Shane Beamer asked about why South Carolina had trouble running the ball against Georgia

Saw this on Reddit and wanted to share for the (old) people on TKP not plugged in to Twitter or r/cfb.

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So he's saying they'll really get after ya?

Priceless! Candid! Honest! and funny as hell!

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LOL, Shane. That may be the best thing I've seen all day.

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Shane's daddy (and Bud too) would be proud of that answer. Way to tell it like it is to the clueless reporter.

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i mean, it's a valid question. if the reporter had led off with "so you guys aren't very good" people would be killing him

What was the Georgia defense doing to make things physical?


Shane gave the perfect answer.

I'm confused, I thought Head Coaches were only allowed to do coachspeak at the D1 level?

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We were so fortunate for the years we had the Beamers and Foster Coaching in Blacksburg

Did we win the Natty when I was an undergrad? No

But did we have many good football memories during those undergrad years? Yes!

And I know Beamer's best traits, helped our Hokie Community heal in the wake of that horrific day in April, 2007.

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People in the comments like "I wouldn't want my coach saying this" can eff right off this is gold

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A coach with a personality.....unpossible...seems like a distant memory

Still glad Shane isn't the HC in Blacksburg. I am ready for there to be a regime change, but based on his recruiting drop off during his time in Richmond, his performance as a RB coach, and some other smoke, I don't think he was the guy.

Frankly, the available coaching landscape is pretty bleak right now. I would have a really hard time picking someone I would be eager to bring in. I wasn't as high on Elliott as some, and it is going to be really difficult to find a guy who can be a great recruiter across Virginia and the southeast, schmooze and sell the donation folks and fan base, and have a plan that can build on the strengths and brand that still has some cache from the glory days to make VT at least the best program in the Coastal. And, if that isn't the goal, what are they doing?

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I agree with this for the most part. While I'm not sold on a complete regime change just yet, I think this is the hard part for Whit.

Is there anyone out there that gets you excited and you think can improve in areas that need improving? I don't think we should just change coaches to change coaches.

I just don't think there is a better option out there at the moment.

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While I'm not sold on a complete regime change just yet

what type of change are you interested in?

I ask because I think Fuente made it pretty clear that he's not going to make any changes to the offense (which, most of TKP probably would agree is in dire need of change) - basically, the only way to make the change we all want to see, is to make a full regime change, unfortunately.


Yeah, I'm for change at OC as is everyone but you are right at the moment it doesn't seem like Fu is going to make that change. We'll see how the season plays out and what happens at the end of the year.

The frustrating part is if we have a good rest of the season, no need for change right??

You may be right though, I don't think they will change. I have friends that have known Fu and company since Illinois State days. They know everyone Fu brought over so they've been a package from the start.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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At this point I'd be willing to let a former star player take a shot - preferably a guy who has ties to Virginia. Someone who can recruit well, understands and loves VT and the culture and who can reinvigorate the fans and donors alike. Also, someone who doesn't have a huge ego and would able to objectively evaluate the coaches they have on staff. I'm not looking for an Xs and Os genius but someone who understands the fundamentals and has no issue with not being the smartest person in the room so they can hire X and O gurus. Let's hire Tyrod Taylor


not sure if serious but this smacks of the "lets get mike vick to be OC" talk that pops up every offseason. it's not feasible to have a guy learn on the job like that and what's the draw for a former pro who has made tens of millions of dollars to subject himself to the stress of a college coaching gig vs just enjoying the generational wealth he's made

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yeah, it's mostly TIC. Some of what I'm saying is true - I want someone who can recruit, for instance. And it would be great to have a guy who has ties to Virginia. I don't really care if the head guy is an Xs and Os genius but I want him to be able to hire people smarter than him in that department. The problem with hiring a guy who is a genius at one aspect of football is that egos get in the way in other areas. Those types of people tend to think that because they're a genius in one area they are the smartest person in all areas. I'm not suggesting that Fuente isn't humble, necessarily, but I think it is really important to have a head coach who doesn't let his ego get in the way of making staffing decisions. I'm not sure what is driving Fuente to keep his wagon hitched to Cornelsen's but it is a serious problem that I just don't want to have again with the next regime.


