OT: Going to VT game @ Morgantown

So going to the VT/WVU game in a couple weeks and wanted to hear some feedback to those who have attended a VT game in Morgantown before. This would be my first VT game there and a little hesitent of how loud/excited I should cheer based on the stories in the stadium I have heard in the past. Not trying to get spit on/jumped lol.

Also looking for recomendations (if any) where to go to drink/tailgate/eat/etc. Probably a day trip since it's relatively close to me (NoVA), but might stay over night depending on time of game.

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Have you written your last Will and Testament? Get that done and registered before you go


Also, check this out

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/s, but not really

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Against my better judgement, I am going. Hope it's only semi unbearable. My expectations are very low for WVU fans- I know they are going to be assholes. General rules :
1. Sit in the VT/hokie club ticket section. Period.
2. Do not sit in the upper deck WVU section
3. Do not go to the restroom on the WVU student/budget section alone
4. Be prepared for the standard sophomoric shit- Vick was a felon, what's a hokie, fuck tech, chokies, traitors, etc.
5. If WVU loses and the stadium hasn't cleared out, wait at your seats and pretend to watch the band postgame until some of the dust settles. the students will be back at the bars soon enough

Which sections are the Hokie/VT club? was planning on buying tickets from secondary market.

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Sitting in upper bowl, section 218, but I will be with two colleagues/friends that are WV fans, so I am hoping they will help settle any kind of hostility.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Been over 20 years for me but I would highly recommend flame proof and piss proof clothing. Also travel in a larger group...

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I can loan out some of my FRs

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wear a hard hat

Got some spare ones of those, too. Kevlar would be better.

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If you ever get in a spot of trouble just say "eat shit Pitt" or "man, Rich Rod was a giant prick, right?" That's always worked with my friends. Mentioning John Denver is a bit of a gambit - some will appreciate the gesture, others will think you're mocking them.

Edit: spoke to my brother who teaches with someone who was in the Marching Virginians from 1997-2000. She said two things: that the FedEx game a couple years ago was much better than she anticipated, and that she promised she'd never go to Morgantown again. Given some of the reports of Lane Stadium post-COVID, I'd wear neutral clothing and stay in/as close to the VT section as much as possible.

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If you have Tech stickers on your car, take a rental car. It can't hurt to slap an Eat Shit Pitt sticker on your car for good measure.

Watch out for batteries

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My daughter is a freshman at WVU. We are going in costume as Mountaineer fans. There are two reasons why we are doing this. One, we want to show our daughter how much we love and support her by wearing gold and blue during our visit. Two...okay, there is only one reason, for our personal well being and safety. That's it.

In all seriousness. I am looking forward to seeing my daughter. We miss her greatly. However, I am genuinely concerned on how we will be treated. Legitimately concerned.

Going in disguise will help. Just try to keep the cheering for Tech down.

You have to cheer and boo with them but in a manner that you know in your heads you are mocking them.

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Step 1. Hard hat. D-batteries are solid.
Step 2. Rain coat, or whatever you need to keep ziplock bags of piss from soaking you.
Step 3. Do not take a female-all the reasons.
Step 4. Pack lots of coins for all the dumbass toll roads.
Step 5. Neutral clothing, maybe wear stone washed jeans to fit in because WV is about 50 years behind everyone else. Do not incite the natives. They are as backwards and inbred as you have heard, and they absolutely will try to hurt you.
Step 6. Skip the game, DVR, and go see the New River Gorge. Who needs those dumbass rednecks, and the NRG might the most beautiful thing there is in our country and WV offers a ton of it.

I hate rude behavior in a man. Won't tolerate it.

Pro tip: Try to bond over our fanbases' shared feelings toward Pat Narduzzi.

Fuck Pat Narduzzi

"Give me a fuΒ’king beer", Anonymous Genius

Don't you mean Chris Bickell '97 Head Football Coach Pat Narduzzi

Griggma, don't you mean "Chris Bickell '97 Head Football Chode Pat Narduzzi"?

Fuck Chris Bickell '97 Head Football Chode Pat Narduzzi!

you're welcome

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Thank you, Beard. I knew I was stealing it from someone, but I couldn't be bothered to go look up who.

I would say absolutely do not wear anything you value - nice hat, jersey, shoes, anything like that. You never know what will come raining down on you.

