OT: Giving Day 2021

Tomorrow, 2/24/21 is VT Giving Day. It does not matter if you give a little or a lot. It matters that you give something!

Give to sports, give to students, give to science, give to business. It does NOT matter.
What matters is YOU GIVE!


We are great at complaining that our programs don't achieve where we believe where they should. We stink at putting our money where our mouth is. If we want to play with the big boys, we need to give like the big boys.
I would rather see 100 people donate $5 than 5 people donate $100. We need more participation than we need bigger donors.

I hope you will choose to give something, anything.

Go Hokies!

P.S. Danny Coale caught that pass...

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Gift made. Who else?


I donated my remaining obligation for tickets this year this day.

Throwing a little bit in the pot over here

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16 hours left, $3,173,026 donated from 6,127 individuals for an average of roughly $517.87/donor!

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About 4 hours and 30 min left! So far $3,603,401 raised from 7,988 donors.

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I threw in some money this morning and appreciated all of the options for tailoring the donation. I took advantage of that and broke it down into 8 small gifts scattered across several of the non-revenue sports plus civil engineering.

As an engineer, it's kind of pathetic that we are getting out-donated (quantity of donations) by Pamplin alum. Virginia Tech websites advertise 74k engineering alumni versus 41k business. Even more alarming when you factor in the prestige of the engineering department and the perceived leg up that has given alumni over other engineers in the area.

I just added my small contribution, but I agree this is not the best situation.

I wonder if some of it depends on level of alumni outreach each department does. CEE sends out a quarterly magazine but I'm not sure how many others do. My husband has three different AOE degrees from VT and gets no correspondence from them. When we moved in together he was shocked that I got a regular magazine.

I used to donate more, but CoE has tons of money, so I give to my local chapter scholarship funds now and a little less to CoE

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

There was a part of me that got annoyed after getting the initial email, I made a donation of over $500. Then I have proceeded to get another 8 emails and texts asking for money.

I got at least 7. Stopped checking personal e-mail, so it was probably more. And this is just in the past 24 hours. Sure there was more before then.

Recovering scientist working in business consulting