I feel like sometimes the people who say these things deeply underestimate how different coaching a football team is to playing football. There's a reason no one does this.

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This is true.

But I'd take a Sam Rogers over Fuente for no other reason than he'd have players ready to run through brick walls every game.

And I'd lay odds he'd be a better recruiter.

Plus, Sam Rogers.

I think this would be a terrible hiring strategy. If you can find a former star player who's burnished his resume coaching and can recruit, great. But hiring someone just because they played here ain't going to cut it.

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like I definitely read the whole thing and was like "oh he must want jham to get a shot" and then got to the last sentence and was violently yeeted by the suggestion of TT lol

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I'd love to see Todd Washington come back home. Years of NFL experience, and could definitely coach. Won a Super Bowl as a player, too. No idea if he could recruit, though.

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Recruiting skill is highly overrated. How many head coaching hires made because of so-called recruiting skills or "ties to the region" have been complete busts?

Something like 50% of P5 teams change head coaches every 5 years, yet the recruiting tiers in college football have been relatively unchanged for decades and decades. And for those few who have moved up (or down) it's not been because of head coaches. It's been because of a huge change in money.

I don't recall a unicorn ever being on a VT roster, let alone a star.

Does your frame of reference only go back ten years?

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This goes with the "person "A" is good at their job, they'll be a good manager" fallacy. Head Coaches and Coordinators need to be good leaders and managers and also understand football at a conceptual level. Some people demonstrate that ability. Is it probable that a QB would end up being a better OC than a RB? It is. Job demands change as you move "up" the ladder.

Shane Beamer was probably not suited to be a running backs coach, but his leadership and management skills will likely work out for him as an HC. USCe is a tough job.

Lots of companies that have done 360 reviews found that technical knowledge gad no link to how good the manager was. And often the best managers had very little domain knowledge.

Being a good manager often means relying on your staff for their expertise. That's why you hire them. So Shane could turn out to be a great football coach while being terrible at coaching running backs, he know gets to pay some one to do that.

Elliot's offense with a stacked roster against Georgia Tech almost made Corny against WVU look good. Finding the right coach is hard even when you have all the resources in the world, just ask FSU, Miami, Tennessee or USC.

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Still glad Shane isn't the HC in Blacksburg.

Agreed. Shane wasn't ready. If he ever is ready, I'd love to have him back in Blacksburg. He'll have to prove himself somewhere else first.

The fact is that head coach at VT has some unique benefits, and some unique challenges. I'm not ready to boot Fuente unless we can get someone significantly better. And when we list actual names of coaches we believe would come to VT and rise to the challenge of improving the football program, that list is a lot smaller than people seem to realize.

left field hire: Byron Leftwich. He's been climbing the NFL ranks, won a superbowl as the OC for Tampa last year, DC native so he knows the area, plus his Marshall ties help in the SWVA region.

How many NFL coordinators made the jump to P5 HC and we're successful? I know there were some spectacular failures (Charlie Weis comes to mind).

Not many to be sure, but I think some of that is due to AD's thinking inside a very small box.

I'm not saying it would be a slam dunk, but give me a bold choice vs mediocrity, which is where we are now.

I still remember that game against Marshall at Tech when he was QB. Man could he sling the ball.

he was tough as nails too, which is actual GRIT vs the stuff the current staff is trying to push

We've seen some grit at QB at VT.

Michael Brewer comes to mind.

Yeh... when you're talking about your qb having grit it's usually not a good sign... usually means he's getting hit. Grit isn't a term I've seen used to describe heisman trophy winners.

I was responding to the comment above, which was saying that the current VT staff doesn't get grit from their players.

Brewer had grit.

But you're right, if a Heisman candidate (or any QB) is described as having grit, they may not have all the supporting cast they need.

Brewer also never played under the current staff.

Corrected to VT staff

The larger point is that "grit" - however superficially culturally appropriate - is a poor marketing strategy that's likely not appealing to anyone with the capacity to recognize it for what it really means. It's similar to selling the Chevy Nova in Mexico.

