Rhode Island and UNC game times/TV info

Rhode Island at VT on 10/12 is a 4 PM kickoff on ACC Network.

UNC at VT on 10/19 is Homecoming, a 3:30 kickoff on RSN.

For those that need a reminder about RSN, it stands for regional sports network. For the ACC, these are games that are sublicensed out to Fox to produce, and then they show up on cable. In most areas, it's on the Fox Sports (insert location here) channel. In the mid-Atlantic region, it's on NBC Sports Washington (formerly Comcast Sports Net), as we don't have a Fox Sports RSN here.

ESPN's website will list the game as being on ACCNX (basically the ESPN3 of ACCN), but it's probably blacked out in most areas, because they think you can watch it on TV.

I'm honestly surprised we still have the RSN games, as I figured that they would be absorbed by ACCN. Usually, it was 1 Raycom game and 2 RSNs, which would cover the three games that ACCN would take. I guess we're waiting for that deal to run out.

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RE: RSN. Chad Swofford still needs to collect a fat paycheck.

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So same channel the sports junkies are on? good if so since that is on hulu+

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crap i don't get that channel

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Free trial on YouTube TV or Hulu + Live.

Perfect. Guess I may need to find a sports bar in KC next weekend.

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There's a KC Hokies group that does watch parties. Reach out to Dennis O'Roark (dennyovt AT gmail DAWT com) to meet up with that group.

I won't have a car otherwise I'd definitely look into it. Thanks though!

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Dennis is a good dude. I used to watch games with the group when I lived in KC (early 2000s)bat Fuzzy's South

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Yeah I have no idea where this game will show up for me. I have YTTV, ESPN app through YTTV, and live in upstate SC so we will see where it shows up and if it's blacked out.

This is an absolute joke that this is happening for a game as big as VT UNC.

I'm in the same boat but in Orlando instead of SC. I just hope since I'm in gator country it's not blacked out on the ESPN app.

So I have the whole season set to record on YTTV but typically if I don't get a game it shows it individually as not being set to record. So far I'm showing the Rhode Island game as being set to record which would make me believe that we do get it for what it's worth.

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Luckily for me, I'll be at the Rhode Island game this week so no concern for me there. I am primarily nervous about the UNC game. Hopefully if your YTTV is set to record the UNC game that will be a promising omen.

Oh my bad. Yea right now I'm showing the UNC game as airing on "Fox Sports Carolinas" which I get on YTTV here in Greenville so it looks like we're set.

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I, too, thought that ACCN was supposed to finally bring all of the third-tier rights to ESPN, but I guess that hasn't happened yet.

Edit: spent a bit of time researching. Apparently, ESPN owns all 3rd-tier rights already, and separately signed deals passing excess inventory to Raycom and the RSNs. The Raycom deal ended, hence the ACCN gaining all of their inventory and then some, but no idea how much longer ESPN's contracts with the RSNs will last. Presumably, once those contracts are over, they'll bring the rest of the inventory in-house.

Ive already used YouTube and Hulu trials to watch ACCN games any other services with free trials?

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Playstation Vue appears to have a free trial.

I used a free trial of Sling TV back in the day before I switched to YouTube TV, but it doesn't look like there are any actively promoted free trials. You might be able to find a promo code though (or possibly a referral?) that could give you a free trial.

fuboTV also appears to have a free trial, but doesn't yet include the ACC Network, so that would only (possibly) work for the UNC game.

If you have a second credit card and email account, you can get another free trial for each of those two services. I think I used 3 Hulu trials last year for various ESPNU/CBSSN/[insert other network not on basic cable tier here] games.

When I tried that it said my internet connection had already had a free trial.

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Clear cookies and try again. If that fails, use a vpn and try again.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Advice for those who can't get games on an RSN (from a guy who lives in King George, which is equidistant from DC and Richmond, out of range from both for the most part, and in a blackout zone, go figure):

Go do something else like doing some of that last-minute pre-winter yard work, or spending time with the family, while going on social media blackout. If you have friends that text/message you about games, either ask them not to this time, or turn off your phone. Afterwards, fire up the ESPN app and watch the game with no distractions. Turn phone back on when you're done watching.

Basically, just convince yourself that the game starts at 7:30, and watch it then, with no outside contact. And trust me, you can still yell at the TV, I do.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I yell at the TV when I watch replays of games from 10 years ago. I'm helping the team dammit!

And trust me, you can still yell at the TV, I do.

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The ACC has now posted the Regional Sports Network affiliates for the UNC game:


Friendly reminder that if you are in any of these markets, you will need to use the Fox Sports Go app instead of the ESPN app if you want to stream the game.

Game day bump.

Dreading the challenge of finding this game. Shouldn't be a struggle to watch the hokies in the 757, but I know it will be with rsn.

Look for NBC Sports Washington in your channel guide.

Also, the NBC Sports app streams the RSN programming, but you have to look for "Watch NBC Sports Washington Live" instead of a specific game description.

(Plus, hope that NC State/BC doesn't run long, because there is no overrun option.)

I have Youtube TV and it appears that I'm not going to be able to watch our game today. I also couldn't get the NC State game against BC and I live in Raleigh. The ACC TV situation is still a joke.

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It's stories like this that keep me from cutting the cord with cable.

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To be fair, I have even more sports channels now than I did with a much pricier cable package. I'm not sure I would get this game if I still had Spectrum or Comcast. This is more of an ACC TV deal problem than a streaming service problem.

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Do you have Fox Sports South or Fox Sports Carolina in your package?

I just realized Youtube TV has two different Fox Sports Carolinas channels and I was checking the wrong one. Crisis averted!

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I think we're just waiting out the duration of the RSN deal. Once the current deal expires, all of the games should be back in the mothership, so we only have to look at the ESPNs, ABC, ACCN, or an ESPN streaming option.

I agree. Have more channels with Hulu + but my fox sports channels here in East Tennessee are apparently going to show the Kansas game. I don't know yet if the ESPN, ACCNx stream is going to work or not. I hate this time leading up to the game not knowing if I'm going to have a blackout or not.

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And I'm blacked out in Johnson City on Hulu+. ESPN thinks fox is carrying it but I have TCU vs Kansas State. Any suggestions or am I shit out of luck?

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See if there is an overrun channel for the RSN.

RVA folks NBC Sports App is not blacked out!

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