OT: Evaluate my son's tape please

Hi TKP Friends,

Looking for some honest help here, not to have the ego stroked. Could a few of you football & recruiting guru's please review my son's Hudl highlights?

What I'm really looking for is an honest evaluation at what level he could potentially play at in college. This would help me immensely in building a target list of possible schools to contact. We just posted his tape and have heard from a couple of D3 schools and one FCS school. He was a late bloomer so we feel behind in this process, and are trying to build a target list of coaches to get in touch with.

Any constructive feedback is appreciated both in terms of his game and the actual highlights, as I'm new to video editing (he won't see this, so don't be shy).


-Sr. Season, Games 1 & 2 Highlights
-Jr. Season Highlights
-Kicking, Sr. Season Games 1 & 2

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Haven't looked through yet as I'm not an expert, but holla if you do need video editing help

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I got a good chuckle out of this.

Everyone else: "Your son needs to ____ and _____."

RealDiehl: "Your video is color graded all wrong."

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No one:

Tech fans: "the run game sucks, we have turnover problems, our QB doesn't make his reads, etc."

Diehl: "our videos are garb"

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Uses his height and strength to his advantage vs the competition. He's using his arm length to go after the ball and make some difficult catches.
Routes look a little slow to develop. Definitely would help him to make his cuts a little better. If he can make his routes look good, that should help his stock.
Didn't always get square on his blocks, but was pretty decent with it. Feet, generally, kept moving.

I don't think jawing at defenders after every big play is a good look. Were I recruiting, it'd be a turnoff. I'm not recruiting, so take that for what you will.

I didn't get to watch a whole lot, but the senior highlights looked like the other teams were physically outmatched.
edit: His QB isn't doing him any favors on a lot of the routes. Your son is having to slow down for a lot of the passes.

Thanks for the input Blutarsky. All of the above seem pretty spot on to me. The funny thing is he's a really nice, respectable kid. I'm not sure where the jawing comes from on the field. He says it helps him stay pyched. That was never my thing, but I've known other guys like that. I'm hoping he grows out of it (and trying to help make that happen)

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I was an official for a while. So, the jawing just sticks out to me. But, from the looks of other posts, it might be one of those easily correctable items to check off the list.

Good luck to him. Free or cheaper education can be a great thing, as long as he's getting out of it what he wants and an acceptable cost.

I would say in terms of level of play, he is probably looking to gain more interest from Division 3 or FCS programs. Definitely looks like he has the size and room to grow to be a TE or big goal line WR. Would need to gain strength to stay at near the line, he got some push on blocks but needs to keep those legs driving.

LIke Senjohnblutarsky mentioned, I remember the heat/passion of the game being extra intense but would advice to keep the jawing to a minimum after plays or touchdowns. Only high level D1 kids can get the jawing overlooked because they are a hot commodity, I know from experience.

I like how he high points the ball and always seems to be falling forward. I would continue to work with the head coach if you have a decent relationship to get those D3 and FCS coaches stopping by the school, workouts, or games to get an in person eval. That's where he will start to see more offers coming through.

Much appreciated dcvt13. I don't see him as a P5 kid, so something at the FCS level would be amazing. He's working hard in the weight room and coming along pretty quickly. We'll talk more about the jawing, that's really good to know.

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Yeah man FCS is an awesome level of football if he can get there. Solid chance at a full or partial scholarship, play against some really talented dudes, and alot of those schools have a great education (W&M, UofR, and JMU to name a few). I decided to go to Tech bc I didnt have the speed to play FCS but I hope he keeps grinding and I know some opportunities will come!

Its great you are doing such awesome video editing for him. The pre-Hudl days were tough to get recruited unless your head coach were getting recruiters to come by the school.

Thanks for sharing Nomads!

Seems like a kid that really loves the game, really competitive, and really doesn't mind putting his face mask into a D-lineman for blocking purposes. All great intangible aspects of his game!
He does a great job locating and high pointing the football and has a decent first step off the LOS.

As mentioned above his feet seem really heavy, so I'm not sure he has the speed or wiggle for FBS or FCS play. However, there are teams out there who always seem to have a spot for a late blooming kid who is tall (something you can't teach) and can put on some weight. JMU always has a kid like this playing on the outside.

Also, as someone involved in coaching at the high school level, the regularity of the post play antics would land him a seat on the bench on our squad regardless of his contributions on the field. I would encourage you to help him continue to channel that competitive edge towards the play at hand and the excitement afterwards towards/with his teammates as he makes his way to the sideline.

All in all you have every right to be a proud dad! Enjoy his last high school season, it goes by really fast.

Is it basketball season yet?

I am by no means an expert and enjoy watching HUDL vids.

FWIW, what stands out is your son has the height and size and he definitely uses it to his advantage. What also stands out is his footwork because the feet look heavy. His footwork does need to get quicker and improve the fast-twitch muscles. Improving that alone will gradually raise his profile.

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What is his height/weight today?

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His Jr year he was probably 6' 2.5" and 170. Now he's 6' 4" and 195.

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Those were my almost exact measurements Sr year of high school. I ended college at 6'6" 215.

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My old ass is heading to bed soon, but just wanted to thank the TKP community for the feedback. It's been very valuable. We had a really good talk tonight about the after the play talk. He was kind of confusing playing with emotion (something we've talked a lot about) with crossing the line into being disrespectful.

Also, he actually has the ability to get in and out of routes crisply, but you guys are absolutely right that it's not showing up on film. He has a tendency to more feel his way through the defense than committing to running his route hard. He's going to have to work hard to break that habit.

Thanks again for to all for the constructive feedback, I know its not easy to give, especially about someone's kid!

If anyone else has anything to offer, I'm all ears.

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Feeling his way looks like an apt description. In the highlights, he finds his way to the open spot very well. When there isn't an open spot is when the tighter routes help. Having a mix of both skills will go a long way.

Thanks for sharing, I too enjoy watching highlight film and have a few comments:
1) great blocker, keeps his feet moving and finishes his opponent
2) great hands
3) good size
4) competitive spirit

1) route running
2) keep the intensity between the whistles
3) focus on speed training just as much as strength

Good luck! He should consider himself blessed that he has a father that is trying to help out as much as you are. Great job dad, I hope he lands somewhere.

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I like his height and frame. he can gain a lot of weight in a good college weight program. I think TE/H Back would be where he would project. He needs to work on his blocking technique- but you can see he wants to be physical- which is good. Pad level is high, and kick out block technique needs to get across the defenders head and drive lower with legs. I like that he catches the ball with his hands, but could use some work high-pointing it- nothing major. You always look to see if they catch it with their body- which is not a good thing. Would need to see more fluid hips if he wants to play safety or whip LB. He has the size for that.