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I definitely enjoyed getting my fix of games this weekend, and although my Twins flopped on Saturday I'm pretty happy with how things went. Other things that I noted - the Dodgers are angry, the Orioles have life, the Nats look hungover, Bryce Harper's hair is at a next level, nobody followed the social distancing protocols (lots of high-fives, spitting, etc), and now Florida is trying to screw with an already abbreviated season with 1/3 of the team now with confirmed COVID cases.

As happy as I was to see the return I'm quickly realizing that my earlier prediction that this was only going to last for a couple weeks now seems more likely.

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The O's are leading the east... Maybe for 1 day. But they are on top!!!!

I'll admit I gave them up for dead after Opening Day. It will be short lived but I'll enjoy while it lasts even if its just for a day.

If someone said to me last year the Orioles would be leading the AL East in late July, I'd have laughed at them.

...then again there's been a lot of unforseen developments this year...

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Interesting to see what happens with the teams the Marlins played in their first few games. I don't think baseball is going to last very long this season.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Yeah if an outbreak occurs on another team I think the season is toast. If MLB couldn't figure out a way to play, football at any level seems impossible at this point.

The Phillies are quarantining and testing. Their game tonight against the Yankees is postponed.

Agreed. Unfortunately, after this event with the Marlins I have even lower confidence for any of the upcoming sports to last very long (or if the CFB season even happens at all). NBA has the best shot.

2020 sports in the US outside the NBA bubble:

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NHL has a shot as well.

MLS has been successful once they kicked out the bad apples and sent them home. (Maybe Miami should receive the same...)

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Not gonna lie, it was great to have live sports on again. Shooty Hoops this week and hockey next week, so great

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RIP MLB. Within the first weekend of games there is an outbreak. This was supposed to be the model of test, trace, and isolate and we failed. Korea is now letting fans attend games. Japan has had some positive tests but no outbreaks since starting early June.

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Well when the Marlins let players with known positive tests play anyway this is what we get.

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ya got a citation for that claim?

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It's alarming, too, that Rosenthal and colleague Jayson Stark report (subscription link) that yesterday's Marlins/Phillies game was played after three players tested positive. That brought the Marlins' total known positive tests to seven, and a day later it appears that figure has doubled. Marlins shortstop Miguel Rojas and manager Don Mattingly said that the team was unified in its decision to play. Rosenthal and Stark add that the league conducted contact tracing and tested the remainder of the roster and staff, with all beyond the initial seven coming back negative


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"game was played after three players tested positive" is not at all the same as "three players tested positive and then those players played in the game after they knew they were positive".

without knowing who the infected players are, it's irresponsible to assume that the Marlins organization and players conspired to circumvent MLB policy and all logic and knowingly play a game while actively infected.

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MLB Network's Jon Heyman reported that the four who tested positive are starting pitcher Jose Urena, first baseman/outfielder Garrett Cooper, outfielder Harold Ramirez and catcher Jorge Alfaro.

Urena, who was scheduled to start Sunday's game, was announced as a scratch about 90 minutes before first pitch. Robert Dugger started in his place. Mattingly told Dugger he was starting at about 8:30 a.m.

Ramirez started in right field on Friday and Saturday. Cooper was the designated hitter Friday and first baseman Saturday. Alfaro, expected to start the bulk of Miami's game behind the plate, was placed on the IL for undisclosed reasons about two hours before first pitch on Friday

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/mlb/miami-marlins/article244449472.ht...

I thought people would click on the hyperlinked stories wasn't trying to link a bunch of different sources in one post.

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Come on, man. Four players are named: Urena, Cooper, Ramirez, Alfaro

The original article you shared doesn't say they played on Sunday. The Miami Herald article followup you shared doesn't even say they played on Sunday.

If you look at a box score and a game recap, it sure looks like none of them played on Sunday.


Jose Urena, Miami's opening day starter in 2018 and 2019, was bumped from his start about 90 minutes before the first pitch. The Marlins did not disclose the reason.

Miami had other players unavailable: Garrett Cooper and Harold Ramirez also were out of the lineup after playing in the first two games of the season-opening, three-game set against the Phillies. Again, the Marlins did not immediately say why the players were not in the lineup. Marlins catcher Jorge Alfaro was placed on the injury list with an undisclosed ailment at the start of the series.

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I'm not sure comparing a 30 team league that is traversing the country to two leagues taking place in countries the size of New Jersey is much of a fair comparison, although it is extremely disappointing. Baseball had by far the most publicized issues getting a testing regime implemented when teams started reporting, which I guess should have been a bigger red flag.

I think some sort of regional bubble would have made the most sense, where each division has a host stadium they play all their home games in and only travels to the mirror leagues stadium in the opposing league.

The modified grapefruit and Cactus League plans they thought about first would have been much better idea.

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Players nixed it almost immediately. Re-watching the ESPN 30for30 with Sammy and Mark going dinger after dinger, really was the last time baseball just captivated the country. There's a spark here and there, but between Selig, steroids, overpaid players, and just plain hubris, the league can't get out of its way.

Yet sadly, this is all about TV contracts, and ESPN/Fox pushed for a season no matter what it looked like.

