2023 Recruits have some thoughts on team.

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The thing you can give to Pry is he fully understands the social media game. The on the field part is still TBD.

I mean he learned from the worst 4th quarter coach in the game in Franklin so ....

Well damn. Some of the best news of the day there. Can't wait to get this ship on the right track.

Go Hokies!

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Slick that it was posted from a recruit's account. Social media game is much improved for sure.

My goodness I want to run through a wall for these guys!

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That. Is. Awesome.

Wasn't sure what to expect when I opened this thread but I'm pleasantly surprised and ready to start jumpin


These kids have regular zoom calls with the staff. They are all in on VT. They will be the culture setters for the next few years.

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I just want to point out that this starts off with Braylon Johnson, whose father was part of the winning culture setting 1995 class for Frank Beamer. His dad knows exactly what journey Braylon is about to embark on.

This is the stuff we need more of. Gonna be a tough end to the season but seeing some true freshman balling out will be the big plus for the end of the season!

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I really wish I could have seen Holloway return those kicks, looks like we have found our returner for the next 4 years

Loved listening to Pry talk about the freshman on TTL the other night before the game. He highlighted the debate with Holloway on whether or not to burn the redshirt but he seemed adamant he is a game changer. Was really cool hearing Pry talk about him just before he went and flipped the game on its head. I'll try and watch if I can the last few games solely to watch the underclassmen who will be the ones to get us back on our feet.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

This was his first game right? so he can keep his RS?

It was his 3rd game

either was his 3rd or 4th game. At this point I think theyre going to burn it and let him play.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

I think you save him and let him play his 4th against UVA. There's no shot at a bowl at this point, so you play as many freshmen up to the 4 game limit to see what you have and give them experience. But don't burn a shirt for these last 3 games.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Yes sir. Holloway driving teams nuts as a RS Senior WR? yes please. That is better than burning his RS now for nothing.

the flip side is that if you're going to preach accountability and culture, you need to drive it as a meritocracy. I would generally tend to agree about not chasing 4 wins vs 2 wins, but how do you as a coach legitimately shelve a guy who set a special teams record at a school known for innovating special teams when you preached all off-season about getting back to what makes the Hokies the Hokies? "yeah, we're totally gonna do that, it's definitely the plan for....next year, at the earliest"

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Play the best players period. Thinking about a RSr year for a guy that's a true freshman? That's 4 years away, which is a lifetime in college football.

If he's the best PR we have, burn the shirt and let him rip.

play the best, set the rest. it is that simple- piss him off, and he could portal our ass.

Yeah, and if he really is as good as people hope he is the chance of getting 5 years out of him are low. You put your best players on the field, period.

WADR, I do not have Tucker Holloway on the leave early for the NFL at WR bingo card. Not yet anyway.

Neither do I, but my point is that a potential fifth year is so far in the future that it's not something that Pry should worry about. Play the best players now and recruit like crazy to keep the pipeline full

I think it depends - did they know from fall camp he was the best or did that become obvious through the season and definitive by (hypothetically) let's say week 7. Do you play your best guys for part of a season just to have your best guys on the field, especially when this season doesn't mean much, or do you use his 4 games, save his RS, so you can have one of your best guys on the field for a future FULL year that might mean something that year?

Edit: especially if the difference between him playing all the rest of the games and maybe one less to save his RS isn't that big of a difference anyway, so why play one extra game to take a full season from the table?

Because him and his family didn't want to redshirt. It is as simple as that. If a kid doesn't want to redshirt, you can't exactly force them. Especially not in the transfer portal era.

Ah, I didn't realize that.

I was thinking more along the line of being counseled - if it's the difference playing in one game and losing a season is it worth it? Granted don't remember how many games he'd played, but as competitive as anybody might be, it seems like trading one game (if that's what it was) for a season might be worth considering. Unless you know 100% you're going to get drafted, and who really knows that. So potentially having that extra year just seems like the smart choice.