Yet somehow, Fuente has a decent recruiting class lined up, and his players showed some grit in the comeback last weekend, even if they lost.

So maybe it's appealing to the target audience.

Maybe, if the target audience is middle aged white guys.

No, the target audience was on the field last weekend, showing grit in what was almost a great comeback.

Would also throw anything at Joe Brady the OC for the Panthers

Go for it

I do like Joe Brady, but my #1 criteria for next VT coach is recruiting. You can't live off diamonds in the rough anymore.

So we need a coach that knows the area and knows how to recruit. Not saying Brady can't, but it would be a concern since he doesn't have any local ties.

With all due respect I don't give a damn how well the head coach or even the coordinators knows this region and how to recruit this region. All I would ask of them is to know how to close the deal when kids get on campus.

For knowing how to recruit this region, that's where I would establish a recruiting staff of assistants whose primary role is to go out and find kids in this area, and they need to either have a name that will get them in anyone's door, or already have a proven track record in this region. I'd call up someone like Darryl Tapp and see if he'd be interested as taking on a Recruiting Coordinator role for the school. I'd call up Michael Vick, Kam Chancellor, James Gayle, maybe a Vinny Fuller, Danny Coale, Corey Moore, or even some former players who are or have been high school coaches in VA like Jake Grove, Loren Johnson, or Orion Martin. Guys with actual name recognition through this region for having played for us who can get in the door and start funneling kids to Blacksburg where our main coaches can close. And then maybe have a standing invite for any former player to come back to campus and just hang out around the practice facility to the point where you might have a few guys in per day over the course of a season, just a constant reminder of the talent that we've had come through here before.

It doesn't all have to be on the head coach. In fact, I'd much rather a head coach who realizes he's inefficient at recruiting and emphasizes hires throughout the staff to counteract that, very much like Mike Young did when he was hired, because it gets results.

I will not donate to Virginia Tech Athletics as long as Justin Fuente is the head coach of VT Football. Enough is enough.

From what I can tell, the head coach has to be the closer, especially for the more talented guys. Selling the program has to be the head whistles strength or it's a weakness for the whole program.

Couldn't agree more. Perfect example: Dabo

Yup... if you just want to be an Xs and Os guy then coordinator is probably your ceiling

Did you ever see the leaked video of Sabans closing pitch? Sheeeesh

Free Hugh

My understanding is he doesn't want to be the HC here. He wants to blaze his own path, which is very understandable. That's all third and fourth hand info, but I've heard it from a few different people.

I could see that as well. Even 10 years down the road if he came here, every game and half of the reporters questions would somehow incorporate coaching at the same spot his dad did and yadda yadda yadda.

He would always be under that shadow here. Will he coach as long? Will he have as good a record? Can he get VT a National Championship (assuming we haven't became the next Alabama by then...)?

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

Can we just have Mike Young pull double-duty and significantly bump the funding up for the assistants? He can handle the PR and let the coaches coach.

High floor, low ceiling guy (which is what winning the Coastal really is at this point) is Dave Clawson.

Established culture builder, really good coach, great player development... The only question mark would be recruiting. But hell, even if he lands a top 30 class regularly, he'll coach and develop the hell out of them and get us to the top of the Coastal.

Is coronavirus over yet?

I don't disagree with this analysis at all. But given the concerns around fan apathy and the need to connect with the fan base for fundraising being (I think) a significant aim of a potential replacement, I don't think he does a lot in that regard.

But neither did Mike Young at the time, so what the hell do I know? Raising the floor on the program would probably buy some goodwill

Yeah really not sold on Tony Elliot after the start this year. Seems to be some pretty bad roster management for a program that should largely have its choice of recruits. Oline is bad and the WR room lacks a diversity of skill sets. Not to mention a QB room that is even more bare than our room. I think a lot short comings with that offense were masked by having two elite QBs basically back to back.

