QB1 got some wheels on him.

That is some legit speed for anyone especially a QB.

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I'm assuming this is with pads on.

For sake of comparison, Farley's top speed during a game was 24.16 mph. I believe Tyreke Hill's is ~23mph so these guys are in good company.

Farley is faster than Tyreke?

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Based on public information yes.

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Sure. But, no.

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It's not that hard to believe. Their top speed could be very similar especially considering farley's stride but Tyreek can definitely get there much quicker.

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Tyreek can definitely get there much quicker.

I guarantee I get can there quicker than Tyreek...at least that's what girls tell me

Well last time the faster player on our team was the QB we played in the national title game so fingers crossed.

A top 10 defense as opposed to a bottom 10 defense (in yards allowed) would help that too.

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This is pretty fascinating. It is well documented that he is a good athlete, but the more I hear and read the more I am convinced what we saw last year was very much affected by his early season health issues that slowed him down all year.

I am speaking solely to athletic ability as being a QB is more than that, however a QB who has gained 20 lbs and is running that fast makes me think we are going to see a much better athlete on the field this year than we have seen in the past.

Couldn't be a bad thing...

Surprised Payoute and Robinson aren't in the top 3.


Robinson is not very fast.

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I remember when DeJuan Ellis' mom was talking shit about Tay, something like "oh we're not worried about some dude who runs a 4.8"... turns out Tay is going to be a NFL draft pick and Ellis will probably dominate when his intermural flag football team plays against PKA this fall. What a joke.

I'm not questioning his ability to be a very productive WR and future NFL draft pick (he's a great football player), but he is not fast. That was my only point.

Is coronavirus over yet?


Several examples of Robinson being run down from behind. GT 2019 comes to mind. He's elusive as heck but not sure he'd hardly beat Dax in a footrace.

Have a year #3. Hard not to get excited about that number.

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I hope he runs wild. Johnny Football style.

Absolutely. 1 running back to keep the RPO honest and it could be a fun year.

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I'm surprised Blackshear wasn't on the list. VT might have to have Baron play both ways as RB and DE.

Devon Hunter at 4 surprised me the most. I did not have him pegged as a speed guy.

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I remember he had a pretty ridiculous 40 time coming out of highschool so it didn't surprise me at all. He's a freak athlete.

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My algebra could be off but...

22.53 mph = 11.01 yards per second

11.01 yards over 1 second equals 40 yards over 3.63 seconds.

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Math is good. However, these are top speed numbers. Not from a stance.

Unless I missed the /s

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Correct! No one has mentioned acceleration to that top speed. How fast can you get to 22 mph?

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In my Wrangler it takes about 10 minutes to get to 22 MPH! Hammer down!! hahaha

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My old Taco I put the hammer down and it just makes a lot more noise with limited actual change in speed

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I feel ya, lmao

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

That just stands to reason since the styling on the cow is light years ahead of the jeep wrangler.

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Exactly - just like the 100M - speed on the last 10M is more than the 1st due to the start and time to get to max speed

Barno is 5 on this list which is scary. Or he was riding on a golf cart when they clocked him

(add if applicable) /s

Barno at #5 is bonkers

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#1 Freak Athlete on the team

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Hopefully Payoute is still not 100% yet and his speed will be better in a couple months. We need a burner wideout.

This is accurate - getting there though

Kaleb Smith at 3 is the surprise to me, I always thought he was a possession WR not a burner. If Burmeister can throw a deep ball we have 3 WR's on that list that can burn!

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Is it just me, or does every time a list of speed comes out from VT it has some crazy names on there. I mean we have DL, LB, and S above our #2 WR and above all RBs. And I remember when Vick was on top in 2000, the 2nd guy was like a 4th string RB or something, and I think Davis was the only reciever on the list that year. Do other schools have this abnormality?

Atleast this list have a lot of guys that have played on it.

I think it is just top end speed is a very useless skill unless you also have quickness and the two paired together is just rare.

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Or, plot twist - HE was hauling the golf cart behind him when they clocked him....

This list is awesome to see! Something that really surprises me though is Tre Turner's speed. I didn't realize he was so fast. Fingers crossed he is finally healthy.

He has significant upside if he has truly bought in (hearing new facilities have made a difference for him) to the S&C program. This tells me he is really working hard.

He is a gifted athlete with the body to gain strength and speed with consistent work. I'm hopeful we see a reinvigorated T-squared this year who is a big time weapon.

With all the talk on how good his legs are ... any word on how good his arm is looking? That's where I really want to see the breakthrough.

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If his legs are good enough to freeze a safety or linebacker from committing on a deep pass, I'll take it.

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Yes, that will certainly help. Just thinking he really needs to take it to the next level passing.

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I rewatched the UVA game recently and thought BB looked really good in that game. He was finally pretty healthy for it and I think he is going to be a very good QB for us this year.

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It would be nice to build QB depth one day to the point that "injured" QBs don't start games, etc. Hooker was always "hurt and can't lift hi arm above his head".. so why was he starting? Seems like it always that way lately. After QB xx looks limited, it's - "oh he's hurt". Don't play hurt guys - play the next man up.

Great point and another reason why depth is so important and has me scratching my head how to build that depth when the next man up seems to be more interested in transferring these days.

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It's certainly a big challenge. I think the coach who figures out how to best utilize the portal is going to be the next hot commodity in CFB and will lead to a bunch of copy-cats. As it stands right now, with transferring being so simple, I imagine it is extremely difficult to keep players in the fold. Building depth at the blue-bloods is considerably easier than building depth everywhere else. The coach who can do it (not at a blud-blood) successfully, likely via the portal, is going to find success.

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I agree with that. Getting good QBs doesn't seem to be the issue for Fu, we have had 4* guys there, just can't keep more than 1 around long enough to develop and be productive.

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The relative differences may be accurate, but sorry, like VT (and many other) 40 speeds, I'm not buying these numbers either.

This is tracked via GPS systems the players wear that looks like a sports bra. It's fairly accurate.

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Agreed - yea accurate. The enhanced times are old news and easily disproven these days.

These speeds aren't outlandish compared to other published speeds from NFL and college.

Do we know what MV7 topped out at speed-wise??

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Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

How accurate is fairly accurate?

catch radius of a wide open reciever 45 yards downfield?

Does every player wear one in practice? Not seeing speedy underclassmen like Strong or Lofton makes me wonder if some guys haven't had them.