CFP not expected to expand soon

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Why change things when they're working exactly as planned?

Does this mean the exclusivity clause(for Disney) expires before the expansion will take place?

I believe so and that may be a bigger reason as to why some voted against not a big part but a small part atleast.

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I imagine it has to be a huge reason. Regardless of what you think the most entertaining playoff format would be, there is really no logical reason for any conference other than the SEC to oppose expansion (and even then, the SEC knows they'd wind up with 3+ teams instead of 2 a decent amount of the time).

ESPN's involvement in the Texas/Oklahoma fiasco probably really hurt their standing in the long run. Pushing for that behind the scenes so hard was a very short-sighted move on their part.

I'd rather hear from any commissioner other Bowlsby. Dude has no clue what's going on. He's the one who shot his conference in the foot by not declaring a champ in 2014, even after the whole "one true champ" slogan they created to throw shade at the other conferences. Plus he also spouted off some crap about the ACC creating a third division. He needs to stay in his lane and hope he can keep his little conference together.

Good, if the first round of the current format has taught us anything it's that there aren't more than 4 teams that are good enough to win the championship in any given year.

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I wonder how many people who desperately want an expanded playoff realize that this years completely undeserving and underperforming Ohio State team would have comfortably made an expanded playoff.

I'm sure lots of people would argue that anyone not named Bama or Georgia are undeserving

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I mean besides the UGA/OU Rose Bowl almost all the semifinal games have been blowouts

Yeah undeserving is pretty relative...I mean Ohio State was still bounds better than the rest of the top 25 in the home stretch. Bama and UGA were bounds better than the rest of the top 5.

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So you're saying 4 teams is too many?

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I didn't say I think they are the only 2 deserving teams. In fact, I thought bama was the only deserving team of the two

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Not expanding now is nothing more than a middle finger at ESPN for everything they have done to manipulate the sport over the past 20 years, capping off with the Texas and Oklahoma move to the SEC. If they expanded before 2026, ESPN controls the playoff until basically 2040, and that's a non-starter for everyone that isn't the SEC.

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Good. Fuck ESPN, fuuuuuuuuuuck Disney and fuck the SEC.

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That's a lot of fuckin'...
I like it

uva - the taint of the ACC

Also, fuck Pat Narduzzi

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All this fuckin and nobody wants to fuck Matt Ryan?

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28-3 almost made me feel bad enough for Matt Ryan that I would give up the hatred and consider his debts paid but then I rewatched that game to remind myself of the pain he caused so im still strong on the fuck matt ryan train.

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Yep. If ESPN wants to figure out why the CFP is not expanding all they need to do is find a mirror.

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Is there a game on tonight? Man I'm gonna be in bed before this thing starts and I'm definitely not making it beyond halftime.

*Spoiler Alert*

Alabama wins

*Spoiler Alert*

Alabama SEC wins


I think I heard something about a rerun of the SEC championship game being on.

With half of the playoff money going to the SEC.

The haves are happy.

I really had no idea it was on tonight and have no plans to watch it

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Oh FFS during the national anthem my youtube tv cut out and now its telling me i'm "partially authorized to view this content"

and after three times trying to access the game on the espn app it tells me i have to reauthenticate. then when i attempt to reauthenticate it tells me an unhandled error has occurred

Just don't watch it then πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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Good advice. Leg

I hate it.

How do you shoot yourself in the foot ESPN? Now, we'll get nothing but complaints about NIL, transfers, and players not loving football except in the SEC until 2026, when it moves to Fox.

Although I'm hoping CBS makes a comeback in college football. Losing the SEC, and that theme music is just wrong. Mountain West on CBS and CBSSN just isn't the same.

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I really hope things get broken up a bit. Completely forgot how things were until I watched the 2000 game against the noles and watching musberger and I forget his name now but the cbs guy now call a game on ABC felt soooooooo good. Hell they have the game on ESPN last night and didnt even put it on ABC.

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I know some people don't want the playoff expanded but these comments in this twitter thread from Phillips are a bit maddening

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Phillips says they got feedback from ACC athletes, and Clemson "does not want to play any extra games."

That line made me laugh, both from the obvious "of course not, they get the bid more than anyone" and "that's totally taken out of context."

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I'm still forming an opinion on Phillips but this puts his squarely in the corner with the dunce hat on what a fucking clown. "Clemson doesnt want more games" line in particular is a shit on the rest of the conference. I dont care what whiny ass dabo has to say he doesnt want anyone else but clemson in anyway.

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I don't really care as long as these are just meaningless quotes and not the real motivations behind it. You can't really come out and say you're opposing it to force ND into a corner or screw over ESPN, doesn't do the ACC any good to publicly commit to either stance.

If he really believes what he said, the ACC is in trouble though.

Phillips said going in that the ACC wouldn't renegotiate the CFP until after the NCAA governance rules are redone...which does actually make some sense.

I know everyone wants to point fingers at ESPN or the SEC as the one big bag to direct hatred at, but from my understanding NONE of the P5 conferences (except the Pac12, who was allegedly the only one willing to be flexible) could agree on a single format. Two conferences wanted 12 teams, but disagreed on autobids/limits/seeding stuff. The other two wanted 8 teams, but disagreed on autobids/limits/seeding stuff

David Hale had a nice summary in this thread of tweets:

I feel like this was the key point: