Moving to the Netherlands in the fall

Hello everybody!

As the title says, I'll be moving to the Netherlands in august with my gf for her school. I've moved plenty in this continent, from Mexico to the US as well as stops in Brazil and Nicaragua. I've never lived in Europe and just wanted to know if there are any TKPers that have lived in the Netherlands or around, and just overall what was your opinion.

We are looking at living in Haarlem at least in the first year while we get accustomed to the country. So any other help/comments are greatly appreciated.

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YouTube Not Just Bikes and buy a cargo bike

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Is he that popular, or are you and I just both equally nerdy? Either way, I agree on this recommendation.

He might be that popular. Good channel to watch even if you aren't moving to the Netherlands.

I'm an urban planner and I've been a Strong Towns member for 7 years, so I'm definitely nerdy. But, yes, I do think it is that popular.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

I don't live there, but I have visited Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Hoensbroek, and Amsterdam. The Netherlands is a fantastic place. I'm jealous.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say a certain TKP most interesting man in the world has visited or lived there or close by.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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You talking about China man?

Free Hugh

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Never lived there and have only visited. But I will tell you 3 things that my local friends love that I remember and I am sure I am going to spell them all wrong.

Beirlokal de Uiveer : There is a really famous craft brewery that all the tourists go called Jope something, and then this is where my friends go. Great atmosphere and amazing tripels.
Beverweick de Bazaar : in neighboring town beverweick. It is a weekend only (I think) market with amazing food and crafts from North African, Middle Eastern countries and India. Absolutely incredible food and as I was told a staple of living in Haarlem.
Naturaliz Biodivesity Centre : in neighboring city Leiden, there is an incredible museum with amazing fossils, natural science and other exhibits. It's a great diversion from all the art galleries and museums around and speaks to my inner nerd.

That's all I got so maybe not so helpful with living there. I'm interested in what OP does for work that let's you travel and live in so many diverse places. Really cool.

also, this is all pre-covid so no idea if these still exist. well, the museum is likely still there but others no idea.

These suggestions are great! Thanks a ton man. Love the pictures of Bierlokaal de Uiver, and the market and museum sound amazing. As for me, I worked in consulting for a while. The moving in the past has been for either jobs or studying. I went to Tech as an undergrad and then SMU for MBA. Worked in Arkansas for Walmart for a bit. Mexico is home, although as a kid we moved around Nicaragua (my parents are from there) and Brazil (dad's job).

As for the Netherlands, my girlfriend studies Chinese medicine and there's a really good school in Amsterdam to continue her specialization. As for me, I was working in a startup in Mexico but it's actually folding so I got a good severance package for walking out and thought why not. We have no kids, we've been living together in Mexico for 4 years (she's Korean) so might as well take a chance. I have Spanish citizenship through my grandma so work permits are no problem. Believe me, I'm still nervous but if it's not now, I'm not sure when I will ever have the chance to do something like this again.

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Haven't spent time in the Netherlands. But regarding Europe, in general, if you want to see something that is popular with tourists, do it before 10 am. That's when the buses started showing up. You won't be able to get close otherwise.

I've been living here (Utrecht) for over three years and its a great place to live. Message me if you need help with anything and welcome! 🙂

Thanks! I see this is your first post. Glad you joined. Did you move for work or for study?

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Sorry for the late replies! Somehow your post appeared as a story in my Google News feed lol. I guess because I love the Hokies and the Netherlands 😆 Couldn't remember my old login so here we are.

I moved for work (software engineer). US based company has a small office here and I came for a short contract and loved it. Working on a permanent relocation 😊

Jajajaja that happens. I'll let you know once I'm there to see if we can meet up!

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Haarlem's awesome. Great choice. You'll love it.

only two things I hate /s

What's funny is that normally, I find the Dutch to be among the FRIENDLIER of the northern Europeans.

Yes, they are direct., but that normally works well with Americans.

100% I've found the Dutch to be super friendly.

I've heard that once you go Dutch....

you pay for your own dinner.

Best of luck on your new adventure.

One thing to keep an eye on is utility rates. In the past 24 months electric rates have gone up 680% in the area of Italy that i'm in. Obviously different countries but all of Europe has been hit really hard. Ask to see previous bills. On the bright side though, my cell phone bill is only 11.99/month.

Wow that's a big jump! They went up here a lot, maybe 80% increase. Lots of rental places are inclusive of electric. And the Dutch government actually sent refund checks to offset some of the rise in energy costs.

Trash and water taxes are always paid by the occupant though, on a 6 month or 1 year basis, in advance. So be on the lookout for that extra several hundred euro expense

How much is "extra several hundred"? Do you mean like $300 or higher?