I think elite QB play can make any offense look better without question. However, it's worth noting that when he and Jeff Scott took over co-OC duties Tony Elliot assumed the role as play caller after Chad Morris departure after the 2014 season, so he's been calling the plays for much longer than the last two seasons. Additionally, I think their OL issues have more to do with their OL coach and Clemson's obsession with OKG's (our kinda guys) at certain positions. I can't bring myself to blame TE for that.

I do believe TE is a riskier choice for head coach because he does not have HC experience, and he's bringing someone else's offense (Chad Morris) more than likely to his new location, so it's unclear how great he is at innovating and moving forward the offense, but that wouldn't be his primary role as a head coach anyway. There are some concerns that he is a little more quiet and reserved, which could lead to less immediate success as a recruiter when no longer pitching Clemson. So those potential red flags I just listed are much more relevant (in my opinion) to his fit as a HC than his offense 3 games into a season with a new QB.

I think his primary appeal as a future HC is his experience at Clemson for the last decade. He's been there for the entirety of their 10 year elevation: from the 2011 total rebrand with the new exciting offense and first ACC championship since 1991, to starting to win marquee OOC games (LSU, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma), to eventually breaking through and maintaining as a legitimate national championship/playoff contender every year. He was there for the entire rise from a team who never won their conference to annual title contender. He has watched, lived, and contributed to that entire process of elevating a program through the tiers of football.

these are all fantastic points. Hiring TE would be akin to hiring any number of Saban's assistants in the hopes of recreating the machine he built in Tuscaloosa. Though some of Saban's assistants have done relatively well on their own, many have flamed out poorly. Hiring a great's assistants doesn't guarantee success. I'm a little less interested in the actual resume of the next coach (of course, I would like there to be some notable points) and more interested in Whit finding a guy who can recruit, motivate, and hire great people across the board. I want Whit to find a guy who has a clear vision and can sell that vision to donors, coaches, and recruits. I want Whit to find a guy who embodies the "This is Home" mantra and can pull together a staff of hungry, talented, hard working guys who understand the fundamentals of teaching. I think one of the most overlooked aspects of a good coach is their ability to transfer their knowledge to the players. I think Loeffler was a fantastic Xs and Os guy but a sub-par teacher. I think he could scheme circles around any of the coaches on our current staff but he couldn't effectively transfer that knowledge to the players so they played slow and tentatively. We can't just go out and get guys who know football really well - we need to find guys who can really teach it effectively too.


If we want a Buzz Williams type hire, someone with some past success to come in and jump start things but probably won't stay long, you have to think a Chris Pederson, Bob Stoops, Gus Malzahn, or maybe Tom Herman makes sense here. If you're going program/culture builder, I think Dave Clawson checks a ton of boxes, and it's yet to be seen how he would do recruiting since he's never really had those resources. Up and comer types would be Napier, Chadwell, and Will Healy. Napier probably at the top of my list if we go the G5 route. Pie in the sky option with program connections, Bruce Arians gets tired of the NFL, comes here for a few years as a Mack Brown bridge and leaves Byron Leftwich as coach in waiting.

I too don't think Shane is the right fit for numerous reasons. Not too big on Elliott anymore, and Fickell/Campbell just aren't happening.

Chris Petersen is not coming to Blacksburg. Bob Stoops is not coming to Blacksburg. Those are two guys with long track records of high level coaching at high level programs who walked away and don't need to come back. Let alone come back to a (currently) middling program like VT.

Tom Herman has too much buyout money coming his way to come to Blacksburg. He's currently an analyst for the Bears. Gus Malzahn jumping from UCF to VT could be enticing to him, but UCF is Big12-bound anyway and that conference should be easier to win. But he's a national championship winner in the SEC and probably has his sights higher than VT for his next gig. But it's intriguing.

but none of these guys are Buzz types, who had a track record of success at a smaller school punching above its weight in a power conference. The only one who makes sense to me as a "jump start things and we know you're gonna move on eventually but it's worth it" kind of candidate is Gus. I struggle to see Tom Herman being that guy, but maybe not having the same expectations as at Texas would be good for him. But if I'm him I just keep my head down for a year as an Analyst and then try to stick in the NFL while looking for a P5 collegiate HC job like Bielema did.

