Pry-ssr Post Spring Game '24

VT wins. obligatory:

  • Hokie Hi Weekend by the numbers: 25-30k fans, 150 recruits, 100 lettermen, 4 official visits, 47 businessmen(80% lettermen) at Networking Night, donor gala, team members at the stadium and finish for remembrance run, lettermen night and golf tournament
  • "Pop" Watson had about double Wittke's snaps. Pop is out front, but coaches still need to evaluate Spring Game film.
  • Burgos with an int, fum recovery, 3 sacks. Played like he was mad today. "I have to get him mad at me all the time I guess".
  • Jennings is 100%, good to see him get the rust off
  • Portal opens Monday. "Got some guys in mind we'll speak with." Backup QB?
  • One of Pry's notes: "So many sacks, why?"
  • Heath can help in the Fall, should be a rotational guy. Makes people miss and has good hands. Has to stay healthy.
  • Bad Boyz are in a pretty good place. Good depth, good work from Mines and from the upperclassmen teaching the underclassmen.
  • PJ scrappy and quick. Has done it all on the scout team. Positioned himself to where he can help the team.
  • Reddish showing good man coverage skills. Another rotational guy at safety.
  • Peebles is as advertised.
  • Still have defensive players playing multiple positions to add to depth and develop players.
  • Good mic
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