Pry Presser UNC 2022

It's that time of the week again. Seems like Pry feels that the defense pressed a little in the second half causing some of the penalties, similar to what others have said on TKP.

We've implemented some sort of punishment for penalties now that includes a review process from the captains and coaches. At least that's how I understood it.

Pry and some of the assistants went to 3 high school games this weekend, so still focused on building those VA connections when possible during the season.

Edit: most importantly the beard is coming in nicely.

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He was asked (I think by Bitter) about not attacking the outside edge against WVU. He said it was a fair question, that there were some attempts to do so that were thwarted, and that it's something they're going to look at going forward.

I thought it was about as good of an answer as he could've given πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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Also said the OL rotation was being looked at, with the possibility of mixing 2 players in on a couple series. Maybe that'll create some positive change in the run game. If not at least it will give younger players some reps if we're just going to have to give up on the starting OLine this season.

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I mean we can't really do worse running the ball so why not.

Ooof. Sad, but true.

I am glad that he is dealing with the penalties.

A coach dealing with penalties and holding players accountable???!!! Can a certain NFL coach (who won last night) take note and learn from the college coach?

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I agree with holding players accountable. I just hope that it doesn't keep them from being aggressive. Play smarter but still make the other team feel it.

Does anyone actually believe that having a player do extra conditioning on Sunday is, in any way shape or form, likely to serve as a deterrent to prevent a penalty or be the reason the penalty is not repeated in the future? 99.3% of all penalties are not from making a bad intentional decision. For those few penalties like targeting a particular player after a play where this premeditation, yes run them till they puke and then some. Otherwise a penalty punishment system has zero impact on reducing penalties.

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Not sure if helped, or has any truth, but when I last played a very long time ago our coached told us we committed penalties because we were playing tired, and we were playing tired because we were out of shape. We would then run sprints on a snap count (or ball movement). If someone jumped they added another. If you were slow of the line you got warn ing and then a lap after practice. Not sure if it helped, but there is something to do doing correct reps when you are tired to prepare for playing tired.

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Yeah there's no down side to a few sprints as punishment in football. Being a fat OL myself I did everything in my power to not cause pre-snap penalties because fuck wind sprints on Monday afternoon

Great point, extra conditioning was never bad for any athlete. It was probably needed by the entire team after last Thursday. But c'mon all penalties are for sure not caused by being tired, some? maybe... But honestly, punishment as a strategy to reduce penalties, overall not productive. You can teach concentration and focus for pre-snap penalties, technique for others, and the rest is practice and game speed experience. Now, for off-field mistakes and discipline, I'm all for replacing some free time with corrective conditioning.

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Extra conditioning punishment can be mishandled with mortal consequences. Look up Vorhies at Va Tech in the 1970's. A death from punishment drills right here in Blacksburg.

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I'm not a big fan of ruling with the stick. I don't think punishing penalties is the right way to get them down but that's just me. I just think our team has a general lack of focus - probably because we have undertalented players trying to learn new systems and techniques and pressing with the desire to beat opponents who are just more talented than they are. I don't think extra wind sprints are going to improve focus.

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I know this is true, at least the part related to being more error prone if you're tired. The challenge is if our first string is in amazing shape but they're fatigued because the gap between them and second string is so big the coaches are playing them so much more. If that's the case, extra sprints isn't going to help most likely, the answer becomes trying to bridge the gap between the 1's and 2's.

The challenge with preparing to play tired is - if you're more likely to jump offsides (say), the way you prepare is essentially understanding when you're tired and probably being less aggressive so you don't make the mistake. Your body prioritizes how it uses energy when you're tired and it's next to impossible to change that, it's easier to understand it. But again, the answer is probably being less aggressive, but that hurts you also, maybe not as much as switching to the second string, but it might make a difference against the other team.

It just adds attention to the issue. If you're thinking about/dreading extra conditioning, you're thinking about not committing penalties. No one thinks "I'm going to commit a penalty". People do think "I better not commit a penalty".

Pry talking the all the players after all the penalties

Then after all the up downs

I gotta say, I'm not a fan of punishing players for penalties, unless the player isn't trying. I dunno, that's just not how I learn, and in my experience most people learn better from a carrot, not a stick.

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Yeah, I think that's why he was hesitant to do anything after week one. It sounds like the penalties are being looked at in a case by case basis and maybe the captains are addressing them somehow instead of a direct punishment from the staff.

I'm ambivalent about this. You don't want players getting in their heads too much, but something seems like it needs to be addressed with the amount we are committing.

