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Jayron gets Sport Science'd

Both Appalachian State and the Hokies will rely on contributions from freshman during Saturday's game. Caleb Farris (center), Mark Leal (quarterback), Zack McCray (defensive end), Duan Perez-Means (defensive end), Luther Maddy (defensive tackle), Corey Marshall (defensive tackle), Boye Aromire (rover), Detrick Bonner (corner) are all listed as backups on Tech's two-deep. Appalachian state is starting freshman at left tackle, left guard, receiver and right defensive end. There are 290 starts among the 57 players listed on their roster, an average of 5 each. Their backup left tackle is also a freshman, his name is Shaq Counts. Finally, excerpts from the pronunciation guide, my favorite section of the game notes. Say 'em slow now: DRAY-gurr, Daddy, JARE-in Goo-VAY-uh.

David Teel chronicles the decision that led to Frank Beamer being our coach these last 25 years and not Bobby Ross.

Grillin' With Wolf: Beer Brats


My idea behind this series of posts was to come up with some unique dishes that shared a theme with each opponent, or their regional food. I designed dishes that are moderately easy to make, even for someone who normally does not work a grill. This will provide the least amount of work, maximum amount of flavor and freshness, and the ability to change up your weekly eats.

All of these recipes can be cooked on a gas or charcoal grill. I will let you know cooking times for each if they differ, and/or which grill I prefer to use. I will provide a list everything you will need to take with you for each recipe; an essential list is below.

Preseason BlogPoll Ballot

Again this season I'll be a SB Nation BlogPoll voter. The BlogPoll voting philosophy encourages transparency and scrutiny. Each Monday I'll post my ballot along with some bullet points explaining my reasonings for my not so obvious rankings. It's your job to keep me honest, and looking sane. I welcome your feedback telling me what I screwed up and how to fix it.

My preseason poll is after the jump.

It's Game Week.

billdozervt just impregnated the site.

For the last eight months I've been obsessively clinging to scraps; staying on top of recruiting, watching spring practice, analyzing depth charts and reading practice reports. It's game week now, and it's a relief for me to let the minutia of the offseason go and watch it fade away behind me. No sooner after it disappeared did I feverishly reach out with both hands to grab onto the season ahead. I didn't want to let it to slip on by and miss the ride.

I'm sure some of you can relate.

These next fifteen weeks are the most important fifteen weeks since the ones at the beginning of September 2010, and the fifteen weeks that will proceed September 2012. Watching, following and obsessing over our Hokies will no doubt be a frustrating, humbling, satisfying, suspenseful and entertaining trek this fall. It always is. This is a new team full of familiar faces and I'm most excited to see what kind of dynamic develops.

Our consistency during our tenure in the ACC has yielded excellence and success. It's also made for some boring Saturdays, even some of the losses became predictable. We knew how Stiney was going to call a series, we knew Tyrod would dazzle us, we knew Bud would get it done, we knew we were the team to beat in the ACC, but we'd only teased being elite.

Hokies Dress Roster for Appalachian State

One of the many reoccurring story lines during camp this August was which freshman and true freshman would dress, fill out the two-deep and possibly play. Friday night The Key Play.com reported Michael Via injured his ACL. The extent of that injury is still unknown. The Hokies 70 man dress roster was released today and it goes a long way to clearing up muddy water.

True freshman Boye Aromire, Caleb Farris, Kyshoen Jarrett, Luther Maddy, Ryan Malleck, Corey Marshall and Dadi Nicolas are all on dress the roster and redshirt freshman Matt Arkema, Riley Beiro, Detrick Bonner, Nick Dew, Derek DiNardo, Daniel Dyer, Joe St. Germain, Trey Gresh, Jonathan Halfhide, Mark Leal, Zack McCray, Duan Perez-Means and Chase Williams join them. Michael Via is not on the dress roster and is listed as injured. It's also worth noting Via underwent reconstructive knee surgery after an injury in the spring of 2009.

From all reports Via played pretty well filling in at right tackle for Blake DeChristopher these last couple of weeks. Via would have provided solid depth behind DeChristopher and center Andrew Miller. Now the Hokies are forced to rely on two unproven backups, right tackle Vinston Painter and center Caleb Farris. A deep offensive line was supposed to be a position of strength going into the season, injuries are doing their best to object.

Hokies Hit Em Up: Riding on our Rivalries

Heated rivalry games fueled by fiery fan bases are one of the great things about college football. If you can't take some ribbing about your team in stride you are probably better off not being a fan. It's less than a week to the start of the season, a perfect time to stoke the fire. I'll start by going in on the team that was the greatest rival to VT when I was in school, and is currently the biggest dumpster fire in the college sports world right now.

