Greensboro Roll Call

Alright folks it's time for Hokie MBB to defend their title. And time for us fans to pack out the coliseum.

I'll be there Tues.-Thurs. (NC State is my backup team so if just one of us gets a win I'm guaranteed a Thursday game). Got pretty low seats tomorrow, gonna be cheering my ass off.

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NC State is my backup team so if just one of us gets a win I'm guaranteed a Thursday game

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Landed $1 general admission tickets for today's session. We're bringing the fam to cheer on the Hokies!

How'd you score that? Asking for a friend in Gboro...

Looks like GA (upper level) tickets are all $1. I've also got 2 or 3 extra lower level tickets that I'm not going to use I'd sell for cheap

I'm not sure if I'll have anyone interested in going with me tonight or not. I have a 6:00 meeting I will have to try to get out of as well. How much are you willing to sell two of your tickets for in the case someone wants to go with me?

Also, if VT wins tonight, I will have interest in 3 tickets for the game tomorrow night. Please let me know if you have 3 tickets for tomorrow that you will need to sell.


I'll do $20 apiece. Row F so should be right above the courtside seats. Tomorrow is a maybe, I could potentially have more NC State friends coming

I couldn't make it tonight like I had hoped, but still would like to tomorrow. I'll check back on here tomorrow to see if you have three tickets you would like to sell. Thanks!

Rayo, Any chance you are selling 3 tickets to tonight's game for $20 each? If so, I'm interested. If not, I'll wait until after the UNCheat game has started and get online.


Hey man, not going to have extras to sell tn. Your best bet is to wait till then

No worries! I'll get tickets. Hope you enjoy the game! Go Hokies!

You too glad to hear it. Crowd was pretty weak last night- I was definitely the loudest one yelling there for the VT side. Going to need some more energy for tonight's game!

The crowd sounded good on TV! Not the loudest but very clear. GO HOKIES!!!

Updog for life!

It definitely picked up in the last 5 minutes, especially with the bs from the refs

Get any yet? I've got two left

I do not.

Nice, texted you

Check StubHub

Ah, I don't buy tickets through the internet often. Ticketmaster has been showing $24/ticket all day. Thanks

No resale tickets on Ticketmaster. I've only found resale on sites like StubHub. My guess is they are fans who bought the entire book of tickets but their team doesn't start playing until tomorrow or Thursday. So they're just trying to unload them. It was super easy. Bought them Sunday evening, and had the email for the transfer by Monday morning.

Focus on 1-0 today! Let's go HOKIES!

I live a whopping 20mins from the Coliseum. I also tested positive for covid Monday. Tickets for yesterday were going for $1 on stubhub...felt decent around midday and thought "if I get in and head to the upper deck with haste...I'll have a pretty clean conscience." I didn't...but damn it was enticing.

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