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I've just recently started learning more about Mint Mobile. Gotta say 4GB of data, unlimited talk and text for $15/month is pretty appealing... but almost sounds to good to be true.

Currently with Verizon, but considering switching. Any of you folks have any experience with Mint?

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T-Mobile is absolute garbage. We had sprint. I'm not gonna say sprint was great but it wasn't nearly as bad as T-mobile. The whole area of Woodstock Virginia is a dead zone. Their 5G is a joke. Their customer service is non existent. 0/10 do not recommend

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5G in general is really not much to speak of right at the moment. At least in Virginia, the rollout of 5G is lagging behind other states. In my opinion, it really isn't worth the cost to upgrade at the moment.

No, but if you find out if they have good service in the Blacksburg area let me know. Currently on Verizon (me through work), US Cellular (wife), and consumer cellular -AARP (mom). US Cellular sucks, Consumer has surprisingly good coverage for $35 a month.

I live in the Richmond Metro area and mint works great for me here. However, I make pretty regular trips to the Eastern Shore and have absolutely no service over there, but it doesn't bother me since I'm usually over there to be left alone.

I've had good experience with Mint's support when needed, but it is mostly a DIY/troubleshooting process since it's designed for you to bring your own phone (although they do sell devices that usually come with X amount of free months) and there is no brick and mortar to take it to.

I think it boils down to your needs and where you spend most of your time. T-mobile is historically pretty bad outside of metropolitan areas, that was supposed to improve with their 5G towers, but I have not noticed any change. If you need better reliability, but want a plan structured like mint I would research other MVNOs that use Verizon, like their product Visible.

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I have no experience with Mint, but know a few friends in VA who like Visible. May be worth looking into

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I am one of said friends. I live in the DC area and haven't had any issues with Visible. It's actually owned by Verizon so uses the same towers and whatnot. I think they recently changed the network a bit, but there's a $30 a month plan with unlimited talk, text, and data and it includes 5G. If interested (you or anyone else), my friend code is 3LLNFRD and if you use it you can get $20 off your first month.

We were on Verizon for 10+ years, went to Google Fi for 5 or so years, then were on Visible for 1.5 years. We just switched from Visible back to Verizon. Visible absolutely dies during high traffic/use periods, as Verizon prioritizes themselves before Visible. In Hampton Roads, Verizon is king. With the generous amount Verizon credited us for bringing our own phones (plus other discounts), we are on a 5G Unlimited plan for like $26/mo per phone. Visible was $25/mo.

I was hoping for some kind of discount on the line that stayed with Verizon when I switched my line, but only got like $2. I'm about ready to just pay off the other phone and switch it to visible like I did with mine. Haven't had any issues in the Roanoke area, but we also don't have 5g yet.

Been on Google Fi for a while and will never go back. Plenty of 5G availability, automatically connects to a public WiFi when there's one available and automatically secures it with a VPN. Between my wife and myself our plan is about $60/month whereas on my own I was paying over $100 with Verizon.

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Also on Google Fi. If you do any kind of international travel, it is just too useful to use anyone else.

Thanks for the input!

Some of these, like Vision and Google Fi I had never heard of. From what I hear t-mobile is pretty shitty here in the OBX, so probably will avoid Mint, but definitely gonna look into these other ones!

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I've maintained my Verizon unlimited plan, and 804 number. Now that I live in Texas, I put a 2nd AT&T line/plan on my iPhone Pro Max 13 for when I'm out on the job. Sometimes it's right on the Rio Grande, or sometimes right outside of College Station. AT&T (AKA "The Death Star") is also solid in Oklahoma, when I have to train/work there.

I get the Veteran Discount for both plans, but I like the peace of mind knowing they're both reliable networks.

For me, coverage and reliability for my telecomm needs always outweigh value.

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I use Straight Talk which uses Verizon network and have done so for probably close to 10 years now. 50 bux a month and I think it's 10GB a month. I'm not sure anymore since it's been so long since I got the plan and the couple of plan updates over the years.

I don't really have any issues with it. The most trouble I've had with it is long phone calls will drop connection but will easily reconnect after but that was in the Charlotte Metro area.

In the past year I have switched from AT&T to T-mobile, from T-mobile to Verizon, and back to AT&T. AT&T is the only carrier of those 3 that has any decent service where I live, where I work, and everywhere I typically travel.

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Had project fi and loved it, however after the Sprint/Tmobile merger, the service around my home went to shit and I had to dump it and go back to Verizon. It was explained to me that after the merge, several towers had to be "shut down" in order to not have too much coverage whatever that means.

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too much coverage whatever that means.

I read that as "maintenance costs."

I have Verizon in Roanoke and I believe they work best. However, I do feel like recently my signal strength at home, office has decreased and the signal at my in-laws is almost non-existent when we previously used to have no issues.

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I also have verizon (have for the entire 15 years of having a cell phone) and have had more issues the last couple years than ever before. I live in Houston and literally get maybe 1 bar of service on my street. When I walk the dog I cant even stream spotify or load webpages. We are moving to Raleigh/Durham and last time we were there I had to turn on wifi calling because the signal wouldnt even support a phone call at my friends house. Not sure what the deal is, but I have been getting pretty annoyed

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I had a Verizon mifi for our home and the service tanked recently. I was paying $70/month for nonexistent connection and we were running 5 bars. Just switched to T-Mobile home 5G and it's been much much better. It helps we are line of sight to a tower less than a half mile away, but $50 for unlimited at 60Mbps download is the best I could hope for out in the sticks where we are.

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I don't really consider my location as "out in the sticks" and T-Mobile doesn't even offer 5G home internet to my location. I have T-Mobile cell service and have 4G in my house but no line of sight to any towers. Stuck with my one and only internet option of a local WISP service. My location south of Harrisonburg has good T-Mobile service and I generally have no issues with their service anywhere I travel. I know some posters in this thread have replied about it but I have heard of some areas north of Harrisonburg, Broadway-New Market area having bad service on T-Mobile. I would suspect that is local tower issues.

oh yeah, I have heard awful things about t-mobile cell service being spotty around here, but since my house isn't moving and I lucked into a good spot, it's working out.

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I am currently in Italy and using Vodafone. Unlimited everything for about €25 per month. Includes roaming if I was in the states and includes 1k minutes overseas talk per month.
Back home I use Tracfone, which is on Verizon in my area. For $120/year I have unlimited talk and text and I think 5 gigs of data. I turn my cellular data off unless I really need it and use Wi-Fi when available. I am cheap and that plan works for me.

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120 a year? Now we're talking. Gonna look into that

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