OT: Shane Beamer Takes a Walk

Shane has been impressive, and he will continue to grow. This video is everything about college football.

I'm glad he's taking his own path instead of coaching under his father's shadow. He's building his own legacy, and making us all proud.

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He is the reason I keep getting USCe football in my google news feed, becuase I keep clicking on them to see what he's up to over there.

I agree it is best for him to have his first HC job away from Tech. Rooting for him big time.

Team Beamer.

I'm in.

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I'm liking this years challenge. So far you have posted some real gems.

When they're not playing us, I'm rooting for USCe

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I also root for: The Keydets, TexAggies, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Braves.

With NIL do you think it changes players perspective about fans? Maybe they care about who buys their jerseys.

#Let's Go - Hokies

I dont think a coach could give this speech in a pre-NIL era. If I'm a player I'd be thinking "these people are paying all this money, and I barely see any of it?"

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All that money allows the player to do this, and to develop their talents to be effective at it.

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