But what do I know. πŸ€”πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Plus....God forbid....you never know when someones gonna get hurt and lose a season, or part of one, and have to redshirt anyway or apply for a medical redshirt. Play the kid now if he's that good.

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Leg. Disagree.

Redshirts, in my opinion nowadays, are for players that legit aren't ready to play yet. Holloway is good to go. Send the message to all the players on the team and all the recruits that can come in that if you're the best person for the position, you play.

Lots of people think 4 years in Blacksburg isn't enough ... but that needs to be a conversation between Pry and Holloway, if Holloway wants to play then you gotta play him.

Probably gonna get downvoted forvsaying this, but GT constantly way outkicked their coverage on Saturday. Holloway may be the best VT's got right now, but I'm not ready to say he's even remotely as talented as, say, Tayvion Robinson or Greg Stroman as a PR.

Any debate over redshirting should begin with is will the player development and performance gained by a 5th year outweigh the contribution being made now in Y1? From what little I've seen, I'm inclined to say it wouldn't.

I had the same thought, maybe it was just the kicker constantly outkicking his coverage. But throughout its history VT has faced plenty of teams that have also had boomers for punters not not one of our previous players managed to do what Holloway did. He might be legit.

I agree with this take - the GT game is not an apples to apples comparison with the rest of the season for a few reasons. To be clear I am not saying he isnt a great PR, but the circumstances definitely favored more returns because:

1. We actually set up returns and had blumrick back as a lead blocker
2. The GT kicker was booting line drives way beyond the coverage
3. I cant remember another game where a fair catch wasnt the only option

Danny is always open

1. We actually set up returns and had blumrick back as a lead blocker

So we shouldn't continue to do it, because the coaching staff made some change to the PR scheme? Huh?

2. The GT kicker was booting line drives way beyond the coverage

Lets look at punt returns against GT - that's apples to apples:
vs CLEM - 6 for 48 yards (long 13)
vs WCU - 2 for 42 yards (long 22)
vs Ole Miss - 4 for 64 yards (long 22)
vs UCF - 3 for 72 yards (long 31) 1 TD (29 yards)
vs Pitt - 5 for 26 yards (long 8)
vs Duke - 4 for 158 yards 1 TD (81 yards)
vs UVA - 4 for 46 yards (long 22)
vs FSU - 3 for 26 yards (long 23)
vs VT - 7 for 188 (long 90) 1 TD (90 yards)

Seems like VT performed better than a lot of GTs opponents in the punt return game. Maybe there is a bit of an edge there with Holloway.

3. I cant remember another game where a fair catch wasnt the only option

Maybe some of those fair catches could have been returns with a better/more confident returner. Maybe Holloway is that guy. Also, often players who start to make plays on ST, gain confidence and then start to make plays on offense or defense. We could kinda use someone like that on O.

You can't complain about not winning and then want the coaching staff to not play the best players who have earned playing time.

Better purely by the numbers, but frankly GT's punt coverage sucks in general from the looks of it. The numbers just confirm the eye test.

Holloway also more chances to make something happen. And I believe I heard they've had 4 punts blocked going into the VT game. If so, my guess is the line was holding back a bit (maybe keeping an extra guy back in protection) and the punter was just trying to get the punt off - low and long be damned.

Was Holloway simply the beneficiary of this or is he a special returner? My guess is more of the former than the latter, but time will tell.

During the NC State game he fair caught just about every punt, which is more than we can say for the previous games this year. Most punts weren't even being fielded. At this point, he's the best we have, whether that's special or not.

Did I not say he may be the the best VT has right now?

You did in your previous comment but I missed that. Had to scroll back up to see it. My bad.

Both punters were the teams MVP's. They were both booming the ball.

CB picked up three returns. Love to see the young men getting a shot. Like 20 per for CB, nothing special, but hoping this duo can turn into something feared. Would be nice to see them help out with Liberty where it appears we may need to get spotted a few.

Didn't know I needed that, but I did.

Looking forward to seeing these guys in O&M next season. We have to rebuild this roster and hopefully many in this class factor into that process.