Miami aka "da U"

When I think of Miami I can't help but think of the song "Wanksta". "Damn Miami, in the 80s you were the man homie, what the F' happened to you?" I know the typical Miami refrain is to point to the fact that they have won national titles and even won one in 2001, but that was a decade and two fired coaches ago. Miami's last real hopes of a national title died at Lane Stadium in the fall of 2003 when the Hokies beat down the #2 team in the nation 31-7. With all of Miami's pride and history they closed the Orange Bowl by getting crushed by UVA. With all their swagger they have only a single bowl win in the last 5 years, which was by 1 point against Nevada. Program wise Miami is located in a very talent rich area and has a national presence so even despite outdated facilities, poor attendance, athletic department running in the red, rampant cheating, and lack of recent success they have been a formidable foe and a great rivalry game.

With all the prostitutes, strippers, and boat trips no wonder Miami didn't win; they must've been exhausted.

The recent news of allegations against Miami is the biggest topic besides expansion in college football right now. There are a litany of troublesome accusations including prostitutes, money for injuring opposing players, cash giveaways to recruits, and even an abortion. The Miami transfers have allegedly been squealing to maintain eligibility and even though the main informant is a felon there is a lot of documentation to develop a good case with no one stepping up to prove his accusations false. Miami probably deserves the death penalty if allegations are true but it's not the right thing to do, and even though I have a strong dislike for them, I don't want it to happen. Miami getting the death penalty would be horrible for the ACC, our scheduling, and even the city of Miami's economy, besides the NCAA doesn't have the balls to do it. I would love to see Miami heavily sanctioned with loss of scholarships and bowl game privileges for 5 years.

Hokie Tracks Weren't Allowed to Watch Wednesday's Scrimmage

9 Days.

The Hokies held their final scrimmage of August yesterday. It was not open to the public. Here's the complete report from HokieSports.com.

Defensive end James Gayle had a monster scrimmage, recording four sacks as the Hokies held the final scrimmage of preseason practice at Lane Stadium on Wednesday evening.

The scrimmage ended on a sore note for head coach Frank Beamer, who took an inadvertent elbow from quarterback Logan Thomas right above his left eye. Thomas started celebrating after throwing a touchdown pass on the final play of the scrimmage, and unintentionally hit Beamer, drawing blood. Tech's head coach headed for the training room and received four stitches.

"I didn't mean to do it," Thomas said. "After I did it, I turned around and saw his papers on the ground and saw the blood. I was thinking, ‘Oh, my.' I apologized to him. He didn't say anything, so I hope he's not mad."

Gayle, a redshirt sophomore from Hampton, Va., was the bigger story in the scrimmage. He finished with six tackles — four sacks and two other tackles for a loss. Behind him, Tech's first-team defense recorded eight sacks in the scrimmage.

"I messed up on the first couple of plays and sometimes it's something small that sets you off," Gayle said. "That kind of set me off.

"I feel like our defensive front four is going to be at the top in the ACC when it comes to sacks. All of our guys are athletic and fast, and I see us getting a lot more sacks than we did last year."

Tech's first-team units did not face each other in the scrimmage. The Hokies' scored four touchdowns, with three of those coming against the second-team defense.

David Wilson, who rushed for 36 yards on five carries, scored on a 14-yard run, while fellow tailback Michael Holmes scored on a 4-yard run. Thomas threw a 30-yard touchdown pass to Danny Coale on the final play of the scrimmage.

Tech's first-team defense allowed just one score. Backup quarterback Mark Leal threw a swing pass to Daniel Dyer, who went 40 yards for a touchdown.

Thomas completed 15 of 23 for 140 yards and the one touchdown. Perhaps more importantly, he did not throw an interception.

"That's how you win games — don't turn the ball over and create turnovers," Thomas said. "My job is not to throw picks, so I was really happy with that today."

Leal completed 8 of 18 for 160 yards and a touchdown. He, too, did not throw an interception. Tony Gregory led all rushers with 40 yards on four carries, and Jarrett Boykin led all receivers with five catches for 44 yards. Marcus Davis and Coale caught three passes each.

Tech's other scoring came on two field goals. Cody Journell missed a 43-yarder, but atoned by hitting a 35-yarder. Justin Myer made a 36-yarder.

Telvion Clark led all tacklers with nine (5 solo). Jack Tyler, James Hopper, Luther Maddy and Antone Exum finished with five each.

What stands out more to me than the accolades describing what reads like a crisp scrimmage is the fact that the starters played against the reserves the entire way. So take it with a grain of salt. The kicking game is still entirely too inconsistent, and you'd have to believe right now punts would be the call over long field goal attempts. There are 48 seconds of highlights available as well as an interview with Coach Stinespring. Mark Leal throws a tiz-ight spiral, and what nice gentle touch on LT3's touchdown pass to Coale. Stiney noted poor execution by the first team o-line in 3rd down situations, and the scrimmage was bumped up to Wednesday from Saturday to give the team two more days to focus on the Appalachian State game plan.

2011-12 Basketball Schedule Released

We interrupt everybody's excitement about being 10 days away from Hokie football for a little roundball news...

The ACC announced its' 2011-2012 basketball slate this afternoon, culminating with the ACC Tournament, this year held at Phillips Arena in Atlanta from March 8-11. The Hokies have 32 games on the docket, including a potential 24 televised contests, 17 of which could end up on one of the ESPN Family of Networks. Here's some quick hits about the schedule: