OT: Any Tips for Attending NC State Game?

I recently accepted a job in Durham and will be moving from Houston in the next few months. I will be traveling to the area for work that week and am planning to attend the game. Does anyone who has been to NC State before have any tips on what section to sit or where to park?

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Sorry all I remember is Russell throwing picks

Hosley. Remember these games well. Dude was a ball hawk for us

I was there during the big comeback and 3 Russell Wilson picks... This was obviously a while back but I remember the VT section was similar to where we put opposing fans in Lane way up the the corner of the east stands.

The difference was when you come out of the tunnel, only one side goes up, the other has bleachers all the way to the tunnel, so if you pick the wrong side you have to go back around. I was also really surprised at how awful the NC State fans were - kinda a combination of WVU rude and Tennessee dumb.

On a brighter note the tailgating is great there and you should be able to park pretty easily and tailgate.

Beat WVU

More Specifically- all of the parking is around the stadium, there is an enormous amount of parking. Was not a problem getting in last time I was there. Some is permitted and some was cash. Not sure if this has changed recently?

Beat WVU

I was also really surprised at how awful the NC State fans were - kinda a combination of WVU rude and Tennessee dumb.


Is coronavirus over yet?

Growing up around them, can confirm - they also bring a special hoo/uncheat-type arrogance as well due to constantly being 3rd wheel to duke and the heels.

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I lived in Raleigh for several years. I never found NCSU fans to be particularly obnoxious. Duke and UNC are significantly worse. Honestly, everybody that isn't rooting for your team kinda sucks.

My tip...don't go and be happy on your Saturday

Enjoy the tailgate and expect to lose by more than we lose to UNC by.

That's what I'll be doing that day!

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

1. Don't
2. Don't
3. Don't

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

I had a good time the last time I went to NC State but that was eons ago. People were pretty friendly except for the few knuckleheads.

State fans are absolute assholes

We are going to get slaughtered during the game. Do yourself a favor and avoid it.

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I'm going to see some State friends, the only reason I'm going plus the Raleigh bar scene is fun

Don't expect much.

Don't go if you can't deal with losing badly.

Close your eyes, think happy thoughts

(add if applicable) /s

I can't imagine what it will be like in that stadium with those insufferable fans when we get our asses kicked... I wouldn't be within a hundred miles of RDU that day.

Is coronavirus over yet?

To answer your questions
1. The visitor section is small and in the corner, sections 1 and 9.

2. There are still tickets available in some good sections through NC State ticket office.

3. Most parking is by parking pass. There are pay lots close to the stadium in the office park between Edwards Mill Road and Trinity Road. There are also parking passes available on Stub Hub. I like the Cardinal Gibbons lot. Plenty of room to tailgate, easy to get in and out and pricing isn't too bad.

As far as fan experience, don't buy tickets near the student section and you'll be fine. I've never had an issue attending an NC State football or basketball game. But I dont go looking for trouble either.

Hope I see you there

All good tips. I actually live right in that area. If multiple TKPers are in the Gibbons or PNC lot I would definitely be game to swing by with some beer

Before I moved to Wilmington, I lived in the apartments that are right behind Cardinal Gibbons. Those were the days.

Pregame at Rudino's

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I watched the Russell Wilson vs Tyrod game in Rudinos. Actually pretty fun experience watching them go from boisterous at halftime to tails tucked and slinking out in shame by the middle of the 4th quarter.

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I suspect this year's experience might be a little different.

But if VT pulled the upset, it would be truly glorious.

You are a masochist!

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down.

Thanks everyone for the tips thus far. I definitely 100% masochist/ever the optimist and will be going with my friend and his wife. Currently there are a bunch of tickets available on ticketmaster and the nc state website in the 50-75$ range. Question is - does anyone know if there is still a scalping scene at games now that there is the mobile ticket system? I havent been to a cfb game in years so am wondering if our plan to scoop up some cheap tickets outside the stadium is a fools errand in 2022.

Danny is always open

There are still scalpers but you won't find many of them or good deals honestly.

Hey guys, hoping one of yall have any inside info on parking. Looking for a cash lot, can't find any info online. Parking pass prices look crazy right now. Maybe see some of you guys there. Good vibes only for this trip.

You can check for parking over on Wade Park Blvd. Free street parking, some restaurants there, and a walking path to the stadium. About a 10 minute walk. I lived there about 6 years ago and parking would fill up a bit but usually could find a spot. Close enough that walking isn't hard but far enough away that traffic isn't too bad to jump on the highway after

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I've got a pass for you in the Cardinal Gibbons lot. How do I get a hold of you?

if you don't get ahold of him or if you know anyone else who has a pass I'm also going to the game with my wife and some friends

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That would be awesome.
Can you dm me on Twitter @awilson012 or email
Wilson0898 at Gmail dot com

Don't go to the NC State campus looking for a stadium. Carter-Finley is located a couple miles to the west of the academic campus, although still on university land.

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Just a reminder that the NC State fair is going on at the same time in the same area. I would try to go early for parking

The fair ended Sunday, so no problem there.

Fair is over.

Where you will run into problems is that, if you don't have a pass for the stadium/arena lots, available parking for tailgating will be slim until around 5 because NCSU is keeping the Vet School and Westchase lots closed until then (and I would assume Cardinal Gibbons will be closed until around that time as well to allow those students to clear out)

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Ugggggghhhhhhhh, this is why you don't give Thursday night games to schools that don't know how to work around it.

some of my coworkers have said you might be able to get into the VetSchool lots early (3:30 or 4) if you already have a pass, but I am not sure I would chance it if you don't have a backup plan and you're driving from out of town. There are absolutely unofficial lots around the area that you will be able to get in, but you'll have a bit of a walk.

I have an arena lot pass I got from someone in my neighborhood, so I'm fine.... But yeah. If all you know of tailgating in those lots is for hockey games, its a huge difference for football.

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The cash lots for the
vs. Virginia Tech game are:
CVM Deck $20 (after 5pm)
Frank Weedon: $30 (after 5pm)
Westchase III: $20 (ADA Parking-after 5pm)

*Please note there are non-Athletics owned pay lots near Trinity and Corporate Center Drive that offer parking*