Virginia Tech playing at Cincinnati in the NIT's opening round

Hokies travel to Cincinnati, tips at 9pm Wednesday night. It's not what we hoped for but still got an opportunity to hang a banner in Cattoor and Mutts' final season. GO HOKIES!

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And preseason #1 UNC isn't having a postseason at all.


Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74


Two things.

1. F$&k UNC. If I'm not mistaken, not only are they making a decision to not play, they are making a decision to opt out of money for the ACC (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

2. We got a horrible draw. Very difficult region. Additionally, we suck on the road. I don't expect a win.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Brings me back to the old Metro days I'm looking forward to it

re: #2 - we're lucky we're still playing. I dont care about how good or bad the draw is. We could have easily found ourselves starting the off-season today.

TIL Landers Nolley plays for Cincinnati.

Wow, good catch! Interesting that we'll play him this season and also played him last season when he was still at Memphis. He just keeps haunting us lol

I also learned is the reigning NIT MVP from Memphis' run last year

Plan for the worst and hope for the best, not the other way around.

God I'm getting real sick of Cincinnati

Onward and upward

Oh man, Cincy...I can swing that. Only a 50 min drive. ... That's super late though

If you do swing it, best of luck to you! They were some of the most obnoxious fans when we played them in Annapolis and at FedExField.

Same experience at the 2009 Orange Bowl, a lot of screaming at and aggressively heckling opposing fans, constant swearing in front of kids, all great stuff you want to see from your fan base.

When I went to the Military Bowl against Cincinnati I bought tickets through them because they were cheaper and ended up in a Bearcat heavy section. I found the people to be fans like any other fanbase and mostly nice and polite.

Damn you Munchie Legaux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For what it's worth, my dad attended Cincinnati for a while. Mom told me he hated it there and transferred. This is (I think) back in the 50s, so pretty sure it had nothing to do with obnoxious sports fans, but adds ammunition for those who want to dislike the place! Alas, he died young (and mom is no longer here either) so I can't ask them why.

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I will be there, but 7 min drive for me

Plan for the worst and hope for the best, not the other way around.

Kind of a homecoming for Basile, so here's to a good 30-10 double-double from him.

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Being the NIT Champ is one thing, but being the undisputed number 69 team in the Country is a whole lot nicer!

Plan for the worst and hope for the best, not the other way around.

This game will be what we have seen all year. Medicore on the road, cincy will do what they want on offense in the first half. Cincy wins

"Medicore" sounds like some horrible diet/exercise fad.

Sounds like a weird genre of music APrimusHokie would like

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I mean you ain't wrong 😂

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Look Cincinnati will be very tough, I don't expect to win with the way we've been playing. BUT, if we win.

There's a decent shot we host Hofstra in the next round and Seton Hall the round after that. At Rutgers would be a real tough one, but I actuallg like Hofstra to beat them round 1

Hofstra wins!! Lets go! If we win we host

I don't want to jump the gun... but, are we sure we would be able to host with the women's tourney in Blacksburg this weekend? The NIT game would have to be on Saturday and I imagine there would be some logistics to work out with practice time, lodging, etc.

Also, we are not technically guaranteed a home game. Since both VT and Hofstra are unranked I believe it goes to the higher bidder.

I believe we would end up at Hofstra similar to Villanova. Their women are a host as well which is why they will not host if they manage to beat Liberty.

Great upset call, kudos to you!

VB born, class of '14

Thanks you sir!

That Hofstra-Rutgers game was a barn burner. The OT shooting by both teams was incredible.
Hofstra is quick and aggressive. That has me nervous. We need to beat Cincy first, which is no guarantee.
Hofstra won with the best scorer on the bench w/ 6 minutes left (fouled out) - there was some home cooking refereeing going on. If we get to play them it will be a battle.

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Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

Clemson takes the BIG L at home against Morehead State 😄 bounced, you love to see it

VB born, class of '14

Softball is 19-5. Lemley has been ACC pitcher of the week 3 weeks running.

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. 🎣

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Plan for the worst and hope for the best, not the other way around.

Love how Catoor has been harassing Nolley and got one to drop at the end. Hopefully a few of his threes start to fall.

Love how Catoor has been harassing Nolley and got one to drop at the end. Hopefully a few of his threes start to fall.

You can say that again!