DE TyJuan Garbutt is back practicing with the team this week

According to both Matej Sis and Andy Bitter, Coach Fuente has confirmed that Garbutt is back practicing with the team, and working on getting up to speed. CJF is not sure when he will be available to play, but again, he is with the team and practicing.

Garbutt was previously out indefinitely/not with the team as he was dealing with a family illness back home.

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Happy for him that his family concerns are under control. I hope they ease him back in slowly considering all the injuries there have been around football that seem to be related to lack of normal off season and camp conditioning.

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thank goodness

It will be good to have him back if he can get back up to speed mentally and physically after such a lengthy break.

Hope everything at home resolved happily for him. Glad to have him back.

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I like Garbutts and I cannot lie

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jet Sweep

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Hold on to your GarButts

Good news finally! Now lets get Payoute back for Miami

Welcome back!


We put the K in Kwality


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We put the K in Kwality

Glad he's back.

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All reinforcements welcome, who is on the trade market? 🤔

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Glad he worked through whatever he had going on, we can use his depth on the d-line!

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