Hazelton in the transfer portal


Damn it.

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Always sucks to lose experience.

The silver lining is we needed space. I expect more names to pop up next week once classes start and their aid is guaranteed through the end of the semester.


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

Wow, I would have thought he'd be entering the draft if he was leaving

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Why? He'd be a UFA.

I'm guessing he's thinking if he goes to more of a passing program than VT, he'll get the exposure he needs to improve his draft prospects.

My guess is what'll get exposed is why he largely became an end-zone jump ball guy and outside blocker.

I was not expecting Haze to still be a Hokie next year, but I assumed he would enter the NFL Draft. The WR room is crowded with young, highly-touted players who want and need their shot, and he always seemed to get more targets when Willis was under center. He seemed like an obvious choice to go. Good luck to you, Damon. You'll be missed.

“You got one guy going boom, one guy going whack, and one guy not getting in the endzone.”
― John Madden (describing VT's offense?)

did you know that he and Willis were roommates and workout buddies when they had to sit out after transferring

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

The NFL frowns on guys who don't give great effort, that also drop the ball when they anticipate hits. Especially how much the NFL relies on crossing routes and slants.

Addition by subtraction. Whatever the loss in talent and productivity, the culture is better and now there is an avenue for Pinckney and Bowick to step up.

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While I agree with all the comments about his drops, going over the middle, blocking, etc...

I still think it's a big loss overall. The coaches must think so too - once hazelton was healthy, we basically saw 0 of Phil Patterson and Caleb Smith. And even with the 4-game rule, they didn't really play the young guys at all. To me, that seems to suggest that even with the blocking / drop issues, coaches still viewed him as the top WR on the team by far.

I would like to present the situation of Willis starting over Hooker at the beginning of this year as to why this isn't necessarily the end all be all in arguments to be made

The absolute hard-on for WR blocking is crazy sometimes. Claiming "Addition by subtraction" when we've got pure unknowns who've never played a down, and a guy with a highlight reel of redzone touchdown catches seem like a bit of a stretch.

And if you have specifics on him being such a suck on the culture, please share.

If the culture you want is an offense where wide receivers sell their routes and block hard, because the offense relies on creating muscle memory for the defense and then using it against them, then he was bad for the culture. He didn't do what all the receivers were asked to do. That is why he was surpassed on the depth chart last year. And he showcased the same bad habits this year.

Sorry. I am not losing a lick of sleep over him being elsewhere. His effort made my Saturdays less enjoyable, especially when I knew how special he could have been.

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Honestly I'm right there with you - DH made some outstanding plays, but in a ton of the games he played you could literally watch him give up his block or basically pretend to "try" to make something happen when he knew he wasn't getting the ball. I think he's a great player, and he's shown that in plenty of plays where he really needed to go all out for a catch, but imo he needs to start actually trying on plays where he knows there's no chance he'll be targeted if he wants to get any real looks at the next level.

I want an offense that scores points, and regardless of how many 5 yard running plays "could have gone for a touchdown if not for his poor blocking on the outside," Haze found the end zone more than most, especially now that we're replacing Keene too.

And I'm not sure how you can say "he didn't do what all the WRs were asked to do" unless you were in the WR room, which you're not. It would be one thing if we were repeatedly hitting homeruns to the side of the field opposite to Haze, and not his, but we weren't. The offense has lacked big plays in the running game for 4 years. This is a problem bigger than one WR.

Claiming 'addition by subtraction' is absurd. If anyone else made a comment about his personality or alluded to him being a cancer in the locker room, they'd get jumped on. We're losing quality depth at the position. Regardless of whether you think he'd be passed on the depth chart, he's still an ACC-caliber player and would situationally make our team better with than without.

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I dunno, I don't think Hooker, Turner, King, among others, suck

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I think you might be reading it as the offense actually sucking. The joke is the offense never really sucked to begin with, just that people thought it did because it wasn't perfect.


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After further review, we good.

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My 2019 Season Challenge: only comment with Star Wars memes. (completed as of Nov. 29)

I didn't say anything about him being a cancer in the locker room. I said he didn't give consistent effort. That has an eroding effect on a locker room (spent eight years in one).

