size. But, the Rams QB didn't target Hunter when Floyd was out, so that was a positive and tells me Hunter was doing some good things.

Also (film review spoiler) at one point when Foster ran dime, Hokies were three DL, Ashby and Tisdale, and then Chatman and Conner with Deablo deep to the field and Waller on the slot, Farley wide, and Hunter deep to the boundary.

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I noticed that live. That was a really odd defensive alignment for Foster wasn't it? I can't recall see it much if ever. Should we expect to see more dime against UNC to cover the secondary liabilities? Will Howell be able to pick this apart?

UNC has two running backs in the top 10 rushing yards of the league. If we sit back in dime too much, they'll just run the ball down our throats.

Unfortunately that's a strong possibility regardless

French, think Foster is getting something on film for later opponents?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I want to see Hunter out on the field. I want to see our Defense come up with a score vs. UNC. We're gonna need some Beamerball type of plays this year.

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I'd be cool with back to back pick 6's and a scoop-and-score to jump to a 21 point lead. Maybe with a blocked punt chaser to finally let our offense on the field.

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That's a little bit too greedy, blocked XP instead of punt.

Nah, that means we had to give up a touchdown, so how about a blocked field goal attempt? :)

Thanks VT for delivering on this request for a blocked field goal.

On that last series- all I did was watch Hunter.

Like French said, he wasn't targeted.. but he was out there ordering around his teammates and he seems to be moving around well.

I just remember him always looking slow and reactionary instead of smooth.

I hope he gets the start

If he does, it's very likely that all 22 starters for the UNC game will be on the opening game lineup in 2020 against Liberty.

So we won't be young in 2020? Good

is there a difference between "young" and "inexperienced"? i think so and so should you

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Well we returned 16 starters this year.... and we are "young" too... so you draw your own conclusions.

that's the point though. if a 19 year old true sophomore has 8 starts under his belt that he got as a true freshman, does that really mean he isn't young any more? Kendricks and Pollard are playing pretty well this year, and even more so for being true freshmen (and i think neither of them had spring camp, but maybe i'm wrong) - but that doesn't somehow make them seasoned vets next year

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when your playing window is 4 years max... true freshman are "young", everyone else on the roster is not, IMO- relatively speaking.

playing window is actually five years and not four, and there's a huge difference between a 19 year old true sophomore and a 22 year old redshirt junior.

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Eligibility window is 5 years. Playing window is 4 years.

I don't see why we'd need to parse eligibility from playing when both are germane to a discussion about "age and experience of college football players". The range we're discussing is generally from an 18 year old true freshman in his first program year to a 23 year old redshirt senior in his fifth (plus kyle chung)

plus since redshirt isn't use-it-or-lose-it as a freshman, your four year playing window might not be continuous (e.g. Devon Hunter) so it doesn't make sense to use a hard four year window

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My point is that a true sophomore that played as a freshman has 3 more seasons to play including that one- not 12. when he is a junior, he is by definition not a young player, but an upperclassman. A young college player is a true fresh or RS freshman that hasn't played, IMO. If you are a sophomore with real playing experience- like Tre Turner for example, you are not "young" in looking at the lifespan of a college player, IMO. Nobody complains that Tre is "young" this year.

which is exactly why you should be thinking that "young" and "inexperienced" don't mean the same thing and you shouldn't use "young" when you mean "inexperienced"

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Sometimes. Sometimes not.

I think there is both on VT right now, but still probably more "young AND inexperienced"

We have to play Liberty again? Ugh. God I wish we could cancel that shit.

We play AT their garbage chicken shit stadium at some point too. Laughable.

At least they are throwing the chicken shit in the garbage. It's a good start.

I still can't believe they called that targeting, but overruled that targeting call that the URI dude laid out on Hooker's head

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In the stands we were positive the URI player was getting tossed. Head down, launched, etc. It hit all the check marks.

Those who weren't in the stands but watching on TV thought the same.

IMO it was targeting - albeit undeserved like most of them.

