ACC/Big Ten Challenge: ACC WIN

The ACC/Big Ten Challenge kicked off last night.

The Hokies dismantled Minnesota 67-57.
Pitt then took it to another level destroying Northwestern 87-58.

ACC 2 - Big Ten 0

Today's slate of games include

#22 Maryland at 0-6 Loserville (Advantage Big 10)

6-1 Penn State at 5-2 Clemson (Advantage ACC by slim margin)

Syracuse at #16 Illinois (Advantage Big Ten by huge margin)

4-2 GT at 5-1 Iowa (Advantage Big Ten by huge margin)

6-1 Wake Forest at 5-1 Wisconsin (Big Ten Home court advantage)

#3 UVA at 5-1 Michigan (Advantage ACC)

Expected result
ACC 4 - Big Ten 4

Tomorrow's Games

#5 Purdue at 1-7 FSU (Advantage Big Ten by wide margin)

#25 Ohio State at #17 Duke (Advantage ACC Home Court)

5-1 Rutgers at 6-1 Miami (Advantage ACC Home Court)

#18 UNC at #12 Indiana (Advantage Big Ten)

#20 Michigan State at 5-1 Notre Dame (Advantage Big Ten)

5-2 Boston College at 4-3 Nebraska (Advantage ACC by slim margin)

Expected Result
ACC 7 - Big Ten 7 (Seems like a World Cup spillover)

The four games to watch to tip this one way or the other are Clemson, Wake Forest, Virginia and Boston College.

UNC may be another but they have looked really soft their last three games. ESPN analytics shows it 80% in Indiana's favor.

Notre Dame is favored by ESPN analytics but having watched them struggle against Radford and Youngstown State and seeing Michigan State beat Villanova and Kentucky I have to lean the Spartans way on this one.

Virginia should wipe the floor with Michigan but it's at Michigan so you never know. Michigan lost big to Arizona State which plays a similar style to the Wahoos.

The Wake Forest game is going to come down to style and pace of play. If it's fast moving and transition baskets that's to Wakes Advantage but if it is slow and methodical and Wisconsin can get the ball inside all the Advantage goes to the Badgers.

Boston College is the hardest to evaluate. Neither team is really good and it's at Nebraska. BC has two glaring losses in their last 5 games. They lost to Maine who lost to Nebraska by 13. They also lost to Tarleton 70-54. Nebraska though hasn't been much better. They lost three of their last five by double digit margins. They did just add to Florida States misery though with a 75-58 victory at a neutral site.

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Can we just give Purdue and Maryland the win and watch them play each other?
And then can we watch FSU play Louisville in an exhibition game to the tune of Benny Hill?

I'm glad this series is going away. Why? The ACC gonna ACC and give UNC and Duke great games, and pick the rest out of a hat.

Would definitely be more entertaining basketball that way. Hamilton doesn't know how to coach with a guard heavy roster. The last ten years he has had huge offensive guys down low and they just don't have it this year. They are basically playing 4 guards and a forward the majority of games right now and it's ugly. Purdue's Zach Edey may go off for 30 points and 20 rebounds. He already averages a double double.

Edey has gotten better each year- credit to Painter there.

He made those two Duke bigs look like high schoolers playing a NBA Pro.

Did the same thing to Gonzaga. They had nothing to contest him. Edey was ranked the 488th prospect coming out of high school. His transformation is pretty amazing.

He was a hockey player growing up and all I can see is that huge human being terrorizing the ice rink

He said give to me Roscoe

It's been a fun ride for this series. I think the ACC has worsened over the years and the B1G has improved. That football money seems to lift all sports.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

I think the acc big dogs have shifted towards 1 and dones who are still figuring out team chemistry in the early season OOC while the big 10 has more long term players

Danny is always open

Think that's a pretty accurate assessment. I don't know the actual recruiting numbers, but you even had guys like Coach K realize he needed to embrace the 1 and done.

BTW- the worst game of the college hoops season is tonight. State Pen at Klem's Son. in Hoops. Yes hoops. the 2 most annoying teams in the country. Neither care, both coaches are assholes, and they -can- beat you if they hit miracle 3's. The worst. I hope the AC or heat is out at little john and the final is 23-21. You literally can not watch that game unless you are Rex Ryan or Jay Paterno. Can't watch under any circumstance. Best case scenario is State Pen will be 12-19 and Fucking Brownell will be 16-13 but knock off an ACC bubble team in march. The worst.