If you say I don't have empirical evidence that he didn't give great effort, I have about 60 film clips I could show you. On a significant number of those clips, nice plays would have been huge game changing plays if Hazelton could have been compelled to give a competent effort.

His lack of compunction to go over the middle also had a chilling effect. Yes, he was good in the red zone on fades. But, if defenses were smart, they could scheme to take those routes away. Kentucky did late- the corner was playing outside leverage and conceding the slant when Hazelton dropped that critical third down slant.

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For me, it was Hazelton having back-to-back games where he brain farted and false started that negated a potential game-changing touchdown. His false start against UVa was costly mistake. Indeed, Hazelton is a talented receiver, however, his lackadaisical blocking is glaring, and for Fuente and Corn, that is a no-no.

Marcus Davis was routinely ripped by the fanbase for his piss poor blocking and I remember how one fan tweeted a video to Aaron Moorehead a clip of Davis' infamous lack of blocking, and Moorehead responded with a simple tweet, "Ugh."

I remember when Julio Jones was drafted, ESPN played a clip where Jones told scouts and reporters that he loved to block.

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Yeah, I always wanted more out of Hazelton, but we never seemed to get it.

He dropped some passes that we really needed him to catch this year. The inches we needed were all around us.

How many of those highlight reel catches were thrown by RW? The offense was not effective overall during that phase, and had to rely on the 1-1 wins for TDs, which Hazelton was able to provide.
Sucks to lose talent, but hopefully with more efficiency from the QB position and overall, we won't have to rely on the 1-1 wins to make plays. Part of better execution would include great effort form all 11 guys on the field on every play, whether they're touching the ball or not.

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Willis - throws a great fade ball
Hazelton - 'awesome! I'm great at great at catching fades'

Hooker - not that great at throwing fades, good at slant RPO's
Hazelton - 'fuck'

Addition by subtracting 82 catches, 1,329 yards, and 16 TDs over the past two years? I haven't seen any character issues to suggest Hazelton's departure benefits the culture enough to offset the loss in productivity. What am I missing?

Yea I have the same question. Usually take French at his word, but I'd be interested in some clarification on this.

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It is pretty straight forward. He didn't give great effort anywhere close to consistently. He could have been much better.

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I'm on board with French on this one. I'm a Baltimore guy and was really excited about Hazelton's potential to change games for us, and was really pulling for him. I'm not saying he wasn't successful or talented, but the effort didn't seem to be there much of the time. I also thought he could have been a big YAC kind of receiver, but he was not even close to being that kind of receiver, which also seemed could have been effort related. AND that kind of play from an upperclassman can have an influence on the younger guys.

I wish him luck wherever he goes if he decides to leave. But if he does go, those lost receptions will just go to other talented receivers, so they should not be "lost". Only thing we might be losing is a guy who knew how to run a good fade route, and had the physical skills to do that well, but once other teams know that's all you are, you're in trouble.

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Because at VT if our WRs don't block like OL, they're not doing their job. Getting open downfield is secondary. And fortunately we've got plenty of guys on the bench who can do that, apparently.

Oh and all those WR who were so good we didn't see them line up at WR for any of the 4 games they could play this year, all of them A+ blockers.

This only makes us better.

It's not that getting open downfield is secondary, it's just that blocking is part of the job duties, and if someone is only doing part off their job and still getting the benefits (I.e. Starting), then it leaves others thinking that that part is optional.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I get that all. I think the wording I'm the OP really rubs me the wrong way, and DC is right with how some people react to the portal. 'Addition by subtraction' is an idiotic thing to say when no one has any idea how Pickney, Bowick, or Payoute play, get open, catch, or (WR priority#1) block. Haze would add very good depth, which you need to compete at the level we should be among for. we are not a better team without him. If he wasn't the best option, he wouldn't be getting reps.

Highest profile examples- Kevin Jones and DeAngelo Hall. Two of the most talented guys in the history of the program. VT had better success the following year without them. Why? I can speculate all day, and I can't recall Jones doing anything damning on the field (DHall pretending to try to tackle Heath Miller has some stink to it though.) But when I talked with players from that better, they said the team was better than the sum of the parts without them.

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You don't think our 2004 team is better with Kevin Jones on it? Come on man. You're doubling down on crazy.

A bunch of the players on that team will tell you the same thing.

