OT: Virginia Tech Student Government: Another bad look for Tech

Not sure how many of you saw this article from the Roanoke Times today but it definitely wasn't a good look for Virginia Tech and its Student Government.
It reads like a season of Game of Thrones more then something you would expect from fellow Hokies.


It is worth reading, and at least should be addressed by the school administration. It is of course very one sided, as most "news" is these days but concerning nonetheless.

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Not completely surprising, TBH.

Back in the 1990s, most of us petty much saw student government as a joke. Not sure why people would think differently now. And yes, extremely one sided article. Might be true, but we have no way of knowing, so I would not get too bent out of shape about it. Sounds like a mix of some people not taking things seriously and some people who did not get their way yelling a lot. No, it is not a good look, but it is par for the course.

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Asking this purely as a question but what exactly is the student body government responsible for exactly? Was hoping the article might explain but didnt go into much depth aside from letting the student body have some input on how to handle the pandemic?

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Student Government Mission

We, the undergraduate members of the Student Body of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, desiring:

To provide an effective organization for the administration of student activities
To promote academic freedom and academic responsibility
To establish and protect student rights
To improve the quality of student life
To unify the student voice
To foster awareness of the student's position in the campus, local, state, and national communities
To provide a liaison between the student body, faculty, and administration of the university.

We recognize that a student organization embodying these principles is necessary in the building of a great university.

-Excerpt from the Constitution of the Student Government Association

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Dangerously one sided. I can't even gather enough from it to form an opinion.

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I'm having flashbacks to having to have a class with a guy who thought he was so important because he was on SGA. He was insufferable and it sounds like that might just be a prerequisite for doing SGA.

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A friend of mine ran on the platform of: 'My platform is the SGA needs a muzzle.'

The only time I remember voting in the SGA elections. Not sure if he won or not.

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I'm sure he'll be a great real life politician some day.

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I bet you could dig into a lot of university's SGA and find political issues to write a story about. VT formed a task force and always takes any complaint very seriously. If VT hadn't already taken action on the complaints it might be different.

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UF and FSU student governments since 2016 have been involved in impeachment hearings, dismissed students leaders , lawsuits and protests.

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I believe that is a sign that this sort of stuff doesn't move the needle at all.

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Ehhh I think the structure of it has changed (I was in SGA 2013-2015) but then only like 5% of the student body even voted in the annual SGA elections, and the main power of the body was to pass non-enforceable resolutions and to allocate funds SGA raised mostly from Effect Tshirt sales to other organizations on campus.

Honestly SGA participation then was largely more diverse than the student body as a whole, although things obviously can change rather quickly at colleges. Not super sure why in fighting even deserves coverage by the Roanoke Times, this seems better suited to the student paper.

Probably this part:

Frustration spilled into public view in mid-August, when several former SGA members penned letters to the editor to The Roanoke Times.

Article sounds like it's describing modern #Murica... if the university is a microcosm of society (which they typically are) what else would student government reflect?

You get the behavior that you reward.

This was my first though when reading the article. It seems that the SGA pretty accurately reflects the dumpster fire that is politics in America these days.

Right now it seems like we reward the folks who complain the most.

Interesting. How so?

Probably not a good idea to answer this one if we are trying to adhere to community guidelines.

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it." - K

That's too bad. I would love to learn how America rewards complaining. I'm tired of working my ass of to try and get ahead... or even just stay afloat.

Allegations of sexism and homophobia.

Welcome to the modern world.

I welcome an objective review of the situation. Sadly, I don't think this article is one of those.

The more we claim it isn't about identity, the more people want to make it ALL about identity. I don't care about your sexual preferences, and I shouldn't need to know them to figure out if you're qualified to do a job.

As far as male/female/race is concerned, I think it's just a good idea on principle to mix it up. Just don't do it to the point where you're nominating or voting for folks JUST on those factors.

I dont know that it looks bad for Tech, but it makes every named individual in the article look like a clown.

yep - why is the RT even writing this article?

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And who is going to read it?

I was an SGA senator back in 2012-2013 and honestly didnt realize anyone took it this seriously. I remember arguing over how much to spend on relay and then people complaining about too few or too many crosswalks. Most people were there solely as an extra-curricular for resume or social reasons and everyone knew we werent doing anything important. My best memory was suggesting that maybe some people deserve to get hit by cars in response to someone complaining that csra shouldn't be on campus and students shouldnt have to look before crossing the street.

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Student Government at VT became a joke the moment they stole the maroon effect idea from A&M.

Should have been wearing O&M anyways.