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whoever Whit hires (when the time comes) I am going to try really hard not to get too excited or too critical of the hire right at the beginning. Instead, I'm going to tell myself that this coach should have 3-5 years to build an identity, improve recruiting, and develop some talent. Rather than looking for instant results on the field I'll be looking for measurable progress year-over-year. If a guy comes in and wins 10 games right off the bat, great, but I'm not going to be overly upset if he only wins 2 games in his first year. I won't get really upset until in year 3 we are the same or worse as in year 1. If a guy comes in and wins 6 games in year 1 with some huge losses, then gets to 6 or 7 wins in year 2 but the losses are much closer and in year three is getting 7+ wins (turning some of those 'close losses' into 'close wins') then I'll feel better about it. Much better than I would if the guy comes in and wins 10 games, then 9, then 6, and so on.


"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Lol 5 years to develop an opinion is way too long of a leash and that's how we ended up in this situation

Free Hugh

IDK, maybe. If covid didn't happen and VT still loses 6 games in 2020 (year 5) I think Whit fires him. I think 5 years is a reasonable leash. The caveat is that there is measurable improvement year over year. In my opinion Fuente hasn't demonstrated any such improvement and I would have been fine with firing him after 2018 but a lot of folks thought that would have been too soon. I think giving him a two year mulligan after a failed 3rd year is fine, but he has to drastically improve. He hasn't. I would have expected him to be fired after 2020. I can kinda get why, with covid, he was retained. If he doesn't win 10 games this year (he won't) he should be fired. VT is not going to get better with him. If that was going to happen, it would have by now.


I disagree that Whit would have fired him if covid doesn't happen, but everything else were on the same wave length

Free Hugh

that whole press conference that Whit called in December was strange. I have a hard time believing that he called that press conference specifically to throw his support behind Fuente. I think Whit was initially intending to fire him but, for reasons, ended up not pulling the trigger. It wouldn't shock me if the weird Covid year had something to do with the change. I think there is a really good chance that if Fuente had lost 6 games in a normal 2020 (assuming Covid never happened) he would have been fired.


I guess we'll never know, but from the horse's mouth it was his decision not to fire him. So your choices are either believe what he is telling you or believe he is lying to you against his will and has no real authority on the matter

Free Hugh

and perhaps his decision was impacted by the optics of firing a coach during a pandemic. You're right, we'll never know.


I truly feel that Whit was going to fire Fuente and realized that after having to administer over 10 million in cuts to the entire athletic department he couldn't spend another 10 million to get rid of Fuente in the middle of global pandemic.

I think the Buzz equivalent in CFB is PJ Fleck.

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it is going to be really difficult to find a guy who can be a great recruiter across Virginia and the southeast, schmooze and sell the donation folks and fan base, and have a plan that can build on the strengths and brand that still has some cache from the glory days

Mike Tomlin isn't walking through that door...Byron Leftwich might though, maybe a Juwan Howard situation with him.

As a causal observer with no expertise, positive character qualities with a winner's edginess are what we need. What every program needs. We thought we got it with Fuentes. Still might. He could be one or two management decisions away from getting there.
As an old guy. Beamer seemed a real gamble, some small school success, not super, pulled some buddies and former players with him. Had to right a program under NCAA scholarship penalties. He looked like a disaster after down years to bottom at 2-8 if I'm not mistaken. Then all the good things that flow from positive quality characteristics and a winner's edge kicked in.
I don't follow things close enough to state a coaching opinion, but I trust in Whit. I'd love to know what he is thinking.

...with spirits true and faithful...

Thank you!

-an old guy not on social media

PS- get off my lawn!

Beat WVU

I don't understand why he didn't just say "we didn't execute"

Everyone knows that's the right answer!

Love that response. It was honest, didn't throw his players or coaches under the bus, and actually complemented the opponent for doing something right.

GGC: That is hilarious!

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It was dad that farted!!

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when mom opens your bedroom door without knocking

OMG I'm going to pop a blood vessel from stifling laughter.