I played on teams that punished players directly for penalties and in my experience it was the same people running each week, so no learning or improvement occurred. On top of that most of the teams I played on were less than mediocre, so I'm not sure the coaching philosophies I encountered were centered in things that created successful teams/culture.

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I think there are penalties you punish for, like how does the center false start. And others that are circumstances like Dax's so called late hit on the QB. He was tired and a step slow. But it wasn't a bad play like pre snap penalties.

And when I say punish, I mean constructively, to help the player get better.

EDIT: missed a word, I thought Dax's late hit was on the questionable call side. Hence the "so called". Don't punish try hard plays like that.

Dax's late hit wasn't bad IMO. Most games that's not called. These refs were calling a lot. They were consistent, but just quick to throw the flag.

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Agree here, i think it wasn't the greatest call but I was okay with it because the refs were consistent and called the game the same for both teams.

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Except for delay of game due to faulty clocks.

Correct, that was a penalty on us and an oops for WVU with a reset.

to be fair, I can kinda see how the home team would be less likely to get an oops

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But why would the home team cheat themselves out of time on the play clock?

Also, we used Big 12 refs in this game for some reason.

Because the visiting team usually has the refs since the other team has home field. It's the norm.

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Im not saying they did it on purpose. My point is that the home team actually has "control" over that and I can understand less of a help from the refs when they screw up. The visiting team is completely at the will of the opposing team stadium crew and I bet there would be stadium crews getting creative with helping the home team if it wasnt checked. I see this similar to how the home team is penalized for crowd behavior

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Agreed. Pre-snap and stupid penalties that are just lack of discipline are the ones that need to be heavily addressed to work on better play. Circumstantial and BS bad calls need to be addressed in more of the "heads up be careful" sense

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So I looked up the penalties from the first four games to see how they broke down. Obviously, the two games that folks have issues with are ODU and WVU. In the ODU game, we were getting a lot of pre-snap penalties. We got hit harder with flags on the defense in the WVU game.

Offense (procedural): 5 false starts, 3 delay of games, 1 illegal shift
Offense (during the play): 1 holding
Defense/Special Teams: 4 PI, 1 block in the back

Offense (procedural): 2 false starts, 1 illegal substitution
Defense: 2 PI

Offense (during/after play): 1 personal foul, 1 holding
Defense: 1 face mask, 1 offside, 1 illegal use of hands

Offense (procedural): 2 false starts, 1 illegal snap, and 1 delay of game (that shouldn't have been called)
Offense (during the play): 1 holding
Defense/Special Teams: 3 PI, 1 holding, 1 illegal substitution, 1 offside, 1 face mask, 1 roughing the passer, 1 personal foul, 1 targeting

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, except that the penalty problem is not the same in each game.

I don't know if it matters, but the ODU and WVU games had refs from other conferences, while the other two games used ACC refs.

So what you're saying is that we're undefeated with ACC refs

Edit: apostrophe

You also gotta consider when these plays are happening. I believe at least 4 of the 15-yard defensive penalties happened on 3rd-and-long, and kept the opponent in the game.

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i need to go back and watch Dax's late hit. it has been stated on several boards here that it was a questionable call, but watching the game, i thought i yelled at him before he even made contact, knowing that was a late hit and it was going to give them a first down.

IMO it wasn't an incorrect call, but a little soft, especially for that time in the game. As others have stated the refs were mostly consistent throughout the game, so this call wasn't unexpected. Some refs would have probably let that play slide since in was relatively minor contact and Dax didn't appear to be trying to harm the QB.

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The QB got rid of the ball a split second before Dax got there. If Dax was a step faster, he could have gotten a sack. If it was a step slower, he could have pulled up and avoided the hit. But it happened in that sweet spot where he was already committed to the hit when the ball got thrown.

Well it's not up downs...

I've listed to a couple of his post game pressers and I have to say, I'm really impressed. Certainly there's always a little coachspeak in there, but he also typically gives an honest, well rounded assessment of what happened. And he does so in a great way - he highlights some not so positive things but not in a way that throws people under the bus.

I really appreciate how he speaks to the press.

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that's how I came out of this (and other) pressers... I know the first 4 weeks haven't been the most fun, but I've come to grasp that this season isn't going to be "fun". It's going to be a process and Pry knows that. I like how honest he is and doesn't beat around the bush, or give an half assed answer (or throw kids under the bus)... This season will be a roller coaster, but knowing that earlier on eases my frustration compared to the last 5-6 years.

