3* RB Bryce Duke Commits to the Hokies

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Welcome to Hokie Nation, Bryce.

A kid that dreamed about being a Hokie and that dream is coming to life!

pretty impressive stats

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My mood at VT getting another RB and waiting for the reaction on this site:

maybe I'm confused, but isn't there a difference between "committed" and "signed"? I don't really follow recruiting that closely (partly because it's impossible to know what you've actually got until the kids are on campus)

I only ask because I know there are jokes that we have 1000 RBs but is he actually going to be in Blacksburg for sure for sure or is there still a chance he goes elsewhere?

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Nowadays, yes there is a huge difference

Committing doesn't really mean anything. Kid can change their mind. School can still drop them. Signed is more contractual as ncaa rules need to be followed for scholarships or transfering.

Committing is like being engaged. It doesn't legally mean anything, it's just a public statement of intent. Signed is like being married.

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Okay, thanks. That's kind of what I thought. I think we can probably refrain from the RB jokes until they are all signed

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

If App State offered him as a running back, that's good enough for me.

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Talk about things I never would have expected to read 10 years ago

Not that I am arguing, just saying

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Come to think of it, ten years ago almost exactly was my first Tech game in person. VT vs. Appy St which we won 66-13.

They have come a long way.

Looking through his offer list, apparently 247 is trolling. According to them we have 30 RB's currently on roster....well played 247

Yeah. We ONLY have Eleven RBs on the roster right now. Geez 247.


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

And only one in this class


Yeah unless we find another stud RB to add to it then it'll be even better

But still pushing for Ramon Brown?

I got bad news on that front๐Ÿ˜”

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๐Ÿ˜”Mannnnn, that kid is day one D1 ready too.

Hokie Love!

Scholarship? As in 11/85?

Removing features to get people to sign up for your service is something EA would would do.

Don't forget the additional year of eligibility everyone got. Every team will be fielding more than 85 scholly players this year

It also had VT listed 3 times. Twice as "cool" and once as "committed" on the full team recruit list.

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Once as Virginia Tech, again as Virginia Tech University, and again as the team with too many RB's?

Hoping for a long and successful Hokie career.

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I love the lifelong dream coming true

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Bryce is a football name....we need this guy...the shiftiness and change in direction is something I noticed right off the bat...he is a game changer. Wish the best of success to him at VT

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Cap off a dream HS season with a dream college commitment! Can't wait to see this kid in orange & maroon! Let's go!

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Kid seems to have really good balance, deceptive speed and some power to go along with it. It looks like he knows exactly where he needs to go at the LOS.

We have a ton of RBs this staff recruited out of high school who have not been productive, so my cautious optimism isn't at all about the kid, its really about the staff being able to develop him.

I'm very happy he's a Hokie!

Is coronavirus over yet?

I have nothing against Bryce Duke. He seems like a good kid and a fine athlete. My question is why have we recruited so many 3 Star running backs the last three years? This question is not a veiled criticism of the coaching staff. I only want to know.

I upvoted as I have asked the same question (and would love an answer). But I wonder if maybe it would be best to put this in the general recruiting thread or on it's own thread discussing roster management or recruiting rather than on the thread to discuss Duke's recruitment.

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I'm good with that.

We have recruited many higher-rated backs...Laborn, Slade, Tyree, D. Ford, Henderson...we just haven't gotten any to commit to VT. In truth, Ford is the only one of that group who we even had a legit shot at.

The tea leaves seem to be saying that Ramon Brown is going to continue the trend this year.

Honestly, it is a very reasonable and valid criticism of the Fuente era. There has been a tremendous amount of running back Talent out of VA during his tenure. I'm trying to think of any 5 year period with a similar level of high rated-RB in the State. Failing to lure any of these guys to Bburg is the answer to your question.

Okay I get that but why so many? I don't know of teams with a 10 RB rotation.

if there's no obvious no-brainer, take several and the ones who stick and contribute will stick and contribute, the rest cycle out of the program

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My take as well. Just did not want to post on Duke's thread. Bugs me because it seems like he just takes tons and hopes someone breaks through with no obvious pattern to it. And minimal success as well. RB over-take seems to be the new WR over-take from before. Hopefully Duke or someone does break through.

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Yes, we all want the team to succeed, and hopefully Bryce Duke can be a guy who elevates the ground game the same way Khalil Herbert did last year!

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Bryce? How NICE!

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Wish there was a half vote, because THIS Shawn Michaels I hated (Bret Hart fan here) but he has turned his life around for the better and now I like him.

Congrats to Bryce though!

Its hard not to be outrageously excited for a commitment from a kid who describes playing at Tech as one of his childhood dreams. His enthusiasm is contagious.