OT: Cool Picture and story of the Edmunds from Reddit

They apparently spoke about black history month at a school in VA


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The guy in the Burton shirt looks like a cardboard cutout. It might be the fact that his head is not slightly tilted back like the Edmundi so he doesn't have a little light sheen on his face like the rest. I also might be the lack of musculature compare to the monsters on either side.

EDIT: I commented before I clicked the link and literally the first comment is about the dude looking like a cardboard cutout haha.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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That was the first thing I noticed when I opened this thread--before I saw the comments. It is something about his head and face. Maybe he got petrified by the fear of the Edmundii unleashing their power... It is also kind of funny that their size is the reverse of their age order--the baby is the biggest and the oldest is the smallest (and yes I am using the term "small" loosely)

I think it is great that they are so involved in the community. It's nice to see athletes give back.

It's also kind of cool to see people from your hometown be successful. I am proud of those guys both from a Danville perspective and a Hokie perspective.

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I'd blame autocorrect, but that would be a lie. All shame is deserved.

I believe the correct term you were looking for was Edmundi ;)

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I like Edmundii

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