OT: October 2022 Fishing Thread

I didn't see an October thread, so here goes.

This weekend I'm headed to the OBX (Southern Shores) for a week of surf fishing. With Ian's remnants finally clearing out it sounds like the weather has improved significantly, with fishing starting to pick up again as well. Unfortunately they've started back with the beach nourishment near where we're staying, not sure what impact that will have but assume it will not be good. Who knows, maybe I'll convince some of the others in our group to head south a little ways towards Nags Head or even Hatteras.

Anyway, hope y'all are able to get out this fall, and good luck!

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In Emerald Isle this week.. Not Fishing myself but seeing a lot of Spanish, Blues, and Pompano being caught. Bait fish are everywhere in the surf. Wind was north (offshore) with spectacular weather, now has switched to W-SW creating chop. They say the big Mullet will be running through very soon.

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Friends of mine were near Southern Shores a few weeks ago. They didn't catch much size (except one full reel runoff that they never turned around). But caught a nice mix of whiting, pompano, reds, and trout. They caught a bunch of fish over several days.
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Drive down to Oregon Inlet and fish wade fish the edges / channels tossing Redfish Magics.

Yes the beach renourishment projects are worthless and awful for the aquatic environment. Stupid humans.

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