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Being apart of that team, our team moto that year was TEAM UNITED.

Most of that was due to some of the personalities that left the team via the draft that didn't put the team first. The biggest being DeAngelo, which was where he got the label of a locker room cancer and the MeAngelo title.

Kevin Jones wasn't a huge problem. I think he regrets not coming back for his senior year. He has said a few times that he was the missing ingredient to put that team over the edge.

That team was also extremely underrated because they were breaking in a ton of young talent everywhere that hadn't played yet.


Feels like a mistake to me. But who knows.

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So, do we expect to see him at a contender?

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Yes, I'll be surprised if he doesn't wind up on a team considered a strong CFP contender.

I don't think any eventual destination would surprise me 🤷‍♂️

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I have a really hard time understanding this one. Not enough targets? Unhappy with the Baylor thing?

Dunno what else it could be. Would have thought he'd be entering the draft if we lost him, not losing him to another school.

This sucks.

There were rumblings about him missing the first few games not being purely injury related. I don't have any sauces though so take it for what it's worth.

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Probably losing snaps to younger receivers (just kidding for you DC).

This hurts.

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I hate how the rich get richer. Couple years ago Clemson brought back 4 NFL ready DL, while we saw Settle and the Edmundi declare. Now they keep Ettienne and we can't hold onto hazelton and Keene. I know it's unrelated, just frustrating.

. I hate how the rich get richer

Welcome to America

Good luck Haze! NEXT!

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

He posted a tweet the other day that said "how you gon win when you ain't right within"...

So take that as you will

or he could have just been vibing to some old school lauryn hill......

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Uh uh, come again

I wonder if he's just seeing what kind of schools will come after him, and if he doesn't get the kind of opportunity he's hoping for if he'll just go into the draft. He doesn't have much to lose by doing this if his mind was made up not to come back next year

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I believe the NFL draft deadline for upperclassman is 1/20 so he better hope those other offers come quick.

The deadline is actually today, players have until 1/20 to withdraw if they've already declared.

Never good to lose someone with that many catches. But.... This might help our outside running game

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Don't forget screens

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Or just anything in general that would require someone to make an effective block

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Or even an efficient block!

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This makes it even harder to understand...

How fucking fitting would it be for Hazelton to be granted a waiver after the NCAA made Hoffman sit a year over 2 miles

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Really hard for me in particular. With the five years to play four rule, if he doesn't get a waiver that's it for college football? Clear this one up for me, cause I know he is in year four.

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Bitter answered my question over at the Athletic, for those who want a boring read it is all here.....
with the part that pertains to what he is actually doing being this

Graduate Transfer Waiver
Despite the creation of the graduate transfer exception, the waiver lives on. It is now primarily used by athletes who have already transferred once, and thus are not eligible for the one-time transfer exception. The waivers are reviewed by the NCAA staff. If they are denied by the staff, they are appealed to the Division I Subcommittee on Legislative Relief.

These are the requirements for a graduate transfer waiver:

The athlete's former school does not object to the waiver;
The athlete is enrolled in a graduate program not offered at the previous institution.
The school submits documentation that these requirements are met, along with a statement from the student-athlete. Generally any waiver that meets the requirements is granted. There is not reason to show "compelling mitigation" or anything quite so fuzzy.

So weirdly, if he likes some other school to play it has to have a graduate program that Tech doesn't have. Hmmm...that's might be somewhat restricting........
Hate to have to say it, but Hazelton may have........drumroll please.....dropped the ball on this portal idea if he didn't know all of this......

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So there are basically two requirements? I guess VT could nix it, but I doubt it would.

Finding a school with a grad program VT doesn't offer shouldn't be a problem IMO. Finding a school that has have a grad program VT doesn't offer AND has a passing offense AND wants a big, sometimes decent blocking WR with below average hands and open field separation ability - but who can be an end-zone fade weapon, may be a bit challenging.

Wait but for real....why would he do this

He would need a waiver in order to be eligible, and that's no guarantee

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Maybe he wants to win a National Championship somewhere with a better chance?

LSU looks to be losing all of their WRs to the draft, they are always stacked but hey stranger things have happened.


Fortunately for LSU, their Biletnikoff Award winner isn't draft-eligible.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Damon Hazelton isn't half the receiver that LSU has/had.

Did you see the LSU receivers on the outside during the playoffs?

Spoiler Alert> They block like a goon squad.

Leonard. Duh.

Maybe that's some good coaching? Seeing that their WR Coach was the hottest commodity on the coaching market this go around.


He is leaving Tech the waiver is automatic.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Even with the situation explained by Bitter in the above embedded tweet?

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Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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ok I guess

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Obligatory "portal giveth, portal taketh, praise portal"

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The numbers always work out

Maybe he is just seeing what is out there like his coach just did? If he doesn't like the options, he can take his name out of consideration.

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Hey, Fuente just did the same thing, why can't Hazelton? /s sort of

Seriously though with Keene and McClease leaving, that is a lot of production gone from what needs to be a big 2020.

I legitimately wonder if he knows he needs a waiver to be eligible, even as a grad transfer. Something tells me he doesn't.

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As long as he transfers to an SEC school, he'll get the waiver.

I wouldn't be surprised if anyone knew that rule. It seems like a rare enough occurrence for someone to transfer twice without dropping levels in between. And it would be a total #goNCAA move for it to just be one of those little things that never gets mentioned until it happens. (Kind of like the discussion that came up heading into bowl season regarding our 8-4 record, and how we fit into the pecking order with 2 FCS wins.)

well this aint feeling out the portal at all. this yo I'm out its been real tweet. this makes me sad. like his blocking effectiveness or ability to catch a slant or not, he was a REAL threat in the redzone when the jet sweep didn't work he bailed us out (cornelson looking at you) ALOT over the last 2 years. and one of the players on the team that always keep the energy high!

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I don't get this one at all. More and more I'm starting to hate that portal. And not just because it hasn't always worked out for us but it makes it harder for teams in general to simply develop players and manage the depth chart.

Hard disagree, look at what we did with the running back room in one off season. It also makes it easier to encourage players to leave and still land on their feet somewhere

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Not to mention adding Crawford and Cunningham at DT last offseason. Cunningham barely played but where would we have been without Crawford? Hewitt and starting a true freshman? Could have been really rough

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And then you have our RB room. Someone may land a stud in Brice from Clemson. The portal goes both ways. Does it favor really strong programs? Yeah. Do most teams benefit? Yeah.

(add if applicable) /s

Well this sucks, but as we've seen just because he's in the portal doesn't meet he's gone. I'm going to wait and see but the move makes no sense to me considering he'll likely need a waiver to play because he's already transferred once.

But when I think of him, all I see is him dropping that ball against Kentucky....Coupled with that fact and Pinckney and Payoute are going for PT this year, I'm not too concerned.

The first play that popped into my mind was his false start flinch that negated the Tre TD

We've had 20 players transfer in the past 2 seasons. And that doesn't include Hooker and McClease entering before returning, or Keane's surprising draft submission.

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He was passed on the depth chart. VT doesn't have any more attrition than any other schools

Passed by whom?

In Sam Rogers we trust.

it would be sweet if it was this guy but I'm pretty sure DC was joking

twitter @smithey_daniel
head scout BSP scouting specializing in north florida/ southern GA highschool football scouting

You must be new here...you couldn't hear the sarcasm in his voice

"I am probably too rational to be here"

Surprised you are worried about a 2 star wide receiver transferring

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Well...so much for the "we have everyone coming back" narrative. Welcome back to 8-5, again.

...yes I know I'm being dramatic and younger guys will step up and we can still win the coastal etc etc, but it feels like we're becoming "Transfer Portal U" over here. I know we've had plenty of productive inbound transfers too, but why are so many players that get playing time leaving? This can't be the norm at other schools can it?

I did a breakdown of the 2020 portal for all P5 teams in the Dalton Keene thread (link). VT is on the high end but nowhere close to being an outlier.

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I think tre and tavion are better. And we have some young guys that will be great. Wr is not our problem. Defense is.

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We may not have as many coming back, but the pieces that are leaving shouldn't take us back to 8-5. PLUS, despit the transfers out, we are picking up Herbert from Kansas who is an experienced RB and Blackshear who led Rutgers in both rushing and receiving. Plus we get Brock back after he had to sit out and he evidently would have started last year. I think we'll be fine, meaning we should still be in the 10+ win category next year.

