Virginia Tech a 39-point favorite over Wofford

We opened a 39-point favorite over Wofford (I've seen it at 38 or 39 depending on where you look).

I'm sure hoping that this is a game where we don't have to play a starter after halftime. Getting well-rested and injury-free in preparation for the WVU game five days later would be huge.

Wofford hasn't scored a point yet this season; they've been outscored by a combined 57-0 against Chattanooga and Elon. Hopefully the defense can continue to flex its muscles and continue the momentum.

For the offense, its a huge opportunity for the offense to get things figured out before West VA and the rest of conference play.

Wofford was dreadful last year (1-10), but hung with UNC for a half before losing by 20 (34-14).

I wouldn't feel too comfortable betting either way in this game. Thoughts?

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I'm not sure if we can score that many points, but I do think we can hold them to another 0.

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Offense, maybe. But since Pry's bringing everything back...let's get them defensive and special teams scores, boys!

If you play it, they will win.

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Incoming 17-0 Hokie win

71*-0 FTFY

Will you share whatever you are on?

1-0 every week

Yeah need to pass the peace pipe around

Can we at least negotiate and split the difference? That'd be 44-0.

Heck, I'd take 45-10 in a heartbeat, with most of those Wofford points scored against our 3rd stringers in the 4th quarter.

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

That's a Fuente score line.... I'm hoping a new regime = new results

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That's actually a Frank Beamer score line as well

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I'm hoping for no injuries, 28-0 at half, and reps for everyone by the 4th. I would be shocked if we cover a 38 point spread.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

I would personally take the under.

I don't care about a shut out. If we have a shut out at halftime, but play 2nd and 3rd string and they allow a few points, so be it.

I want to see the offense break 40+ points

I don't see both of these happening, but if I'm wrong, then it's one of those situations where I will gladly forfeit my betting money to see a dominate VT win.

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I just don't see us scoring 38 or 39 points unless the defense and/or special teams scores a TD. I'll be in the stands, so hoping they prove me wrong. I'm not a betting man, but I would take the under just based on how the offense has looked. We might could get to 30 points, but I don't think we go over that.

Not sure that it deserves its own thread but new depth chart is out this week and one thing that I noted was Tisdale is completely dropped from the two deep now. Looks like the eligibility issue won't be resolved soon per Bitter Twitter

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As a man who didn't win a single bet last weekend, I say that I would take Wofford +39.

It's likely that the D can shut them out or keep them in low single digits, but I don't see the offense putting up 40 or more. Even if the best case scenario happens where the playbook and metaphorical floodgates open in the first half, I feel like the staff would want to rest some guys (given the short week for WVU) and try to see what they have in some younger players, which doesn't bode well for a full game of offensive dominance.

didn't win a single bet last weekend, I say that I would take Wofford +39

So its settled then, VT 40-0

On the other hand, I'm more due for a win than the Washington Generals

You bet against the Harlem Globetrotters?

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That game was rigged. He was using a freaking ladder.

Lol, if that was the O/U I would bet the under. That's a ridiculous spread

get ready for a nailbiter then!

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LOL.... since when have we covered a 39 point spread, (without looking it up)... Has to be like 10 years I bet.

Either way... Take the points with Wofford. We will probably put in bench players in 4th (HOPEFULLY LOL) and that will allow Wofford to get garbage time points

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not a cover of 39 point, but last time we won by 40+ was GT in 2019

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Honestly I'm not even sure when the last time we were favored by 39 was, let alone when we covered it. My mind immediately went to the ECU and BC games in Fuente's first year bc of the lopsided scores (beat BC 49-0, ECU 54-17), but the spread was only 6-7 points for both games...we did singlehandedly account for the O/U by ourselves in each though.

Ah, the good ol' days when we spanked teams we were supposed to spank.....

I feel like Vegas wants VT to lose ATS every week. I think our offense would be hard pressed to score more than 30 points on anybody. Even with help from the defense. I would take Wofford to beat the spread. And I would absolutely hammer the Under. I think VT will win 31-3 (they'll get an annoying FG on a short field from a dumb turnover to ruin our chances at extending their shutout streak)

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Last time I thought we had an easy game like this (a "shut it down at halftime" game), it ended up being a 7-point squeaker over Furman that came down to a (luckily for us) botched onside kick recovery. It was still the nicest onside kick I've ever seen. I think their player made contact with one of ours before their team recovered the kick if I remember correctly.