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Totally agree, especially when compared to Fuente. I just want Pry to win games so badly. Dude seems like he is the real deal, but so many other variables have to click for his to affect success in the program. Hoping hard he can bring it all together in the coming years, because I love that he's our head coach.

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Looks like some staff changes and additions got made too but can't find link anymore.

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Looks like some changes/additions to player personnel staff and a new assistant for Pry based on Hokiesports. One hire from ODU in August is highly suspect, inside job? /s

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uh, no, we should use THAT elevator.


Lino got promoted so who left??

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Wondered this myself, I thought that was Villagrana's position, but I haven't heard of him moving on or into a new role. He just did the Level Seven podcast with Roth a couple weeks back and said he had moved 4 of the last 5 years and wasn't looking to do that to his family again. We have so many new positions it's hard to keep track of.

Edit: looks like it might just be a title change based on the hokiesports staff directory page.

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Villagrana is Sr Director, Lino is Director.

Things will improve on the Penalties and clock management once Pry turns the play-calling duties on Defense over to Marve. Remember he is very focused on getting in plays, talking to Dax and trying to get the defense ready. I'm wondering if he designated someone for game management, it doesn't appear to be.

On offense there could some clash of heads, we realistically have 3 guys who have experience at OC in Brad Glenn, Joe Rudolph and Tyler Bowen. I've at least heard Glenn say that he is glad to have just the QBs to manage. I don't know, just speculating.

Its a little disheartening that both the OL and tight -end blocking is bad. The linemen we have are slim and athletic recruited by Vice for his scheme. Rudolph likes the Power O-linemen. I'm a little surprised by the lack of good blocks from the Tight-ends.

Things will get better over the course of the season and then next year.

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To be honest, I have always been a fan of the motor grader sized linemen as well. They also seem to move on and do a little better at the next level as well.

Swapping in some younger guys will get us better experience for the future but also might hurt our passing game. Right now the line has been decent/good at pass blocking.

I'm curious if it's that this line is decent at pass blocking or they just aren't being tested because defenses are constantly rushing 3-4 and sending 7-8 into coverage.

Without us having any run game to speak of there is no reason to put more than 4 in the box against us. Any coordinator that does will do this to their own detriment.

I am hoping a bunch of screens or RB toss will start keeping them honest.

On offense there could some clash of heads

I agree this may be a major issue at the moment. Each of the guys have historically ran different offenses. Pry wants them to be multiple, but I think what they really need is to learn each other's system and make an offense that works. It's probably hard to coalesce a multiple offense together from one offseason without any actual game experience. So, as the season goes on and as the coaches get better within each other's system, I at least have hope the scheme (and play calling therein) will continue to improve with the most improvement coming in this upcoming offseason. As you said, "things will get better over the course of the season and then next year."

And ultimately, they also just need some personnel to run their offense. I don't know how they get there without upgrades at the O-line and WR spots (and maybe QB**).

**I haven't figured out whether Wells can be an ACC-caliber QB or if it's just the lack of run game, poor receiver play, and learning an offensive scheme that's still in development. That said, he has some poor decision and poorly thrown balls, but I think his decision making and poorly thrown balls would improve with better support.

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we desperately need some WR's. i will be very disappointed if Mines doesn't land at least one 4* WR that is ready to play as a true freshman. the playing time is clearly there.

But will Malachi Thomas be back

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Even if he does, I'm honestly not really confident that Thomas is going to be the shot in the arm the general fandom seems to think he'll be...looking back at his highlights from his big games last year, he was working with MUCH better blocking and often had to make maybe one cut on his bigger plays. Definitely shows great patience at times to find the initial gap and can push a pile with effort, but he wasn't making a ton of people miss with multiple cuts a la Khalil Herbert or flashing insane speed that would let him just run around any attempt to tackle him a la David Wilson.

If our line still can't block when he comes in, I feel like (though I hope I'm absolutely mistaken) he'll be just as ineffective as everyone else in the RB room.

Yea with our current run blocking, only Mike Vick would have any success, which would come on passing plays. Thomas would likely just give us an option without much drop off from King.

Yep. Does anyone think Thomas would have made one iota of a difference vs WVU?

The issues right now with the running game is the offensive line (for multiple reasons) and, more broadly, with subpar game preparation and management.

I do. Assuming he performs like he did in the tail end of 2021, it would take a load/pressure of Keshawn. This team has depth issues. Not sure we'd win the game, not sure we'd even score more, but this team is severly lacking skill player talent (as well as line talent). Having Thomas back would definitely help.

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Pry said they are making the decision on him this morning.
9/28/22 post practice Q&A

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