Virginia Tech Season Preview with Brent Pry on Gramlich & Mac Lain

This episode dropped today, I have no analysis or highlights as I am currently watching it, but thought you all might want some of the action

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Immediate thoughts

  • "somewhat hokie colors" - purple is not 'somewhat hokie'. Purple is Clemson.
  • Pretty cool to hear about player led efforts to install scheme. You hear about that in the NFL, but you rarely hear about that in college (or maybe you do when Fuente isn't your coach 🤷‍♂️).
  • Man, how quickly people forget that everyone thought Fuente was a culture fit when he was hired. People (the media and fans) were quick to talk about how Fuente's personality fit perfectly at a place like VT that isn't super flashy. That said, Pry definitely talks and acts like someone who is from Appalachia and proud of it. You gotta love it.
  • The praise for Joe Rudolph is great. It's so refresshing that we went out and got a top assistant that is universally respected. It feels kind of like the Mike Jones hire in basketball in the sense that it seems to be turning a lot of heads.

Thanks for sharing. So pumped for the season to start.

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Player led practices happen all the time across college. They briefly touch on this but in the past coaches couldn't have practices during the "summer". And had to wait to fall camp (which is in august). So players had to work on their own.