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Yeah. They nixed it early, when the season was projected as 4-5 months. When they shortened to 60 games, they should have pushed for the bubble concept. No way they are getting through the season like this. Miami is going to be without 40% of their lineup for 14 days. Hopefully it doesn't spread to other teams...if it does, the last team to field a lineup will be declared World Champs :)

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MLB has the same policy as NASCAR for determining when a participant can return to competition after a positive test, and Jimmie Johnson was cleared to return only 4 days after his positive test. The time it takes for someone's immune system to eradicate the disease depends on a number of factors and we don't even know what most of those factors are yet.

CDC guideline is 14 days. That's what was reported the MLB was using.

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According to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those with covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, should isolate for 10 days before it's safe to be around others.

That's exactly what Johnson did last weekend at his home in Colorado


To be cleared for active competition, Johnson needed to test negative twice over a span of 24 hours, something that transpired on Monday and Tuesday.

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Yes, but the official MLB policy is "two negative tests in a row and 72 hours with no fever". Pretty much identical to NASCAR.


Also, Johnson isolated at his home, yes, but was cleared for competition the Tuesday after his positive test results came in on a Friday, not "10 days". Expect that some Marlins players might be reinstated later this week.

For those hoping we see any football this year, these developments for baseball aren't good at all.

College athletics for the 2020-21 academic year are very very much in peril right now.

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Is there a way a college or athletic conference would be held liable for an athlete catching the virus and having long term symptoms, thus affecting a possible professional career (specifically this would be football, basketball and baseball where future contracts can be very large). Would draft insurance policies pay out for the football/basketball players that get sick from the virus?

If colleges could be held liable, I don't know how they would willingly try to have sports.

Live sports is going to be a shit show every second until a "positive covid19 test" is treated like a positive flu test or positive shingles test. Until that moment, it's going to be impossible for these leagues to operate as normal- even without fans.

And hopefully when its treated like the flu or shingles, its because we also have a vaccine like we do for those two and a positive test isn't a contact-tracing nightmare.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Hmm... What's unfair about the outbreak within Miami organization with any KBO or NPB organization. The team organizations are the similarly sized and should have ability to test, trace and isolate. It is clear that an individual (or a few individuals) of the Marlin organiztaion became infected and transmitted to the other members of the organization. That intrasquad transmission outbreak has nothing to do with travel or population size. In fact, Miami has only traveled to Atlanta and Philadelphia, thus similar to KBO or NPB travels. In addition, the population densities of the Korean and Japanese cities are greater than Miami, Atlanta, or Philadelphia. It is true that initial infection is likely due to the greater amount of transmission per capita in the U.S., but the failure is the lack of identification and isolation of initial infection prior to the intrasquad outbreak. There also seems to be a failure in determining intrasquad contacts and isolating those contacts while they were tested.

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I'm being partially sarcastic, but just the fact that they are based in Florida is probably enough to cause this outbreak. The location, coupled with clear evidence throughout baseball this weekend that the players dont seem to give a damn about following the distancing protocols ON CAMERA, tells me 1) this was inevitable, and 2) we should expect more in the immediate future.

I haven't followed the protocols MLB has put in place too closely. But I'm surprised with the stands being empty that they didn't try to put some sort of expanded bench area in the stands. Lots more room to spread out.

They did. Very few of the players / coaches actually took advantage of it. I think the only players I saw this weekend do that were Scherzer and another Nats pitcher (might have been Stras) - they setup in the shade behind home plate and watched most of the game from there.

Off day pitchers are required to not be in the dugout.

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this is fine.

the whole team needs to quarantine or get voted off the MLB island. At this point I would be happy with EPL rules and the team with the most wins at the end of the regular season wins the championship.

It should be easy. Can't field a team, forfeit the game. Every team has 67 days to play 60 games.

More cases popping up - The Cardinals just reported 2 cases right after their road trip to Minnesota. Willing to bet we're going to see some positive cases pop-up for the Twins and the Indians in the next couple days.

I blame the Astros

If "positive cases" are not decoupled from "showstopper" the season will be over in 3 weeks.

I haven't seen much evidence that it's spreading between teams. It would hurt television revenue which is why they won't do it but it would be prudent to play all games while the sun is out in outdoor stadiums.

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Aaron Judge is a bad bad man. Homers in 5 straight games.

My Yanks looking HUNGRY!!! πŸ§ΉπŸ‘¨πŸ½β€βš–οΈ

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*Insert same meme but with Yankees here*

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Good thing we were cleared of that violation πŸ™„

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πŸ₯±Here's the real storyπŸ₯±

In case you were interested in knowing

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What about that letter they are to scared too say what it wasπŸ€”

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All I can disclose are the facts that are out there; however, I did find an article that stated the following:

This could reveal nothing or it could be something. We won't know for sure until it's unsealed. There are reports that this letter will reveal nothing, but again, we won't know for sure until we see it. The Yanks have appealed the unsealing of the letter.

Prior to that, the Yankees were fined for using Apple Watches in the dugout, but they quickly stopped the practice. Not to mention, that isn't even close to the elaborate scheme the Astros were using en route to a World Series title in 2017.

So...guess we'll see; I was more so responding to that specific allegation, that was disputed quite awhile ago.

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Angel Hernandez doing what Angel Hernandez does best

However... I've seen enough of Angel's masterpieces and this one was hardly a masterpiece. Not getting called out looking was drilled in to me as an 8yo... if its close, you better be swinging.