Let's start by getting all the pleasantries out of the way. We won. A tick on the left side of the column is all that matters. Boykin and Coale had another stellar game. We're going to reminisce about this duo at tailgates for a long time to come. Anytime we recruit another little known two-star receiver you better believe people are going to say, "kid could be another Coale."

After every game I realize how important Cris Hill is to this team. I give a lot of well deserved credit to Kyle Fuller for being able to step in and play Whip/Nickel, but without Hill filling in for him strongly at corner that'd never be possible. He had another 6 tackles and held his ground all afternoon in coverage.

If that game itself was the trick, then David Wilson was the treat. YEAH BAD HALLOWEEN PUNS FOR EVERYONE. Believe me there are runs when I'm screaming for him just to take the couple of yards that are there, instead of shooting for the moon. But afterwords when I take a look at his entire body of work I appreciate his aggressive and ambitious running style and the numbers and points he puts up. Also, credit to Josh O for doing work and putting up six in relief of Wilson. That was a tremendous cutback on his 31-yard run.


"Just like basketball."

*clap, clap, clap*

I think Lester is trying to get arrested by the fashion police. We're wearing maroon helmets, white jerseys and orange pants. The first time we've done so since a 1994 win against ECU.

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Duke Football Primer: Photo Edition

Where they play: Wade Wallace Stadium 

The Blue Devils have earned the NCAA's Academic Achievment Award more than any other football program. 

The media perenially tabs the Blue Devils as ACC football dark horses... 

...but usually they stick to the hardcourt. 

The future of the ACC?

This is Bill Cosby Decked out in Maroon*

via @virginia_tech

Is the Frankinator consulting with comedian Bill Cosby about the kicking game and how to proceed under the hypothetical situation that Cody Journell can't play? I don't know, you tell me!

You seeeeeeeeee, the Myer has, to, kick, the ball more consistently. It pewwwwwwwwwwwww goes the distance, just doesn't always split the bars.

When asked about how his chat with Cosby went, Beamer responded:

Real strong comedian right there, good staff of writers around him.

/raises his two fists to his chest and slowly pumps them back and forth in short bursts.

He's always well-prepared, has that "want-to". His sets are real consistent: great intro, punchlines always get after ya, finishes strong.

/serious face

Great comedians make great jokes, and that's what Bill's always done.

*And just subtle amounts of orange, Lester please take note.

Duke Preview

Who: #15/15 Virginia Tech Hokies (7-1, 3-1 ACC) @ Duke Blue Devils (3-4, 1-2 ACC)

Time: 12:30 PM

TV Coverage: ACC Network (Tim Brant, Dave Archer, Scott Pryzwansky)

Venue: Wallace Wade Stadium, Durham, NC (33,941 – Grass)

Series History: Virginia Tech leads 11-7

  • Last Meeting (2010): Virginia Tech 44, Duke 7
  • Coach Beamer is a perfect 7-0 against Duke
  • The Hokies have won 10 straight games against the Blue Devils, dating back to 1981
  • In 7 ACC contests, the Hokies have outscored Duke by an average of 37-8

Injury Report

  • LB Alonzo Tweedy – Out (ankle)
  • OL Mark Shuman – Out (knee/ankle)

The Opponent: The Hokies start the final third of their season by facing the first of four consecutive Coastal Division opponents. This Duke team has continued a trend of Blue Devil teams under David Cutcliffe, slowly working its way into a competitive nature. The Blue Devils are more consistent than in years past, but they still have their Duke moments, such as losing to Richmond for their third consecutive time.

At 3-4, the Blue Devils possess wins over Boston College, Tulane, and FIU. They, too, finish the season with all Coastal Division games, but they play all five division opponents in a row, starting with Tech.


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Now, Where Do We Go From Here?

The Hokies' regular season is two-thirds over. In the first eight games there were some bumps along the way. Oh, and the Clemson game too. That was a head-on collision into a Jersey barrier that no one saw us speeding into. Or maybe we didn't care to notice? The airbags deployed, and we moved on from the wreck, but it hurt like hell. Don't drink the Kool-Aid and drive. Now, where do we go from here?

Forward. OK, that was an obvious answer, but all of realistic goals --beating Virginia, earning a spot in the ACC Championship Game, playing in the Orange Bowl-- set by the team at the start of the season (and even the unrealistic one, but I'm not mentioning that) are in front of us, just starting to come into view over the horizon. A better question, what's it going to take to get there?

A Healthy Defense

We lose defensive tackles Antoine Hopkins and Kwamaine Battle for the year, Corey Marshall and Luther Maddy step up. The Hyphen's turnaround season got cut short, Alonzo Tweedy shows he can play, then tweaks his ankle. Detrick Bonner made All-American Jayron Hosley's absence a little more tolerable. Tyrel Wilson earned the Frankinator's praise trying to fill James Gayle's large shadow against Boston College. Tackling machine Bruce Taylor went down, Barquell Rivers didn't skip a beat. Kyle Fuller and Cris Hill have been human Band-Aids, treating any and all trauma suffered by the secondary.

Six Pick: Week Nine

One upset Saturday down, with at least another one to come ... but when? Stay tuned. Like the rest of October, there are only a couple of marquee games this weekend. But, you never know when a Texas Tech will strike, shake the foundation, and move Boise State get that much closer to the national title game. Speaking of national title games, we are only week away from that de facto one, and I am giddy with excitement. A mini-viewing party is in the works at Casa de BCO, complete with beer, BBQ, cornhole and college football at its highest level. ::Breathe:: I am putting the cart before the horse. First, let's see what this weekend brings.

VT Football Winning Streaks & Week 2 BCS "Projections"

Not a whole lot of time for me this week, as I'm in the San Francisco Bay area for work, so I figured I'd throw out a few quick numbers nuggets to the TKP readers.  First, a look at Virginia Tech's active winning streaks, and then a look BCS Bowl projections as if the season ended today.