David Wilson Shines in Tech's Second Scrimmage

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The scrimmage started at 11:00 AM and lasted 96 plays. The Hokies will hold their final, closed, scrimmage on Wednesday. Again I wasn't able to make it down to the 'Burg ($172 hotel room!), but followed along closely via #Hokies on Twitter and updates and video from HokieSports.com.

Thoughts on the Frankinator's remarks and the highlights.

  • Beamer is still looking for consistency in the kicking game. Even though he had an average afternoon Cody Journel will be the starting kicker. Scott Demler had, "good height" and will be the starting punter. Even though Beamer mentioned him as an option, Danny Coale didn't punt at all. It was fun while it lasted, RIP #Coale4Punter.
  • The coaches are still searching to fill the two-deep along the defensive line and in the defensive secondary.
  • James Gayle made a tremendous play to force Oglesby's fumble. He fought down into the line, pushed, who I believe to be George George, into the hole, and helped pop the ball out. Also, great awareness by Kyle Fuller to scoop and score.
  • I really like David Wilson's patience when he's carrying the ball. From everything I've seen, that includes today's touchdown run, he's doing a great job or letting his blocks set up, then accelerating once he's hit the hole.
  • Why isn't anyone covering DRAGERBOMB? To his credit that score looked entirely too easy.

Notable Tweets

Hokie Tracks Get Previewed

For no reason in particular here's a picture of David Wilson's whip.

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Previewed. CBSSports.com senior writer Brett McMurphy thinks the Hokies will "roll" through their soft schedule. I really want to describe Tech's schedule as idiotproof, but come on, it's college football, so manageable is more fair. Four winnable non-conference games to ease Logan Thomas and an inexperienced platoon of defensive reserves into the ACC schedule sets up for success. Bill Connelly's examination of Tech is as thorough as a physical, honest and fair. I suggest you read the entire preview. College Football Matrix concludes there's a better chance for teams to pull an upset against Tech at Lane than in their own home.

Backup wideout Xavier Boyce will transfer to Norfolk State.

The STRAIGHTBURNER has switched positions from flanker to split end. Duly noted. I read that as, Dyrell has a better chance getting playing time over Coles than Davis. The positions are quite similar, the frequency at which each run specific routes is a notable difference. Some statistics to chew on, Boykin, Coale, Roberts and Davis caught 29%, 22%, 16% and 4% of completions in 2009, and 25%, 19.5% 10.5% 9.5% in 2010 respectively. What do you think the breakdown will be like this season?

Kwamaine Battle Will Miss the 2011 Season

Hokies trainer Mike Goforth announced backup defensive tackle Kwamaine Battle will miss the 2011 season*. Battle tore the ACL of his left knee during Tech's scrimmage Saturday. It's the same injury he suffered against James Madison last season. As of yesterday it was thought the injury was only a minor sprain. Battle is a senior, but he can appeal the NCAA for a sixth year of eligibility.

I feel horrible for Kwamaine. I know first hand, well wrist, the time and effort it takes to recover from a torn ligament (and a bunch of broken bones), and my only goal was to swing a golf club again. Battle worked himself into football shape in less than a year. Many well wishes for a speedy recovery Kwamaine.

Where does that leave the defensive line without any proven backups at tackle? Redshirt junior Isaiah Hamlette and true freshman Luther Maddy are on the two-deep. Hamlette is a monster, our biggest defensive lineman listed at 6-5 291. It's hard for a big body like that to be quick enough and have the proper techniques, chief among them playing low, to be successful attacking gaps in our scheme. Although, Collin Carroll described Hamlette as being "quick as a hiccup" and said he "showed great burst and got great penetration".