Hokie Player customized jerseys are available for purchase now

Fanatics Link

The player you choose will get a portion of the proceeds of the sale.

Honestly, I'm glad we are now a part of this. I haven't bought a jersey in years but to know it'll benefit a player directly would probably push me to do it again.

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I'm glad that we're getting in on this too but hope that there is another company in the future that offers a better deal for the athletes. After Fanatics and OneTeam take their cut, each athlete is making less than $4 for the sale of each jersey ($140 sale total, priced even higher than most of their NFL jerseys). This just reeks of Fanatics looking to make cash off the backs of the athletes.

This was gonna be my question. 140 and the kid gets 4? That's ridiculous. I'd rather give money straight to the players.

Yeah I didn't know it was only $4 per sale. That's kinda bullshit, especially when the jerseys that aren't customized are priced at $100. That's $35 in straight profit for Fanatics while only giving the player $5. That should at the very least be the other way around.

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there is some cost associated with the customization itself, and the investment in the system to take custom orders. But not enough to eat $30 of the additional $40 dollars. (generously assuming a 50-50 marginal profit split between Fanatics & the player)

Here's a tweet of the reported breakdown. I also agree there's a lot of room for disruption here but Fanatics has proven time and time again that they own sports licensing and don't give a shit about the quality of their products so it'll be a steep entry.

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Fanatics adds a 40% surcharge for a customizable jersey ($99->$139)

The players receive 2.8% of the proceeds of the $139 sale.

That right there shows everything that is wrong with Fanatics. Price gouging bastards that provide a marginal product to the customer, pays pennies to the brand being sold, and pockets an absurd amount because they've been able to create a monopoly by literally buying up all the competition.

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Marginal is a nice way to put it. I've never bought a jersey from them but I did buy the VT ACC championship shirt. The seam split down the shoulder the first time I wore it.

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I've bought a jersey from them, but I felt bad afterwards, like I needed a shower.

Their products are OK, but overpriced.

How is it that they don't have more competition?

They've literally bought all the competition. Even smaller brands, like Mitchell & Ness, are now under the Fanatics umbrella.

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The sizes on those shirts ran way small too. I know a little more cardio wouldn't be a bad idea for me, but I own plenty of large t-shirts that aren't so short. The thing is practically a belly shirt on me.

I agree. If you find this to be true and order anything from Homefiled get an XL. Their shirts are higher quality but certainly run very tight and a bit short.

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They are only a monopoly because school bookstores wanted to save the time and money selling their own stuff. Hokie shop for example- and most others- used to sell independent of fanatics- but couldn't justify the cost vs. partnering with fanatics.

I think years for now there is going to be a massive investigation into NIL and all of the rackets set up to charge fees for licensing and other ways of taking the money out of the athlete's hands. Always follow the money. This is also what happens when you deregulate something and don't have a plan in place other than the Wild West apparently.

This is great, too bad the jersey design isn't worth buying.

I hope this field gets more competitive. For these prices, seems like they could make the shirts in the U.S.

I'll be a better customer when VT starts getting a better contract with Nike, at least one that's competitive with that of UVA.

This needs to happen with basketball ASAP. If this had went live a few years ago I would have a closet full of official hoops jerseys that I would wear while taking my work calls. This also needs to give the player more than pennies on the dollar IMO.

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As clown show as our football Nike products are, the basketball ones are 10X worse. YOu might see hoops stuff available in 5 years or if we switch apparel companies.

I will be getting my Dwayne Lawson jersey ordered right away.

Back when Vick was playing in Atlanta and that girl sued him over the herpes I remember the NFL site having to shut down the personalized jersey sales for a while because so many people got Ron Mexico #7 jerseys.

I've got a white Khalil Herbert jersey on the way over from China as we speak. Will probably get one of these once (if) we get a new design.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

I just want a '99 Vick Jersey. All Maroon. No extra lines.

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There's rarely a shortage of them available on eBay.... Sometimes you can find a good deal, too.

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I got one off depop for $40 two years ago, full Nike embroidery and all.

I'd love to find another embroidered VT jersey. I hate how the screen prints just disintegrate over time

You can try DHgate, it's Chinese knock offs but the few I have are embroidered and it's how I started collecting NFL Hokie jerseys

I'll be honest, jerseys are one of the few things I'm snobby or picky about. I don't think I could buy a DHGate one.

Same. I've ordered quite a few from DH gate and I've only been happy with a couple of them. On one hand it's great to have a Zach Leday jersey but on the other it doesn't really look like anything he actually wore unless you squint really hard.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Avoid DH gate for the simple fact that at any time the shit could and will get siezed at customs and you have no recourse. If you jersey is in the container that randomly gets checked, customs will sieze all sports apparel in a heart beat.

Because it's a Chinese knock off that did not actually pay the licensing fee?

Pissed my man Jalen Stroman isn't a choice on there. Boo

Player gets less than 3%, nah I'm good

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

I asked Zion DeBose last night if he still saw any money if someone were to order a custom VT jersey with his name and he said yes, he gets the cut from Kansas and VT jerseys. I'm not sure how the reporting works since they use a drop down of current players.

He was very appreciative of the support. I didn't ask how much the cut was but now that I know how small it is, I'm mad for him and all the other players.

So can the VT bookstore set up the same option and have the cut go the players way with the bookstore taking a small piece to cover the customization?

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Boy if we think Fanatics is greedy, VT isn't very far behind

Maybe, but at least it's OUR crooks.

this is a hell of a perspective...

Onward and upward

Seriously, they need to do this.