...really hope we land Quincy Roche from temple. That'll make me feel a little better about this portal situation

hes on an official this weekend. if coach ham, tapp, and teerlinck cant land him I don't expect to ever land a DL recruit again /s kinda. but that's a hell of a group to be recruited by.

twitter @smithey_daniel
head scout BSP scouting specializing in north florida/ southern GA highschool football scouting

This would be a great way for Teerlinck to make an early splash.

Lol this avatar made me do a double take. I thought HWMNBN was back

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edit: bad info

Roche played at Temple and wasn't ever at Rutgers unless I'm missing something here.

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I thought Rutgers......you are right

I know he had a team high in receiving yards, but I want to say I remember a decent number of dropped passes throughout the season. Do they track that for players? I know they track receptions, but it's probably harder to track the other, especially if you consider targets and catchable vs. uncatchable passes.

I mean, he's great when he catches the ball, but efficiency (catches vs drops in catchable balls) has to be a factor as well.

And there's always his blocking which people have referenced and was less than exceptional.

If we can get a young, enthusiastic, teachable guy in place who can catch and will block for the benefit of the team, his departure would be mitigated. And we have a lot of receivers, so hopefully one or more will step up. And there's always the Rutgers transfer...

Nobody else has been nearly as effective as catching touchdown passes in the red zone while covered imo. It'll be a loss.

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Unless we pass it to Mitchell more

While DH definitely had the highest volume of 50/50 balls that resulted in TDs, I'd be interested to see what the percentage of completed passes were of those compared to the percentage when thrown to Tre. Seemed like we never tried Tre on them but the couple that I can think of off the top of my head resulted in touchdowns(UVA 2018 and Furman 2019)

Plus I think we need to factor in when we switched to Hooker, we rarely throw the 50/50 balls even in the redzone. Many more outs, comebacks and crossing routes as opposed to fades

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Agree we threw fewer goal line fades after switching to HH, but still threw some. Both Damon and Tre caught one each against Pitt.

Tre had a lot more receiving yards despite a slow start to the season, plus he was involved in jet sweeps etc.

I think Tre can catch those 50/50 balls and we probably have other guys on the roster that can as well, but it requires a perfect throw and the right coverage. Where hazelton was so valuable is when he just made it happen anyway (like right before the half vs UNC when the DB is playing specifically to take away the fade, but Willis throws it anyway and Damon just makes it happen, coverage be damned). I think that's where we'll miss him the most.

I hated watching him not even attempt to block as much as anyone and I have high expectations for Pinckney and Bowick and Payoute... but this is bad for next years team. He was one of the most reliable redzone targets I can ever remember for VT. I think this one hurts.

Probably because his roommate graduated.

We put the K in Kwality

Underrated comment.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Grad transfer, so I am assuming he has earned his degree. Best of luck to Hazelton on his next chapter.

“Who is this Fuentes person that you speak about?” -McHokie540

I recall seeing him on Twitter with his cap and gown. It always makes me happy when these guys get their degrees. A degree isn't an end all be all, but it certainly opens up doors.


“Who is this Fuentes person that you speak about?” -McHokie540

Honest assessment, if we didn't have Hazleton in 2019, I'd say at worst we're an 8-5 team.

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He was big in the UNC game

"I am probably too rational to be here"

I'm not saying he didn't have some big moments, but if he wasn't there, someone else just as easily could have too.

I'm just saying he doesn't make or break the season

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

I believe he also had a false start that took away a TD (Tre Turner run play) vs. UVA and we settled for a fieldgoal. Not trying to rag on him but just to your point of not being make or break

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Big loss for us. Strong, experienced big body receiver. But I don't see him taking a step up in the quality of program at his next stop out of the portal. Hopefully our young talent develops quickly to supplement Turner and Teyvion.

Blackshear from Rutgers was their leading receiver - so there's some experienced talent coming in as well.

Heck, who knows, but maybe Blackshear coming here cemented his decision to enter the portal, knowing he'd have fewer targets.

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Wish him well. The new world of the portal. Whats it going to be like when players get paid. Those teams with the most money will be sucking star players from lower performing teams through the portal like a flood.