Annnnndd wow I just checked and that game was 3 years ago. Time flies!

Anyways, my point is that there are NO gimmes for VT.

Not shade here, but I'm hesitant to lay 39 points if this VT offense was playing anyone. The defense could pitch a shut out and we could score 5 TDs and not cover. Sorry not with this offense.

Also Pry seems to be conservative, which with a gunslinger QB makes sense.

Yupp. We haven't exactly faced stellar defenses thus far (maybe relative to wofford) and haven't moved the ball well. No chance I'm gambling we can put up 5 TDs and 2 FGs (or go for 2) and also shut them out.

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We will cover the 39 points. I think we get at least one return on special teams and either a Pick 6 or fumble recovery from the defense for the extra points needed to cover.

Hammer. HAMMER. The under.

We put the K in Kwality

I may have won a couple of schillings on this today.

We put the K in Kwality

That would make my Saturday more fun if this happened

It's times like this where I hate that I can't bet on in-state Colleges. Does anyone have a method they use for betting on the Hokies?

Touchdown Tech!!!

Fly to Vegas and use the winnings to pay for the trip..... Not that I have tested the method.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

I tried this method for my Bachelor party week 1.

Lots of emphasis on tried there as it backfired before we even got to Friday...then just kept backfiring.

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Try advancing the spark.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

one 34-17 W coming right up

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Prediction: 21 to -18

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I want a big win. Taking my 9 year old to his second VT game. His first one was Richmond last year, and he was impressed that we won by 11. I'm hoping a high scoring one-sided game will really get him excited.

Looking ahead, it looks like we'll be favored in 8 games this year. Granted we've already lost one of those, but I think 7-5 would be a good step forward and hopefully we can finish with a solid class and some momentum going into '23. Crazy how it seemed like half the fanbase over the off-season was talking like it'd be some miracle if we win 7-8 games.

Have you seen our offense?

It will be a miracle if we win 7 games. ODU and BC are two of our weaker opponents. The ACC is garbage so we're bound to pick up a couple more wins but 6 more? That would require massive improvement from our offense in very little time.

Onward and upward

The O&M is strong with this one

uva - the taint of the ACC

I've seen our offense, but I've also seen the rest of our opponents.

If it's gonna take a miracle to beat Wofford/wvu/Duke/GT/Liberty/uva, then we hired the wrong coaching staff. It'd be impressive to win them all, sure. But it shouldn't take a miracle to do it if we keep playing great defense.

lol, you can't be serious. Do we stand a chance against each of those teams? Yes (with the possible exception of Duke). But to beat ALL of them is a tall, tall order. Duke, by the way, has scored 30+ in both of their first two games. VT has scored 20 and 27. Duke has played Temple and Northwestern. I think it could be argued that both Temple and Northwestern are better than ODU and BC respectively. Duke is not an easy out by any stretch of the imagination.

We should beat Wofford. I'm unsure about WVU. Both teams are flawed and that might come down to which team makes more mistakes. I think we need to be perfect to have a shot against Duke. GT is tough to read because they got blasted by Clemson and then they won convincingly against WCU. They might be about on par with VT. Liberty is always going to be dangerous as long as they have Hugh Freeze coaching them. UVA is terrible. I think most likely is we go 3-3 or 4-2 through that stretch. Winning all 6 would be...a miracle.

Onward and upward

If you think we have to play a perfect game to even have a shot at beating Duke, there's no point in us going back and forth.

We'll just see how it plays out. I remember some of y'all telling everyone to HAMMER BC last week and we won by three scores.

Duke is misleading. They will become Duke again. Cutcliffe was a great coach, and he couldn't win with that roster. VT will beat Duke if we keep improving, IMO

Crazy how it seemed like half the fanbase over the off-season was talking like it'd be some miracle if we win 7-8 games.

What have you seen from this team that makes you think it wouldn't be?

