OT: OSU Receiver skipping playoff for draft

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I'm not sure if this really counts as skipping if he's rehabbing with Ohio State or elsewhere. He's barely played all year due to injury and seemed to aggravate it everytime he played.

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Ah, I didn't realize that. Good call out. Definitely changes the dynamic.

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Shocker in this day and age, but this headline is misleading. Been injured all year with no realistic prospects for improvement in time for the playoff.

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My wife is an OSU fan and we were assuming with the time off he'd be back by the playoffs, sucks that he can't play, dude is unreal but just been plagued by injuries this year, his game against utah in the rose bowl last year was incredible.

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Dramatically different when you read it from his own post on the matter. Hasn't been healthy all year and wouldn't be fully healthy for the playoff anyway.

So Michael Cohen twists the headline to try to create a narrative. Sad.

In fairness to Cohen, he did follow up the original tweet with the explanation from Smith-Njigba. Of course, the first tweet was repeatedly retweeted with the incorrect narrative, whether purposely implied or not.

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This has basically become the standard for Twitter journalism. Post misinformation and then backtrack later to CYA. Unfortunately, the misinformation narrative almost always prevails as what the average information consumer remembers.

This is not misinformation. He is not playing in the bowl game. That is a fact- not a lie (which is what they should call "misinformation" anyway- have the guts) at any rate- things we think should be worded differently or things we don't agree with are not misinformation. He is not playing in the bowl game. That was the tweet. No misinformation in there.

It's not misinformation, but important context was left out which sensationalized the story. That's poor journalism whether it was intentional or not.

The second line of his tweet should have referenced the fact that he's been rehabbing an injury all season.

Unfortunately it's because it's not journalism.

It's just glorified gossip; sometimes true, sometimes false, rarely context. But it doesn't matter because being first is what matters.

It's just a case of hiding the lede, which is how the misconstruction of the statement occurs. So, not misinformation, but lacking information at the forefront.

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I mean, I could've/should've read the second sentence in the screenshot. It clearly says Jaxon will "continue rehabilitating a season long injury."

I just saw the tweet, recognized the name, and was like 'ooohh controversial move, must share and stir pot.' I'll try to read before posting next time.

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I did the same thing (except the reshare part).

You were doing so well with the transfer portal master thread, and then you went, and blew all of your goodwill. Better come up with another great idea to get it back.

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