I wouldn't call this a 100%. The comment is correct he needs a NCAA Waiver to transfer, as he already transferred once. I suspect he may be back with his tail between his legs. The rumint was he and his family were not happy with the reduced touches this season. But the kid dropped one too many key passes, that would of made difference.

Hazleton was a me player, gave little effort when he knew he wasn't getting the ball. I can't remember what game it was but there was a play this year where we had a long run towards the end zone and he gave a half hearted block and his man made the stop around the 5 yard line. Yes he was a red zone threat but I have to imagine that other players saw the me attitude, so NBA.

1-0 every week

Loved having him, he made some amazing and important catches for us over the years. Good luck and good health Damon!

Hey, why not? If Eric Kumah can use the portal with a final year of eligibility to get to a better program that passes the ball a ton and features him, I'm sure Damon can too.

Just checked Kumah's stats and hit up Google. Apparently he's using his redshirt for '19 since he was never healthy.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Wake me up when one of HH, QP, or BB makes this announcement.

Proud author of one plaid comment.

No first hand inside info but I wouldn't be shocked by QP moving on.

Neither would I, honestly. He's given us everything we've asked him to and has earned the right to go somewhere that he's not stuck on the bench if the current ordering persists.

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Moving on to H-Back to fill Rambo's spot.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

^^ This! While QP still needs development at QB, there is no question that he can be an offensive weapon - running, throwing, and likely blocking and catching given his size and athleticism. I think he could force teams to crowd the box - will take a lot of hats to bring him to the ground.

QP has solidified his spot as the backup to HH. Given HH's proclivity for injuries, I think it's a horrible idea to expose our backup quarterback to injuries just to be a gadget player.

I think if we another QB that Fuente trusts in the pipeline, it would make more sense. That would be more akin to the Saints situation with Brees-Bridgewater as the 1 & 2 QB which free up Hill to be more of a gadget player.

Except Burmeister is a big unknown to us as far as the pecking order - he may have passed QP. Or not - goes to wanting more info from the coaching staff.

Forgot about Burmeister, are people on the inside bullish about him?

Not sure about that, but I thought I'd heard he was doing really well in practice and was the real deal. I am NOT a reliable source though, just my recollection of what others said.

...just your recollection of what other unreliable sources said.

I love how everyone complains about not getting to see any practices and not really getting any info, yet there is no shortage of analysis and projections on guys few people have really seen.

I'm relatively new, so it's hard for me to tell who has legit connections and insight. There are a few people who definitely seem to know what's up. But I'm also remembering what people said without remembering who said it.

I wasn't criticizing. Just pointing out that the vast, vast majority of reports and opinions on players who are redshirting, injured or otherwise not playing are just wishful speculation.

Yes. There are many who thought he was the best QB on the team last year. It's arguable, but B2 will make it interesting. In no way has any spot 1-3 been solidified though. I'm an H2 fan and believe he will get better, but the job isn't a given.

Isn't QP happy in the engineering program?

I think given his Chicago roots and his intellect/interest in engineering, I wouldn't be shocked if QP transfers to Northwestern.

He's no longer in the engineering program. My bad if that was the joke.

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Not a joke, didn't know he left engineering

if DD really does end up here (and I'm not believing THAT happens until he signs his LOI) then QP transferring might be a formality if his end goal is to be a college QB.

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Seems like we're jumping a few steps to reach that conclusion. QP will be a redshirt Junior by the time DD would even be on campus. It's far from guaranteed that DD becomes the immediate starter as a true freshman but it's even more unlikely that would happen if QP is actually progressing.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

We are losing a lot of production on the offense between Keene, Hazelton, and McClease. I could see there being a bit of a personality clash between Hazelton and this staff, and I think the portal thing is just too enticing for some. Grass is always greener type thing. Hope it works out for everyone.

I'm with French. Damon has great skills, but doesn't maximize his effectiveness by giving maximum effort every play. We have lots of WR's with talent. It's actually a compliment to Damon that French is saying - he was pretty good without giving great effort. Imagine how good he could have been by giving that effort (FYI - pro coaches would notice this and steer away)

I would suggest looking at the transfer portal as an annual net upgrade or downgrade for the team as a whole. Get used to the changes - I will grade the coaches in my mind with this methodology because if you grade hoping for no changes you are just in denial or modern college FB.