Priceless! I love how he is incredulous to that fact that the reporters don't understand that when you're playing against 5 star talent, sometimes there's little you can do.

It also speaks to mine and other's criticism of our "smoke and mirrors" offense. You can't scheme your way against that level of talent. At the upper end of the P5 players are smart, fast and strong/big. Our offense worked well against G5 talent. You're going to get 2/3 of those attributes in a player max. When Clemson came to Blacksburg while Josh Jackson was QB, I analyzed a play that should have worked. The Clemson players bit and were "out of position", Jackson dumped the ball to McMillan, but the Clemson players were fast enough to adjust and basically blew up the play. Slower players would not have been able to get back in the play and make the stop.

The shameful thing is how poorly things have gone against lesser talent. WVU is not at the upper echelons of the P5. However, their defensive players were just smart, fast and strong/big enough to not get fooled. The WVU defensive coaches did their jobs pretty well in preparing for VT. That is to say, they had their players recognize our 5 year old tendencies and not get fooled by them.

I have to give credit to Justing Hamilton for his half time adjustments. Waller's interception was 100% due to diagnosing a play and positioning himself correctly.

My only note is that WVU's defense last year ranked very highly. Without looking it up I believe I heard on tech sideline podcast it was top 10, if not top 5 last year. Of course that was last year, which in college football doesn't amount to a lot usually but with the COVID year I would bet most of those players are still there this year. Probably the best defense we will see all year

4th in total, top 20 in scoring.

South Carolina is a career killer. They should move to the ACC. Even a worldwide personality like Spurrier couldn't break the ceiling. If Shane can manage a 9 win season and a decent recruiting class or two he should gtfo of there.

I'm curious why Shane took it, to be honest.

You can't be a CFB head coach without a killer competitive drive and (despite some of the Beamer family's aw-shucks attitude) a significant amount of self-confidence but at the same time I have to imagine he knows that USCe is where coaching careers go to die.

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I think he took it knowing that if he can get 7-8 wins a year in the SEC as a head coach that he will be able to move up from there.

Also, SC is a kind of nice place to live with relatively low expectations. Not a bad first job especially when making millions. He is a lot closer to his Dad than Oklahoma.

SC is a kind of nice place to live

This is true everywhere but Columbia, SC

(add if applicable) /s

Its ok in York County. Just depends on what ya looking for.

I'm curious why Shane took it, to be honest.

He was a position coach and was offered one of the only head coaching jobs in the SEC that had low expectations. Pretty easy decision.

To make this argument clearer .... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I mean, yes and money and all that but it *really* is a dead-end career killing kind of place.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Still beats being Lincoln Riley's intern

I have to imagine he knows that USCe is where coaching careers go to die.

I went to go look this up, and you're not kidding. Literally no coach (at least dating back to the 1930s or so) took a collegiate step up after leaving South Carolina.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I like how candid he was but I don't really know that this is the message you want to send to your current team and any other people you're recruiting. Pretty easy to see how this can be played against you on the recruiting trail and also doesn't really project to the fanbase that you have any expectations of being successful unless you recruit in the top 5 or something.

Can you imagine if we lost to UNC or ND and in the post game this is what Fuente said? He would be absolutely destroyed for it.

Its one thing to say this when you're also trying to sell to your fans that you are dedicating your energy toward an improvement within recruiting that will bring in better players. Eventually, you have to follow through on that, but this was after his 3rd game of his head coaching career. Its an honest assessment of the reality that he walked into.

If Fuente says this now, its a damning statement about how shit his recruiting has been the 5 years he's already been here. He would absolutely be destroyed for saying it and would deserve to be destroyed for saying it because its a mess he created by sucking at recruiting.

I will not donate to Virginia Tech Athletics as long as Justin Fuente is the head coach of VT Football. Enough is enough.

Yea if anything Beams can just say this is why I need XYZ resource from the school and why you the fan need to donate more

Free Hugh

You prefer the strong silent type?

Free Hugh

This is just do damn refreshing to hear. None of the (same) excuses, no beating around the bush... just calls a spade a spade.

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