I want penn state to keep winning so our win against them keeps boosting our resume

I must have read a thousand faces
I must have robbed them of their cause
Sickened thirst, Sickened thirst
Keeps it together
Soft white glow in the cranium
A bullseye made sedated

This one though benefits the Hokies if Clemson wins since we play them twice in regular season and always the chance of 3rd meeting in the ACC Tourney. January 4th and January 21st. First game is at home while students are on break so probably a light crowd in Cassell unless they round up all the locals to come.

My issue with Clemson hoops is that they suck and don't care about basketball. But they are fully capable of picking off VT in a critical game. If Clemson was a top 15 team, it would not annoy the living shit out of me if 2 of their players have career games. Same with Syracuse. If they weren't 16-14 every year, I'd be OK with VT shooting 12% at the dome from 3. Annoying. Large.

Have to add UVA over Illinois
VT over PSA and Minnesota
Miami lost to Maryland
Duke lost to Purdue
Clemson lost to Iowa
Pitt lost to Michigan but beat Northwestern
FSU lost to Nebraska

We really need to have the rest of the ACC step up, we started the challenge in the hole.

Overall sure but the actual Challenge games are only last night, today and tomorrow. So it's currently 2-0 ACC

So far things look chalk.

Maryland destroying Loserville 79-54 with less than a minute. Klempson up 70-64 with 20 secs left.

Illinois in control over Syracuse with 10 to go.

And Klempson blew it and now headed to OT

Sounds like refs played a big role. Penn State was 0-2 from line in first half but now 19-20 from line second half and OT.

21-22. 6-6 in OT. Klempson getting whistled every defensive end possession

I feel like that happens every time we've played Penn St as well.

This is my school
This is home

2OT coming up

Illinois nearly doubled Syracuse up. 73-44 final.

Klempson starting to close in 2OT.

Iowa already double digit lead on GT in 1st half.

UVA and Michigan trading baskets early.

Wake leading Wisconsin late in 1st half.

Penn State with 24 points at the line out of 90 points.

Klempson survives 101-94

Wake Forest the victim of halftime halfcourt buzzer beater. 37-34 Wake lead at the half.

Can LOLUVa play from behind? Down 48-39 with18 minutes left. Lot of time but still

EDIT: I blinked and the wahoos scored 5 points...

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Wake Wiscy going down to buzzer right now. 1 point game with under a minute

Wahoos still trading baskets with Michigan with 7 to go

Iowa 81 - GT 65 final

Big Ten up 3-1 today

3-3 overall

Wake just got a huge overturn out of bounds call with 13 seconds left

Wake steals a win

ACC 4- Big 10 3

UVA gets a pretty bogus call against them and Michigan going to line after their Center put an overhead elbow directly into the UVA Forwards face.

That was the right call.

It might have been technically the right call because UVA was in the circle, but there should always be a foul for hitting somebody in the face deliberately with an elbow. Foul on UVA for blocking, technical for the hit.


He actually elbowed him out of the cylinder and as he re engaged is when DICKinson brought a second elbow from above his head. I disagreed with the cylinder call but I hate the rule anyway because it makes no sense that a defender must give an offensive player essentially 18 inches of free space to operate. Shooters are too good to give that much space. If the defender is hands above his head there should not be a space rule other than the cylinder under the rim. This play was outside of the rim cylinder.

UVA gets bloodied and bruised but gets the W.

ACC 5 - Big Ten 3 after day 2

About as good as we could have hoped.

Games tonight tip at 7:15pm.

#5 Purdue at 1-7 FSU (Advantage Big Ten by wide margin)

#25 Ohio State at #17 Duke (Advantage ACC Home Court)

5-1 Rutgers at 6-1 Miami (Advantage ACC Home Court)

Games Tonight that tip at 9:15pm
#18 UNC at #12 Indiana (Advantage Big Ten)

#20 Michigan State at 5-1 Notre Dame (Advantage Big Ten)

5-2 Boston College at 4-3 Nebraska (Advantage ACC by slim margin)

Haven't UNC and Duke both had some head scratching blunders already?

what happened to Louisville and FSU? One was basketball royalty and the other had been really good lately. Losing that many games early is crazy. The worst P5 teams should have a winning record before conference play.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

FSU doesn't have the long players that they have had in the past and Hamilton seems to be struggling to have success with a smaller lineup.

Yeah Noles seem to only have guards. Four of top six scorers are guards and by minutes only two bigs are seeing any significant time on the court. Leonard Hamilton got so used to having a forest down low he doesn't know what to do.

Loserville is just devoid of talent outside of El Ellis. They are trying the opposite style of play than FSU with bigs getting majority of time. Only two guards in the top 6 scorers. Only three scorers average 8 ppg or more which this early in the season says it probably only gets worse. They are shooting 38% from the floor.

Loserville have lost to Bellamine, Wright State, App State, Arkansas, Texas Tech, Cincinnati and Maryland. That's not a light schedule as even Wright State and App State are solid mid majors but they also are scoring the 6th fewest points of any D1 school so far without a defense to balance it out. First three losses were each by a single point but last four have all been double digit losses.

FSU lost to Stetson, UCF, Troy, Florida, Siena, Stanford and Nebraska. They managed to beat Mercer. They are 302nd in scoring so far this season. All the losses were by 7 or more, last three were double digit.

FSU showing some backbone. Has a 1 point lead with 4 to go in first.

Duke has small lead over Ohio State late in first

Miami trailing Rutgers by one with seconds left in the half.

Miami gets the W over Rutgers

Duke still up on Ohio State

FSU losing to Purdue late

Duke closing out another W.

Purdue finished off the Noles

ACC 7 - Big Ten 4

WTF happened at FSU? Am I out of the loop?

Noles seem to only have guards. Four of top six scorers are guards and by minutes only two bigs are seeing any significant time on the court. Leonard Hamilton got so used to having a forest down low he doesn't know what to do. Tonight was honestly the best game they have played so far. I thought they were going to lose by 30.

ACC is dormied with the 3 late games to go.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Need 1 more win in these next 3 games to win the challenge

ND destroying #20 Sparty right now 34-15

Other two are back and forth.

30 seconds and now 39-15

ND up 42-24 at half.

BC down 37-34 at half.

UNC looks lost down low on both ends down 32-24 with 3 to go.

UNC looks lost down low on both ends

Oh no. Anyway...

Going to come down to ND. Wheels off the bus for UNC and BC so far in 2nd halves

ND finishes off Sparty for the ACC's 8th W to win the challenge.

BC fell apart in second half and lost by 21 after being down only 3 at half.

UNC still losing.

UNC loses by 12 to close out challenge

ACC 8 - B1G 6

ACC needed that win considering how poorly many of its teams started out the season

Serious talk what the hell has happened to FSU this season? I havent followed along at all but this seems really off to me for them to be THIS bad.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

It's addressed a couple times higher in the thread. The roster isn't what Leonard Hamilton is used to and he and his staff are struggling to adjust to life after his Interior Forest has been significantly thinned.

They now have a guard heavy roster that hadn't played together until this season so most teams are destroying the Noles in the paint. They have been outrebounded in all but two games and a major contributing factor there is they are shooting 41% from the floor. Bottom line, they can't shoot, they can't rebound and so they are getting their doors blown off. They have lost five games by double figures and every loss is by 7 or more.

Did we steal some of Leonard's tall players? I am not used to seeing an FSU basketball team without 3 7 footers.

With the new portal reality all it takes is one good crop to go pro and the cupboard is bare if you don't find replacements. 8 freshmen on the roster with only one contributing.

Only guard Caleb Mills started more than 8 games last season for the Noles. Only three guys started any games for the Noles last year. Only 5 were on the roster last year. They also lost a key transfer to a season ending injury right before the season started.

They had 7 seniors last year plus one early draft entrant and one more transferred to Wichita State. Just shows how quick a roster can change now in college basketball.

All that and he "only" has four guys 6'10 or taller but only two of those rotating for each other in terms of playing time.