My opinion is if we get the DE from Temple and Blackshear from Rutgers and Damon leaves that is a huge net upgrade for the team.

I agree with this, getting Roche fills a huge position of need and really improves the team. But people just kinda saying "meh" to losing Hazelton are a bit misguided imo. He was frustrating yes, but also led the team in touchdowns, 2nd in receptions despite missing the first 3 games, 2nd leading receiver etc. He was probably our best receiver last year. Its a loss no two ways about it.

Yes, it's a loss. However, my point is zoom out from that and look At the aggregate as you will have losses and wins in the transfer game Ex. We got Damon through the process. If the wins outrank the losses each year then I would give the coaches a good grade by managing the situation through being aggressive.

Agree also. I do think hazelton is a loss and an impact loss at that, but it'd be a net positive if we were able to land Quincy. Not necessarily because one is better than the other, but because Quincy is a serious position of need. I'd feel better about the team overall with Quincy and Garbutt starting at DE, having good depth behind them, and counting on one of the 4-star R-freshmen receivers you step up for Hazelton than I would having hazelton and not much pass rush again.

Part of the reason (among others) that I was happy Fuente didn't leave is because I'm eager to see what the new coaching staff can do, especially TNT on the DL. So really hoping we can land Quincy and see some improved DL play and win us a coastal title this year.

The portal is all fun and games until you lose to BC and Duke. In order for it to be a net positive, we need to win more games. And we have no idea if Pickney, Payoutte, Simmons, etc etc etc can match Hazelton's production in real games. It would be nice to have a senior WR with 3 years in the system out there next year instead of using youth an inexperience (the guys I listed above) as an excuse when we lose 3-4 coastal games again.

The portal is all fun and games until you lose to BC and Duke.

BC and Duke combined to go 7-7 against us in the last seven years, so that's nothing new. It's UVA that you want to pick if you're looking for a correlation.

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The fact that BC has beaten us 5 times the past 7 years should tell you more than 1 thing is not working in Blacks burg.

Yep, but that's a different source. The portal only existed more recently.

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In before "Beamer never had this much problem with the transfer portal"

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Thank you captain obvious for the history lesson. I am talking about the current year.

My point is that I'm not evaluating the past and agree youth isn't an excuse next years at WR. Seniors or not we have significant experience - that's what wanting seniors implies.

We have Turner, Robinson and Caleb Smith at WR with game experience. I do not think Grimsley is coming back, but even if he does, he is not an impact guy. No room for error. We have no idea what Payoutte, Pickney, Simmons can do, none. Losing Hazelton is huge, IMO

It's not insignificant, but it's not huge.

College athletes come and go. It's the nature of the beast. If he was All- conference it might be a big concern. But college football programs are expected to replace solid but not stellar contributors without much of a hiccup - even if they haven't used all of the eligibility.

But college football programs are expected to ...

Well-coached and recruited programs maybe.

VT didn't have a great track record the past, what, decade?, of being able to reliably do that in offense it defense.

I'll be thrilled if we don't miss his production, either because we get someone whose blocking allows the run game to make up those yards, or who can make enough catches himself to do so.

Fuente and his staff have their jobs cut out for them next year.

What should have been a soft glide into a soft schedule and a ten win season is getting more tenuous.

The program that's been to more straight bowl games than any other and has one (6-7) season in...forever? Yeah, it's done a terrible job of replacing players over the years.

I swear some people see monsters around every corner...

I'll bookmark this for the youth whiners after we can't throw the ball against Penn State. "Receivers are young, only RS Freshman, they will be better next year"..

There's a 50% (or more because PSU likely has athletes who can match up with him) chance he would disappear vs PSU and play like a freshman. That's why his loss "isn't insignificant but it isn't huge".

I believe we can replace his production from this year. What we can't replace is the production he could have if he improved his weaknesses. 2020 isn't about being as good as 2019, it was supposed to be the year the offense breaks through to something special. Maybe Hazelton wouldn't have improved, but the optimum situation would be for him to get pushed by the young guys and come out and put up a stellar senior season. I don't agree with French that it is addition by subtraction, but it may be neutral by subtraction. I'm sad because however it happens I want addition.

