Hokie Hoops to start Home and Home with Oklahoma St./ Also add game with Davidson in Charlotte

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looks like we'll also be going up against the #1 recruit in the country for 2020.

We just need to remember to force Cade to his left. Biggest percentage of his plays are to the right.

Is that not the case with almost all right-handed players?

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Jesus dude.

Awesome. Quality (in terms of NET) OOC opponent.

Trying to avenge that loss to James Johnson, I see

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Anybody else having flashbacks to booing Marcus Smart off the court inside Cassell Coliseum in 2012? I am.

Stop having flashbacks that make me feel old! Lol

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I was at that game. The student section chanted "you're a pussy" at him.

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Yep, I was there

Idk if any visiting player has been as obviously impacted by the crowd other than maybe Brock Berlin in 2003? The crowd literally booed him every time he touched the ball, it was the highlight of the James Johnson era.

I was in the Cassell in 1983 when the Hokies beat then #1 Memphis State.

Memphis star Keith Lee was shut down by our benchwarmer forward, John Dixon, and the student section should have been arrested for assault. Straight harassment.

Being an obnoxious 8th grader at the time, I just thought it was cool that I was allowed to yell profanities and throw stuff.

Leonard. Duh.

I was a Tech student in the late 70's-early 80's. One of my favorites moves was Gordy Bryan faking a pass over his defenders head and the defender doing a 180 and looking the other way while Gordy still had the ball. He must have done that 10-15 times during the season and the crowd went crazy each time. Good memories.

Teabag Paulus *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

Updated for adding Davidson, it looks like Mike Young is trying to beef that schedule up instead of going all cupcakes.

do we have a tourney scheduled for next year?

No i havent seen anywhere saying we are in one yet. I assume they're still trying to work the details out or might not even do one at all since its this late, from what I've seen a lot of the tournaments have already announced.

great news- always good to play quality teams. Gotta like CMY and all he has done.

Hokies vs Davidson hoops ... please invite Seth Greenberg to tell us again how unfit Steph Curry was for ACC play.

Chad Willis

This is what I came here for.

How about for one game we can add Dell Curry and they can add Steph Curry and we'll see who wins

Disclaimer: not saying I was good enough to play in ACC by any means and my life worked out better by not playing college ball, just a commentary on coaches being dismissive

I got told the same thing when I wanted to try to walk onto the baseball team. Was a late bloomer size wise and graduated at 17 but still was batting over 600 in AA (when AAA was highest in VHSL) my senior year after batting close to 500 in the state tournament the year before. Never did any camps bc they are too expensive but was told I was "too small for the ACC" when I expressed interest. When I got to VT I followed up with the coach and was told they were not doing walkons that year. I was shocked that the worst team in the ACC at the time was not open to at least looking at who may be out there already at the school. Was 6 foot 165 in high school as a 17 year old and left college 6 foot 3 and 190 since the men in my family grow late.

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To make matters worse. Greenberg knew that Steph also had a top 100 type player in his younger brother. Yep, great move to shun Steph in favor of Nigel Munson. Alienate the best VT hoops player of all time, and his two sons because VT hoops can't risk a scholarship. Fantastic.

Nigel Munson was the #99 recruit in the country, 21st ranked PG, and 4th ranked player in Maryland.

Steph Curry was the #256 recruit in the country, 52nd ranked PG and 14th ranked player in North Carolina

Seth Curry was an unranked SG who played for Liberty before transferring to Duke

You know, given your attitude toward Fuente and how he has recruited, I find your opinion on this very interesting.

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Oh yeah, I don't think we've rehashed this tired conversation since DC has been coming around here! We all knew he'd come in hot about Greenberg not offering Steph.

Nigel Munson eventually flamed out of UDC- a division 2 school. Steph Curry is a first ballot NBA Hall of Famer. Seth Curry has played 7 seasons in the NBA. Greenberg is out of coaching. There is your updated summary

If only Greenberg had a time machine.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I wish we could all see the future like you, DC. Steph was a non factor coming out of high school.

I guess it's Buzz's fault we didn't get Ja Morant and Obi Toppin either.

I guess it's Frank's fault we didn't get Russell Wilson (who I know first-hand wanted to come to VT).

I guess its Fuente's fault we didn't get Dazz Newsome.

hindsight is a helluva drug

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If we can't argue about Corona, at least we still have this.

I don't know much about Nigel Munson's accolades out of high school vs. Steph's. It's just my opinion, and it was at the time (I don't need a time machine) If Dell Curry's kid wants to be a Hokie, you make it so. Period.

Alston Smith (son of Bruce) got a scholarship, and he washed out on both sides of the ball. However, Coach Beamer understood. Greenberg didn't.

Leonard. Duh.

Just looked at your profile on here and your twitter...pleaseee feel free to drop by the nascar/racing thread anytime.

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I just hope we can make it out of the arena before the meteor strikes during the middle of the ECU-Liberty game

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For those paying attention, The Masters was also rescheduled to November 11-15, so lets hope the Davidson game is at least a 5pm game.

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Liberty and ECU. Fucking shit will it never end?

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