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It should be a lot calmer since the last time we were in Morgantown. FedEx field, I had no issues. I went to a basketball game in 2012 or 2013 I think in Morgantown and wore Hokie gear on campus. I had no issues other than some light hearted jokes. I would say just don't sit near students which is good advice for most away games. Students there now were toddlers last time we played in Morgantown. They don't remember the rivalry.

I had no trouble at FedEx in 2017. When we were playing Duke in the Sweet Sixteen in March 2019, I was in Morgantown visiting a friend and wore VT all day. No problem there. The students aren't as bad as they used to be. There will still be those idiots that didn't actually go to WVU but have state pride who might be a problem, but that doesn't seem to be a lot of them these days, and it's a noon game, not night. I think it should be a decent experience.

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This is what I'm hoping. I didn't have any issues at Fed Ex and tailgated next to a bunch of mountaineers. No problems- just friendly ribbing. I'm hoping for a much more sane experience this time.

Yeah hopefully it has cooled off some since the heyday of the rivalry. When I was at Tech in the late 90's, there is no way any of us would even consider traveling to Morgantown, it was basically a death wish. I guess now that we don't play them every year it is not a big a deal to the current students. Back then? That game was circled on the calendar every year, the hate was real.

All the stuff you were reading in the thread title "An Unusual Lane Experience"....just imagine all that shit directed at you

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Hope that them moving to the Big(1)2 has forced them to clean up their act a bit

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

I went up there for the game in 2003. We were ranked 2 or 3 at the time and lost 28-7. My buddy I was with was going to WVU at the time and he said "I'm NOT taking you to the student section", so we sat close to the visiting VT fans. I got a lot of shit from WVU fans before and during the game, but nothing physical. I suspect being escorted with a member of their tribe may have helped.

After the game they turned their attention to couches, more cocaine, Morgantown PD, and the WV State Troopers that eventually had to be called in to clear the streets. I saw multiple houses tear gassed/pepper sprayed, couch/dumpster fires, and a state trooper take a full beer can off his riot helmet.

Edit: Oh yeah, don't go to Grant Avenue.

Where's the beef?

Don't go to High Street either.

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Don't go to Morgantown either.

In fact I would just avoid the northern half of WV to be safe

(add if applicable) /s

maybe just steer clear of the whole state, in that case

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If you do ever find yourself in WV, try to make it to Huntington. Beer, food, live music, and plenty of hotels.

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Formerly known as JWillHokieAlum.

Nice hiking around Harper's Ferry by the AT Headquarters though. That is a good spot to walk through.

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MD Heights is a hellava view

Huh, TIL we play WVU this year lol.

I don't think it should be a problem, don't start no stuff won't be no stuff

While normally true, this is WVU we are discussing, and, well, nothing normal goes there. Plenty of trouble started by them without provocation.

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It will help if you can pull off this look.

One of my favorite jokes.... "Did you know the toothbrush was made in West Virginia? Because if it was made in any other state, it would be call the *teethbrush*"

I'm here all night.

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so if you know me, you know of all sports teams and fanbases no one tops my hate list more than the neers. i will be going and you what ... fuck em. fuck em all. not looking to start shit, not really my style and neither is taking it, the tree house and trillium beers won't help. driving up from nova in the am and back after game, unless my college roommate from wv decides he's coming in for the game from the west coast.


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We attended a game there as students during Beamers era when Randal was QB (2003 maybe?). We sat outside the VT section because my friend is from West Virginia and got tickets through family friends. We were not being loud or obnoxious, just cheering for first downs with each other.

Fans turned on us instantly.

We were bombarded with threats of violence almost from kickoff. We had a few verbal spats with other college age fans. Nothing major. About halfway through the first half, a 50 year old man made his way over to us from another section and grabbed my friend by the shoulders and pushed him down the bleachers on top of other fans .

If not for an older couple imploring them to leave us be, we would have been jumped. I walked over to the State Trooper who was in full view of this an asked him to intercede, maybe just calm the waters. He looked me right in the face and said "Fuck VT".

We left.

True story.

Oh yeah. And when we were trying to walk to the game, students blocked the street and wouldn't let VT fans pass. I get it if you are college kids being jerks to other college kids, but we are talking women and children, the elderly.

The worst fans of any sport.

