Hokie Tracks are Following Eight Man Fronts

I hope this will become a semi-regular feature summarizing relevant Virginia Tech, ACC and college football news as it piles up. It will most certainly be a day late, and dollar short, but hopefully it will serve as discussion starter. If I missed anything feel free to email them to me or post links in the comments.

EDSBS dug up a handout of Bud Foster's Attack Defense from the 76th AFCA Convention in 1999. We no longer exclusively use true eight man fronts, and haven't for a long time, but it's still a very worthwhile read because many of the philosophies and theories such as the Whip / Rover positions, attacking style of play, and multiple coverages remain the same. Oh, and there are diagrams, so many pretty diagrams.

Concussions: Watch Out for the imPACT

Editor's Note: Moved to the front page because, well, yeah, read the thing and tell me you don't come away impressed.

By: Max Esterhuizen

You are enduring the elements at a football game: the cold, the rain, and the high winds. None of it matters when you are watching your favorite team play a vicious match. Suddenly, there is a bone-rattling hit on the other teams player. You start cheering because of the ferocity of the hit. The other player doesn’t get up. Concern fills the stands. The player gets up with help, but appears confused and woozy. He just suffered a moderate concussion, which is a growing problem in today’s athletics.

Occurrence and Symptoms

Proud to be an American

Move over Ricky Stanzi.

Nestled in an affluent neighborhood, the compound was surrounded by walls as high as 18 feet, topped with barbed wire. Two security gates guarded the only way in. A third-floor terrace was shielded by a seven-foot privacy wall. No phone lines or Internet cables ran to the property. The residents burned their garbage rather than put it out for collection. Intelligence officials believed the million-dollar compound was built five years ago to protect a major terrorist figure. The question was, who?

The CIA asked itself again and again who might be living behind those walls. Each time, they concluded it was almost certainly bin Laden.

The full story of how it went down comes via Yahoo!, no doubt you already have, but if you haven't read the entire thing.

124. The Offseason Begins.

♫ The Hokiebird makes it his biz to make sure all the cheerleaders swoon. ♫

via @vtnews: The 1962 edition of the Hokiebird.

The real offseason began immediately after the conclusion of the Maroon-White game two Saturdays ago. Sure, there was no Hokie football going on between the end of the Orange Bowl and start of spring practice, but it was a manageable break, one that's often appreciated by my body, but never welcomed by my heart. It's almost summer, and soon we'll all pass the time by doing summery things: grilling, yard work, vacationing, going to the beach, etc... If any of you are like me you'll take the beautiful weather and fun in the sun a little bit for granted because you'll still be looking ahead to the upcoming season.

Ryan Williams Drafted by the Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals selected Ryan Williams with the 6th pick of the second round (38th overall).

I'm going to miss RMFW dragging corpses into the end zone.

Currently, the Cardinals already have two proven NFL backs on their roster, Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower. However, they struggled mightily to run the ball and finished last in total rushing in 2010 (1,388 yards). The Cardinals are obviously looking to improve their running game, so look for Williams to get a shot to earn a significant amount of carries.

I'll be drafting him for my fantasy team.

Congratulations Ru, Lil' Sweetness, Ryan Mother Fucking Williams and 1/2 of the 100 Proof Backfield!

Film Study: Maroon-White Game

I promised more detailed analysis after I watched the tape of the Maroon-White Game. I deliver thoughts in varying lengths and in no particular order.

Mike O'Cain's passing game showed its teeth. There were a lot of three-step drops paired with aggressive routes that pushed the field vertically. If LT3 can make the reads quick enough, which he did against a base defense, we can really start using our off-the-blocks speed at receiver to our advantagee. On the 55-yard Maroon scoring drive set up by Jayron Hosley's return, Maroon called 4 straight passes (Logan took off and ran up a soft middle for 6-ish yards on one) until Logan pumped and threw to Marcus Davis for six.

Four Verts: Randall Dunn makes the reception and Boykin is not pictured, but was indeed running down the field.

There were screens too. Screens, those plays we used to run a ton of, then stopped calling altogether. Hopefully we'll use them with moderation, when appropriate.

Observations from the Spring Game

In returning to Blacksburg for the first time since the ECU game last year, one question kept coming to mind: Why the hell do I not come back more often? I made the bookstore rounds, watched the sun go down at the pylons, visited the April 16th memorial, ran into Macho Harris walking downtown, got my picture with Bruce Smith, demolished a Kabuki dinner in Christiansburg, and got to see some sloppy, but promising, spring football.

Maroon 27 - White 0 - Atmosphere Amazing

The stands in Lane Stadium were painted orange and maroon Saturday afternoon. In the spring those two colors are foreign there, almost always reversed for the fall, but as usual Hokie Nation came out in droves to support their team. From what my eyes saw, the only Hokie not wearing generous amounts of maroon and orange was Frank Beamer.

The Frankinator wore a black suit with a delicately checkered orange shirt on a day sunny enough to burn unprotected skin, and hot enough to make a cold beer taste that much better. As per his style, he smiled, shook hands, and observed the game more than he coached it. On Saturday he chose to be the CEO of Beamer Co., tucked away in the back of the boardroom, to not only oversee the first steps towards defending our ACC Championship, but maybe to relax and appreciate what he's built over the last 24 years. He didn't break a sweat.