ACC Players Superlatives

Good representation from VT on this blind superlative article done at the ACC kickoff

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Good representation for the VT fans/culture, unfortunately no players on there.

Favorite ACC Stadium: "others mentioned: PITT"???????

Had to stop reading after that. Avg attendance of 645 fans. WOW.

Beat WVU

That was probably Pat talking about himself.

Pitt was also listed for rowdiest fans which is a joke too. They don't have any fans to be rowdy.

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"Wow look at those 6 championship trophies. These locker rooms are really nice, they must be professionally done. Wow it's really quiet on the field, great place to play, you can hear your own cadence."

There was an article on The Athletic recently from a national writer about the ACC which, no joke, listed "Pitt's NFL stadium" on a short list of ACC traditions to travel and see with Enter Sandman and Howard's Rock.

It makes less than zero sense to me but it's not the first time this year I've seen somebody suggest it's something special and not the soulless, empty off-campus airBNB of a football stadium most view it as. If the whole allure of the stadium is to see the place where the Steelers play, Pitt shouldn't be getting credit for that.

"Pitt's NFL stadium"

Much as I have no interest in ever seeing a game there, I can understand the appeal there. One of my fondest VT football memories away from Lane is when they played Temple at The Linc... and yes, it was the stadium and not the opponent that I enjoyed.

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I think NC State is the one team from the Atlantic I would not hate to lose to in the ACCCG. I hate everyone else.

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If anyone deserves something good to happen to them, it is NC State fans

no, this is not sarcasm

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EDIT: Having lived a decent portion of my adult life in Eastern NC I cannot approve of this message. NCSU fans can be similar to WVU fans...

Is coronavirus over yet?

Nah not for the most part. Every fan base has bad fans, but most of State's are just old people who love going to football games but don't really understand it as a sport. More of an "aww shucks, state lost but at least we had fun tailgating" type thing. Unless it's Clemson, FSU or a close game, most fans are home by halftime

That's because they suck and have for a long time. Winning attracts the fair weather assholes.

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Last 5 years: 9-4, 9-4, 4-8, 8-3, 9-3...

I'm as critical of State as someone who went there could be, but that's not sucking lol

We must have a different definition of sucking. It's better than we've been doing recently sure, but still nothing to write home about. At least not anything that's going to attract the type of obnoxious fans I'm referring to.

To frame it another way, the only time they got over ten wins in their entire history is 2002. 9 wins seems to practically be their ceiling.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jet Sweep

That's because they're bitter from decades of disappointment

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you sure they weren't ECU fans rooting for their Saturday team after their team played on Tuesday?

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Saturday team

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Thanks Frank!

Nothing against NC State, but I'm not rooting for them in an ACC Championship game vs VT.

I'd feel just as bad losing to them as anyone else, particularly as they're not a national power, and we may be competing with them to get one of those elusive spots in the SEC.

I'd be OK if they were in the small club of SEC invites alongside VT.

Oh, I wouldn't be rooting for them, and I wouldn't be happy losing to them in the ACCCG, but I wouldn't hate it (unless we lost in a spectacularly stupid fashion, like calling a timeout as we block a FG and run it back, then call a prevent defense, allowing them to get a few yards closer to retry the FG)

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