Why not Buzzketball?

The Hokies knock off Liberty to advance to the Sweet 16. But now that they're there, why not think a little bigger?

[Virginia Tech Athletics]

In life, a lot of things are complicated. Living isn't inherently easy—with jobs, family, friends, homes, cars, pets, things can get complicated. And even our entertainment, like sports, can be complicated.

But the NCAA Tournament? It's about as simple as possible. Not the storylines or the programs or the dynamics between a coach and his players. But the simple mechanics of it? It's easy. In fact, it all comes down to one simple rule.


It doesn't matter who's in front of you, because you can't control it. It doesn't matter where you play, because you can't control that either. It doesn't matter what kind of schematic advantages or disadvantages your draw provides, because guess what?

You get it.

It doesn't matter that the Virginia Tech men's basketball team only faced double-digit seeds in their first weekend of March Madness. Nor does it matter that they didn't face a power five program in the two games. Kansas State, Mississippi State, and Marquette all fell to lesser teams earlier in the week. And, if you'd care to remember, a certain other team from down the road famously failed to beat a smaller school just a year ago (I'd link to the box score, but I bet you remember.)

All that matters is that they won. Which they did.

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