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Just got mine last week, it was 300 for the year

Cool. Thanks for the info!

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Everything I know about the Netherlands comes from the winter olympics and watching Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.... so, learn to speed skate and love space cake. Probably a good idea not to mix those two activities together.

Jajaja tried space cake before, but not speed skating. Love watching the Winter Olympics but practicing them is a different story altogether. I'm from Mexico so not trying to kill myself on any sort of ice.

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Get yourself a place with good blackout curtains.

Why? Is it too sunny or am I missing something here?

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far enough north that you'll probably have a stretch of time in the summer with 18 hours of sunlight

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Thanks. Wasn't aware of this. Never even thought of that.

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If you put the cursor on July it says you don't have night time.

Also on the flip side in the winter it is day light from like 8:30am to 4:30 pm so maybe get on of those alarm clocks that wakes you up with light so combat seasonal affect disorder

I always used to dream of going to Netherland. I always thought it was cool that the children can fly there.

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Jajaja not sure about children but I do know adults are welcome to fly.


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Just be sure to go to the Netherlands not to the Nether Regions.

Completely different vibe

There's mayonnaise everywhere. They put it on everything.

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True, but their mayonnaise actually tastes good.

Yes it does. FYI you can make your own delicious mayo at home in 2 minutes with an immersion blender.

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Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper

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You are a brave man who makes a move to Europe with a girlfriend. Maybe you plan on marrying?

Reality has a mighty pimp hand.

I guess. We've been living together for 4 years so it wouldn't be that different. As we are from different cultures and different religions, neither of us has really shown much interest in the matter. I guess I was waiting to got to Korea to meet her parents. Covid really complicated things on that front.

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Crazy to see your post. About a decade ago I moved to the Netherlands for a year for my gf who was going to study there as well. I ended up deciding to get a Master's myself since I had a European passport and that essentially made my degree free. It was an awesome experience. You're gonna love it!!!

Below some tips:
-Get a bike. You are going to need it to go everywhere. I was hesitant to get one since I was always a car guy, but quickly realized my first day there that a bike is essential. You can find cheap bikes at a lot of places, and they even have garages dedicated solely to bikes (some are really cool).
-Trains are the way to go to travel within the country from city to city. Get a student discount card since it will save you a ton of money on trains. Their trains actually run on time, unlike here.
-Coffee shops...(chef's kiss)
-Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag (The Hague), Eindhoven, and Neijmegen are all must see cities.
-The food is ehhhh. A lot of their national dishes are fried and not to my personal liking taste wise (their best dish in my opinion are French fries). Great cheese though
-King's day is the biggest party in the country and celebrated on the King's bday (April 27th) every year. Insane party
-Rent a boat and drive it down the canals in Utrecht. Bring some drinks and snacks aboard
-Take advantage of breaks from school and travel to as many places as you can in Europe. Traveling from the US to places like Paris, Milan, and London can be pricey from the States, but I've typically spent 15-70 euros for round-trip flights to those cities from the Netherlands. You should do Oktoberfest in Munich, Christmas markets in Koln, see a soccer match, etc.
-Albert Heijn is the best supermarket I found out there. Not sure if it's still a thing now, but back then supermarkets we're closed 3 Sunday's out the month. So check to make sure so you don't almost go hungry on a Sunday like I did.
-Dutch folks are nice, but they are known for being stingy (hence the expression "tighter than a Dutchman's wallet" for tight defense in soccer).

Thanks! All of your advice is appreciated.

Living in Mexico City I know that the food will be an issue. Here we eat at any corner and it's amazing. Even street food is absurdly good. The hardest thing for most Mexicans about moving anywhere is getting used to new food. Plus we love spicy food so "bland" food is usually disappointing.

I'm really excited about the cycling culture. We have bicycles in Mexico but there are places where you simply can get to without a car. I've seen some of the videos from Not Just Bikes that someone recommended and the garages are amazing!

As for traveling, that's one of the things that excites me the most! Being able to visit so many places will be exciting. My brother lives in Berlin so I'm sure Oktoberfest and Christmas markets will be a must!

Being able to go back to school is also very exciting. I too have a European passport so I'll definitely look to get back to school taking advantage of the costs. I never finished my engineering degree at Tech and it's probably the only regret I have in my life so if it's possible I'll see about finishing that.

The football matches should be crazy. I've seen some Champions League games in the past visiting Europe, and I'm a season ticket holder for América one of the Mexico City teams. This is one of the most exciting things for me. For someone who loves football, going to Europe is a riot. Going to Amsterdam and being able to see Ajax play on the UCL will crazy.

Where and what did you study while you were in the Netherlands? Where are you now?

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