The Dude Abides

welp... this sounds like it will be a show... lmao

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I have been to every VT game in morgantown since 97. Its different for me since I can't walk 100 feet with out seeing some one I know, but I've sat in the student section in full VT gear, I dont suggest it as the State Police tried to move me, but everyone giving me shit were friends from my childhood. (2003 you could hear Fuck the Hokies chant over the national anthem, that was me walking into the section)

The closer to the stadium the better you are, thats where the higher donors are and most of them are alumni. It's the fans that never went to college that you have to watch out for. If state police want to move your seats listen to them they know where the issues are. 90% of the fans are great. There really isn't a rivalry which is a huge difference in how the worst fans act.

You will hear some one say something, just ignore it, keep walking, laugh it off because honestly it's kind of below you to get into an argument with a 9 year old.

Honestly I have had more issues at VT games than at WVU games. The FedEx game had a lot of VT fans yelling at my friends who are WVU alums. We had beer split on us.

agree alums are fine.


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I'll be drinking myself to an early grave in Bristol. Godspeed.

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VT Jersey is fine. As has been said, can't hurt to add a homemade sticker disparaging Pitt for fan commonality points.

Though muted,stoic fan may be a solid option over cheering loudly when WVU blunders.

For anyone going to the game, I'd love to hear a summary afterwards! Hopefully everyone stays safe, but has plenty of entertaining stories from the cousins

I'm going to the game and taking my car. I have a VT license plate with the VT on the side and I think it might say Go Hokies on the bottom. Any tips on hiding that other than white duct tape? Worried about people messing with my car.

Im thinking a license plate frame will cover the Go Hokies along the bottom and white duct tape over the VT on the left

Renting's not an option?

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nah I'm too cheap

Rental might end up being cheaper than repairs.

Where's the beef?

Um, no wonder nobody can find Waldo...he's hanging out in Morganhole.

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Buddy ducked out quick after landing that shot....I probably would have too if the dude I just punch yelled "I used to f*** guys like you in prison!"

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Dude had a point. Don't cut in line. Only assholes cut in line - for anything. I've seen many a fight at amusement parks with the ole "i'm meeting my cousin up in line" or punks just flat out cutting in front of people. Losers.

I think this might have been one of those "everyone sucks here" situations.

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Right, agree- the drunk oak tree guy was not a saint clearly

Not going to Morgantown next weekend, but I'll be in Asheville/Weaverville for a wedding. God bless the bride/Fox execs who scheduled the wedding for 5:30pm and the game at noon πŸ˜‚

Anyone have suggestions on bars to watch the game at or should I just watch at the airbnb?

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

can't help you out with bars, but i can a brewery or 5. lol.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

I don't know of any bars that regularly host VT alumni groups in Asheville, but I've listed a few bars to check out. I suggested bars in downtown Asheville so they are all walkable with decent parking in the vicinity. They are about 15-20 minutes from Weaverville. Asheville will probably be a bit nuts because the fall is a big tourist season. The Bier Garden would be my top pick because they have a bunch of TVs and it's a better sports atmosphere. The food is likely better at the other bars. Have a great time - the weather should be perfect for a fall wedding!

The Bier Garden
Pack's Tavern
Barley's Taproom

I went there to visit my late best friend in 2006 (his freshman year) for the Maryland game (a Thursday night game). Sat in the student section with him after sneaking in, and there was a lone person 3 rows down from where we were wearing, of all things, a Maryland jersey. Event staff and state troopers came to him about 20 minutes to kick and asked him if he was crazy or stupid, and urged him to leave. He refused, and the trooper in charge looked him dead in the eye and asked, verbatim, "you realize that if you start getting jumped, we will not be able to protect you from this crowd, dont you?"

Not friendly opponents. I would not return even as a neutral fan.

Warning- Filter lost.

"Look at this... This is just spectacular.... These people are losing their minds"

I've watched at least 3 games in Morgantown, two prior to being a student, one as a student when we had Suggs and Jones, won by a score of roughly 35-7.

As a neutral fan, was a great experience.

As a student, I look back and I'm lucky I didn't get into some form of altercation. It helped that we were beating them like a drum. However, I was brazen, over confident and a bit naive. I remember walking by their "pit" (a fenced in area that everyone could buy/consume alcohol), and waving my VT hat in one hand, and holding up a #1 in the other. I received a sea of middle fingers, expletives and beer being thrown in my direction. I was at least 30 yards away, on a path that was raised at least 10' above their heads. Later, I witnessed a classmate get into a fist fight at the concessions and I personally watched WVU fans throwing batteries towards the end of the game.