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The defense

The defense is incredible. The offense is bad, but we're not exactly playing world-beaters.

I guess my major point here is that there's a HUGE disconnect between what half the fanbase thinks and what the wise guys think. We'll be a favorite in eight games this guys, but some people on here think it's going to take a miracle to beat Duke/Georgia tech/Liberty/etc.

I think it would take a "miracle" to beat each of Duke, GT, Liberty, UVA, WVU, Wofford etc -- not a miracle to beat any of them.

Even if the defense (who has only faced two awful offenses so far, and looked awesome) gives us a 66% chance against each of those 6 teams (i just picked the six you listed above) then youd expect ~4 wins, not 6 for 6.

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It pains me to say this but Duke could very easily pack our shit this year, I would take them off the dub board very quickly

To expand on your point, ESPN FPI has the following predictions for likelihood of VT winning:
96.8% - Wofford
57.4% - WVU
71.6% - GT
58.4% - Duke
59.3% - Liberty
64.1% - UVA

Total expected wins for those games is 4.076.

Rest of season
26.3% - UNC
18.9% - Pitt
20.4% - Miami
19.3% - NCSU

Adding it up, that's a total of 4.925 wins the rest of the way. VT is just below the borderline expected to make a bowl this year.

Note: ESPN FPI isn't perfect, no statisical prediction tool is, but the FPI is not terribly bad and it's free to view.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Thanks for adding this. So FPI says we go 6-6. I think 6-6 is probably the most likely scenario. I just don't think it's going to take a miracle to reach 7 wins with either an upset win or a bowl win. Anything under 6 would be pretty disappointing for me.

Seriously? Disappointing if we don't get to 6 wins? Did you watch the ODU game? Predicted outcomes based off early season FPI still seems incredibly sketchy. Before the season, a lot of guys on here were talking 2 wins, then someone passed around the "ACC is weak" Kool-Aid, a bunch of people drank it (before one game had even been played), and we lost to ODU.

Yes, our defense may be good, but it's not deep. They'll get beat up an exhausted during the season and can't count on their performance unless we can work on some depth. And our offense is bad. Really bad. Looking at predictions and EXPECTING 6 wins is going to lead you to disappointment I'm afraid. We won 6 games with a lot more talent last year, then lost a bunch of talent. So expecting to win 6 doesn't pass the sniff test in my book.

I'll be happy if it happens, but I'm not going to expect anything out of this team this year other than incremental improvement.

Do you really think our defense is actually that good? I'm pretty unconvinced still. I think we have some good players (Dax, Garbutt, etc.), but our defense as a whole hasn't really been tested yet. BC has one of the worst O-lines in P5 football, and ODU is ODU yet we couldn't get the stop when we needed it.

We definitely haven't faced any barn burners on offense but we're still statistically very good with 0 FCS teams played. We'll figure out how that translates when we get further into our schedule UNC, Pitt, Miami have the ability to score at will. NCST and Duke have shown flashes of really impressive offense.

When we get to that point we need an offense capable of keeping the other offense off the field and that's my biggest concern right now, we're still not really a threat to run the ball/clock.

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I'm hopeful that our offense can improve a sizeable amount. We're missing some playmakers that should come back and there's some pieces that seem like they're not meeting expectations. I think with additional time in the new scheme and new coaches and a little bit of luck, we'll see improvements on that side of the ball. Saturday will be a big opportunity to open things up and start playing with confidence.

Maybe not, but I do know that tackling, fundamentals, and secondary play has been much better this year. I still think our DL will get plowed over at some point, but it seems there are less dump truck sized holes relying on one shoe string tackle to prevent an 80 yard TD in pry's scheme.

Yeah we are definitely more fundamentally sound this year. It will be interesting to see how they do against a good offense.

For the first time ever I'm tempted to bet on sports just because of how ridiculous this line is.

Edit: success. I am now a degenerate.

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I hope everyone took Wofford + 39.... easiest $200 I made

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Not offered on the bet MGM sports app- in several states. I would have jumped on it

I don't bet with money, and I would have bet on that line.

yea being in VA, it sucks you can't bet on VA schools... So when that happens, I'll use my offshore account, Bovada

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Its a terrible app