Paging Umansky for Stories from the Sidelines

Mark, I am hoping to convince your to do a mid season recap of some of your photos and the details behind them. I was browsing the UNC photos and you seemed to be right in the thick of a couple of the big moments in that game. I would also imagine that a 4 hour game that starts in broad daylight and ends at night would make for a challenging day. If you find the time feel free to cover your favorite shots of the season so far.

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Hello! I am planning on putting together a UNC gallery story for the upcoming bye week(end), you're absolutely right about that game being a bit of a marathon to photograph. It felt like the first quarter was a week before the final overtime.

Sounds good! I like reading the different perspective you provide from gameday. Since it was a much debated topic, have you noticed a difference in the mood of the team before, during, and after the games this year vs last? Are you dropping weight from having to run up and down the field to stay with the action because the defense has been swiss cheese and the offense has a pulse?

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

I would say I actually haven't noticed a difference in the mood on the field, besides the obvious disappointment when things aren't going their way, they very obviously care a lot and it shows.

I've gotten older wiser over the years and don't run up and down as much as I did as a student photographer, but those 6 overtimes definitely made me sprint with all the back and forth end zone switching, jerks.