"I am probably too rational to be here"

Sure Hazelton had a few drops, but to pretend that RS Freshman that didn't even see action in the 4 free games are going to be more productive than a RS Senior with 3 years in the offense. That's the issue with guys like McClease, Keene and Hazelton leaving. Of course all of our young recruits are "beasts", but I need to see it in real games.

Our offense was trash even with those 3 heavily involved. Is it really that much worse with whatever comes without them? I doubt it

Yeah, I'm not counting on the RS freshmen (although TT had some great catches for us last year, but I certainly wouldn't count on freshmen). I DO think Blackshear looks good though and Hebert will hopefully work out for us. I'm counting more on their experience to fill the holes (fingers crossed).

*Our top receiver with the most touchdown catches transfers*

TKP: "Well this is good actually"

*Our football coach almost leaves for another job in mid January*

TKP: "Well, this is good actually."

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

Dudes are gonna keep saying everything's good, but as soon as we tested by Liberty then pantsed by Penn State it will "have been clear since the start that the program was going downhill"

I think everyone is a bit too hot right now with the Baylor flirtation and such. I get that, its certainly a bad look. But right now people are crucifying Fuente for things that havent even happened. There are some very legitimate critiques with the program. There are also a lot of good things going on with the program. Time will tell, but I think for now we are in a decent spot.

It's literally the opposite of that though. I am not crucifying him for anything. I am anticipating a certain response by the TKP community if certain things happen, in order to illustrate the lack of logic and coherence behind this sites reactions to certain events. In general people have some sort of blind optimism going on, which is funny because it was blind pessimism just about 3 months ago.

I dont know... go read the threads about Fuente leaving, people were losing their shit.

As for me... the Baylor stuff is NBD... losing Haze is gonna hurt, might even be the difference in a close game next year if none of the RS freshmen become elite in the red zone.

How much of the people losing their shit was over the thought that Whit didn't know what was going on? Whit has said he was consulted and they came here.

to be fair, an in-the-know commenter indicated that Whit first heard about it from Not Fuente, but Whit said Fuente talked to him about it. Not mutually exclusive for Whit to see it on twitter first and for them to have a conversation.

no sense trying to parse it now, and i suspect we'll never truly know for sure.

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All I have to say is best of luck and I wish him the best in his future endeavors. If he does not want to be here we shouldn't want him here (kinda goes for the coach 2). I want to see a winning team on the field next year and if it takes rotating some players out and bringing in new ones so be it. I will miss seeing those that leave but hopefully it will work out for both sides. We land new hungry players and our boys entering the draft make a name for themselves. Here's to getting back to ten win seasons (me drinking scotch).

Wide receiver play wasn't good this past year and really the past few years. Drops, half-assed routes, poor blocking, lack of separation, and inability to adjust to the ball. Haze was a part of that, but I think WR coaching needs to improve to get the WRs to buy into what they need to do to become elite.

Best of luck to Haze, and let's see what some of these younger WRs can do.

🦃 🦃 🦃

Assumption: Improved and maturing O-line play combined with upgraded running back play will change the character of our offense. God forbid we can get 5+ yards a carry average!

If this can occur, we have a whole different opportunity for the WR group! Less touches most likely but better match-ups and more single coverage! How much better might Jet sweeps work? Is it possible the middle might be more open?

In basketball terms, Hazelton seemed like "a gunner". He needs to go where he is the lead dog and can get as many touches as possible.

My guess is that he saw this coming (especially with the new transfers coming in) and wants his one year of being "the man". Good luck to him!

Corney said he needed "6 good WRs he could trust" in his first press conference at VT. We just lost the one of the top 2 of those. It's an impact- you can't deny it. You will see how much we miss him next year. Robinson is a slot guy that wore down as the season went on. He's tiny- he is not a red zone threat like Hazelton is. Teams will double Turner outside now, and we are praying a freshman receiver can step up (again).. Yes Mitchell is a huge threat in the redzone, but our best TE is also leaving with eligibility remaining. Wash rinse repeat medicore offense with a bunch of excuses.

It is incredibly rare but in this case I completely agree with you. Even if 2 of our 3 redshirt freshman WRs stand out next year, based on what the coaches themselves have said, losing Hazelton will prevent us from having the room they want.

What a joke!


Brutal reply. In case anyone is interested:

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Obialo is off to Oklahoma. This sucks. That would have been huge.

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