I was watching via mobile with the sound off during both of those plays. Did the commentary touch on this at all? They looked like very similar plays to me and if the URI guy was tossed I'd have expected Floyd to be tossed, but since they called the URI targeting back I'd have expected Floyd's to be overturned. From my vantage, both plays seemed like the defensive player was already in the process of making a completely legal tackle, but the ball carrier began falling to the ground at the same time leading to the illegal contact.

My guess is that leaving the ground had something to do with it. But, I have no idea what targeting is. I also think it is ridiculous that any random good intention play could lead to any player being ejected for a game, much less the following week as well. The punishment is too severe in my opinion.

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If I remember correctly, during the review of the hit by Floyd, Herzlich was saying something along the lines of how this was much more "malicious" than the URI player's hit on Hooker & he believed this one deserved the targeting penalty over the other play. Not sure how he saw that much difference in the two, but apparently he & the refs both did

Herzlich should leave his opinions in his rental car and stick to the actual events on the field.

It's one thing to point out leaving the feet as a fact, another to put his opinion that it was a malicious hit out there.

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Actually, before the reversal on the URI call, Herzlick indicated that he thought that hit checked all the boxes. When they reversed it, he speculated that they must have thought the contact was incidental/non-forceful.

After watching several different football games this year, I think targeting is getting extra emphasis. I watched about 8 games on Saturday and all 8 had a player ejected for targeting. A couple games have several targeting calls. I think, based on what I could tell was being discussed, there was some change to what a "defenseless" player is. It seems that a player in the process of going to the ground is now considered "defenseless" and any contact to the head, they are going to throw the flag, call it targeting, and let the reply booth make the call.

I think that is complete nonsense, because the replay booth more often than not will consider that the ref made the right call on the field and not put that into question. I saw many ejections and targeting calls where the force of the collision caused helmets to connect, but the tackle was initiated with the shoulder. It's been ridiculous to see so many games with ejections.

Both were targeting. I was surprised when the RI kid came back in and wasn't surprised when Floyd got booted.

I agree here that both should of been tossed. If you truly want to stop the act you have to eject the player who leads with the crown whether it was forceful or he got lucky and it didn't look violent.

As a fan who doesn't know the rule question is about there being no flag thrown on Floyd's hit, but yet there was one on the URI hit. While I agree Floyd's hit was targeting, are all hits being reviewed upstairs by another official? I feel like I have heard multiple times on broadcasts "the refs missed a helmet to helmet hit there" and play continued. Everything I looked up (mind you not too terribly in depth, is always based on the officials throwing the flag.

My understanding is if the review booth thinks they saw targeting they can call down to notify the refs even if the infield refs missed it. I believe I have also heard that they can retroactively call targeting during halftime if they see targeting from the first half.

As noted, the booth CAN take call for review and call the targeting whether the flag is thrown on the field or not. And if it IS called targeting on the field, the booth MUST either "overturn" or "confirm" the call on the field. (They cannot just let it "stand" as they can with possession/out of bounds calls). Watching both plays in person and then on TV later, I am okay with either both plays being targeting or both being "inadvertent"--but the inconsistency where the URI player was flagged on the field then overturned then later the field referees NOT throwing the flag and the same replay officials calling it targeting struck me as very inconsistent. I like replay for some things but they need to follow their own rules and only overturn the call on the field if there really IS "indisputable" evidence. ("Danny Coale caught that ball!"--I've said many times that if they had called it no catch on the field then decided there wasn't evidence to overturn that all, I would DISAGREE but not be upset; but to have called it a catch on the field and THEN overturn it on very disputable video replay was unconscionable!)

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I think Hunter Actually started against ODU last year as a Whip. But regardless this is at Rover so lets GO!!!!

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I really hope he plays well. Not just because rover has been a liability this season and we need to better at that position, but also because Hunter has worked very hard after getting benched and redshirted last season. He didn't enter the portal, he stayed and bettered himself. He would be a great example for other players moving forward.

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Tar Heel Hunter D

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.