Be careful, travel in groups for sure!

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

I realize many of you are committed to goingβ€”but as an alum who has seen VT play in person from LA to NY, this is one I would sit out. The risk vs reward just isn't there. You are seeing it more and more on social media everydayβ€”fans coming to fisticuffs with other fans. Unless you are anxious to test your boxing skills and MMA submission holds, it isn't worth the increase in blood pressure. Win: they'll curse you. Lose, they'll curse you. This game is best viewed through the TV lens.

Either way, may the force be with you.

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

This thread making our VT student conduct in Lane last Friday sound downright saintly. 😊 Everything's relative.

Everything is relative to your perspective.

So as a Hokie Fan, Lane > all other stadiums.

That said, let's keep it that way.

So where's the WVU admin in all this? How does their reaction contrast with our own after the UNC game? Why do they allow actual assault to occur without consequences? It seems strange to me that with the technology available today that stuff like this hasn't been captured, gone viral, picked up by the media, and had to be dealt with at some point by WVU administration. I know it's been a long time since we played in Morgantown, but surely it isn't so different for all their other opponents/fan bases.

My fiance and I are going to the game with a WVU alum that works for us, and his dad. Any pointers on where we should tailgate? Anyone interested in meeting up to tailgate (strength in numbers!)?

I was going to go with one of my best friends who lives literally across from the stadium. He did one summer semester at VT, is a VT fan and lives in Morganhole because his wife is an admin. My plan was just to wear a black or grey shirt. Really looking forward to it till I got positive Covid test yesterday. Probably for the best because I've got a big mouth...


You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Wear a helmet and body armor!

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. 🎣

Have fun storming the castle! (Do you think it will work?) It'll take a miracle.

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this is a top notch response...well played

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I've been exactly once. I will never go again because I do not respond well to being threatened and thoroughly enjoy NOT being incarcerated.

Heed all warnings in this thread. Because...

And if you're anything like me, have bail money ready.

If you play it, they will win.

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Just notes: Oliverio's is really good Italian by the lake front. The morgantown one is the 2nd location. I've never been to the one in morgantown, but the original is packed every night and delicious.

You can buy pepperoni rolls (its bread with a stick or slices of pepperoni in them) at stores or gas stations. They are great snacks. Some come with hot pepper cheese.

If you like beers the apothecary is great. Its a towny bar though so might not want to go up there full maroon talking trash, cause a couple drunk townies might do more than talk back. But the owners are sone great people. And every time I've been there is been really chill. This is downtown and not by the stadium.

Mountain State Brewing has been great for decades and brews locally. Also downtown.

And this is late so for future, if you don't mind a drive there is a steak house, the wonder bar, about 40 minutes south on I79 that is still my favorite place to get steak. But it's probably booked already.

Went to Oliverio's. 1.5 hour wait. Walked down to the Flour and Feed in the Wharf District with the family. No wait. Good Kraft beer, good eats and a really talented solo guitarist who isn't too loud. Having a great time. Can't. Wait to tailgate and then kick the Cousins in deez nuts. Definitely want to try Olivero's. My daughter is a Neer, so there will be other times.

That area of WV was heavily settled by Italians so tons of great restaurants, but most are a drive out of Morgantown. But woth it as there some fantastic family owned restaurants that have been there 60+ years. Oliverio's is just one that opened a second location.

Everyone make it out alive?

I'm the WVU dad who dressed in disguise as a WVU fan in support of our daughter. It allowed me to infiltrate the inner sanctum of the Neer-Hood. I will say, I was pleasantly surprised. I did not observe on bad WVU to Hokie fan interaction. I also approached a number of Hokies and asks them how "my" fanbase treated them and not one bad report. I walked around the tailgate area to meet up with other groups and saw many WVU and Hokies fans intermingled having a good time. So, nothing exciting to report here, which I'm kinda happy about. Did see and rib one WVU student who has so hammered he was laying in his own puke and could hardly function in the concession area under a cement staircase. The state trooper and I had a little fun with him. He eventually was able to stand up with the of friends abs waddle out of there.