What do you Expect out of Logan Thomas?

For the first time, in what seems like forever, the Hokies are going to enter the football season uncertain of what to expect from their quarterback. Historically, the Hokies have had a difficult time transitioning between quarterbacks. In 2002 Grant Noel tweaked the ACL in his left knee that he tore in spring ball to give way to starter Bryan Randall. A "convenient" season ending injury. In '05 Marcus Vick drew unfair comparisons and expectations cast by the shadow of his older brother Michael and his career was nothing short of a spectacular disaster.

Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor's careers got off to slow starts in '06 and '07 respectively before sharing playing time in 2008. That was like one of those awkward episodes of elimiDATE where both of the guys in the hot tub compliment each other while taking turns making out with the broad. It worked out in the end for them, and her.

2002 Bryan Randall 158 248 2,134 63.7 8.60 12 11
2005 Marcus Vick 177 289 2,393 61.2 8.28 17 10
2006 Sean Glennon 170 302 2,191 56.3 7.26 11 11
2007 Tyrod Taylor 72 134 927 53.7 6.92 5 3

QBs are much shinier when still in their original packaging.

Over the last two seasons Tyrod Taylor made us all forget just how expensive experience underneath center is. Will Logan Thomas make us remember?

Forgetting the Michael Vick experience, past events would answer yes. But we wouldn't be exclusive, look at how Texas and Florida struggled to replace their veteran quarterbacks. However, the circumstances at Tech benefit Logan and all give him the best opportunity to succeed in year one.

The 2011 schedule is more than manageable. The big-time season opener that Tech is notorious for losing is inconspicuously absent, the Coastal division is weak, and the two best defenses in the ACC may reside in Tallahassee and Blacksburg, the former is not an immediate concern. There's an abundance of offensive talent surrounding Thomas too. Tech's four leading receivers from '10 Jarrett Boykin, Danny Coale, Dyrell Roberts and Marcus Davis all return to catch balls. The fifth, David Wilson, will be the primary focus of any defensive gameplan. Four-fifths of the starting offensive line return to protect LT, and hopefully this will be the year everything clicks upfront, but I'm not holding my breath. Unlike Noel/Randall and Glennon/Taylor, Thomas won't be a part of a controversy. Ju-Ju Clayton, who Thomas beat out for the backup job last season doesn't realistically seem to factor into the race and neither do youngsters Mark Leal and Ricardo Young. Sure it can be argued that not having someone nipping at, and pushing Thomas is a negative, but taking the maximum number of first team reps in practice and him not having to look over his shoulder are positives.

Ultimately, Thomas' first season as starter won't be judged on numbers. Tech quarterbacks, whether they are freshmen or seniors, don't throw for 4,000 yards and 35 touchdowns. Thomas will be successful if he can manage games, mitigate mistakes, get the ball to his playmakers, or become a difference maker himself if need be. Do I think that can happen? Yes. Is it likely? If what I saw last spring and summer at practice is any indicator, then yes. So what do you think and expect from LT?

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Can we face this TE debacle

Rummaging through the boards and rumor mill I'm constantly having to correct clowns who inanely talk about him being an Ed Wang type deal where we stuff a former TE into an uncomfortable roll and hope for the best. When it comes to the OL yes we've been disastrous but is everyone enough of a tard to think we were so desperate we took a pure TE and pinned the tail on the QB donkey. The guy did play QB in hs. I'm too lazy to grab his stats but from what I remember he was adept at it. Also, if that 20+ dart on 3rd in the ACCCG is any indication i'm not exactly worried. I personally think it will rely more on Stinkspring to build an offense more on this flexible receiving core over the gut punch run n gun we've become complacent with.

Statistics are from Hokiesports.com

Completed 118 of 204 passes for 1,535 yards and 20 touchdowns as a quarterback his senior season … Competed in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, catching two passes … Threw four touchdown passes in a 50-46 loss to James Monroe in the Group AA Division 3 championship game in December … Ran for 842 yards and 11 touchdowns as a senior … As a defensive back, recorded 80 tackles and intercepted four passes … Had more than 1,500 yards of total offense his junior season … Caught 55 passes as a receiver his sophomore season.

I'm excited for the Thomas era to begin, but I'm realistic enough to realize we're not getting a polished product. He's got all the intangibles to be great, but it's going to take time. If I remember correctly the reason why recruiting services all classed him as a tight end/athlete was because he was raw coming out of high school.

what I'm curious about

Is how he differs from Cam Newton as far as pre-playing hype and evaluation. Honestly don't know anything about CN. Did they expect greatness from him, and at what position, etc?

i didn't know all of his history

I guess it helps to play QB for a year at Florida, then JUCO, then be considered the only 5-star QB in the 2010 "class".

I understand

The writer says he's being contradictory himself calling for heads rolling bc of recruiting misses, coaching errors, player devo, etc then going on to say we shouldn't think a NC a birthright. Yea, i'm one of those early 2000 guys who watched Randall hit our first ACCCG in 04 and graduated in 08. However, I'm not one of those starry eyed youngins who think we deserve anything. i've heard the NC talk and quickly silence it. Did we have our toes in the water before labor day? sure. That collapsed around midnight that same night. I was dissapointed and even though many were playing if/then I knew chances we're slim. Even If LT has a spectacular year this year our cupcake schedule with sprinkles won't get us there.

I thought the argument for F4H's thesis was good and the points, at least for me, were well received.

Regarding what he wrote, I do think there is a distinct contrast between the young and the old fans in terms of expectations and results. The majority of the older crowd, based on who I've talked to, seems to be beyond grateful just to be in conversation and have bragging rights over their ACC friends in the region. For the most part, the students who became fans during the ACC years aren't satisfied. Both are understandable, it's human nature–everyone wants a little more pie. The older crowd has been served and are full, the kids still want seconds.

In reality, the program probably has an equal chance of winning the national title and regressing to the mean.

Over a long period of time we'll probably do both. In the now, I think we have a much better chance to win a MNC.

F4H was right on with the entitled fans

But unless you consider me "old" (and maybe I am!) I kindly propose that there is a 3rd group made up of practical realists with overachieving tendencies commonplace in VT alumni.

I metriculated in '92, so I had a solid year of us being bad. Then the Independence Bowl. I was in Lane for each loss in the 0-2 start, stood there in silence in Lane with everyone else trying to absorb the Miami win, and reveled in the thumping we gave Texas in NOLA that year.

'99 was awesome. And then it sucked a little at the very end.

So did every strong start/high ranking and skid in the early 2000's. And every big loss more recently.

I honestly thought we had the firepower to simply outscore everyone this year, and I was wrong. This was based on my long-held thesis of what we could do with an O to match our D. But that's cool, because Spring practice starts in 6 weeks. And I'll be up for it again because David Wilson eats Chik-fil-A on Sundays and don't forget it!

Maybe it was that I only had 1 year without a bowl, or that I witnessed much of the early rise to national relevance at an impressionable age, but I don't want the ride to stop.

I appreciate what we have, but it's not enough because it never is for me (and I suspect for others as well). Something can always be tweaked or adjusted despite the risks that it was already fine the way it was. As demonstrated by extra holes that I've drilled in my wall, countless broken gadgets, and scrapped code that I've rewritten.


I'm glad there is hunger for more. I am not satisfied with runner up National Champs. I remember a lot of talk about whether we were even deserving of being in the game against FlaSt. We showed we belonged even if we didn't win.

We have always been the underdog and had to earn our rankings. We sometimes get ahead of ourselves in reality and buy into some hype. But we still don't have the prestige of a preseason top 5 team. Truth is the team has many hard working guys who play tough but there is not enough major talent as a team to win it all without some luck. We will have to outwork everyone to get there.

We have been working hard to get where we are now. We are recognized for being overachievers more than being prestigious. If we are too complacent with what we have achieved there is a danger of slipping back. But I don't believe there is any complacency in this team or program, just some frustration from the fans.

I think he should do well

He needs blocking so he can get get passes off. He will be able to see over the line so will see the field well. Maybe we could use the TE more on passing. I am more concerned about how well DW blocks against the blitz.

Great QBs see and react to the D and are in synch with their teamates. Can he make the hot read on a blitz? Do we even have a hot read? Until he sees a lot of game pressure it will be difficult to know how good he will be.


LT better be able to pass the ball quickly and guys better be open .. scheme and talent .. while he can move for 6'6" he isn't TT quick and we all know what our OL is like.

i'm hoping

That Tyrod moved at least some of the time just to see over the line...