Report: Seth Greenberg has been fired

Update: 4:00 PM Jim Weaver announced Seth Greenberg has been terminated.

Update: 3:20 PM Mark Giannotto of the Washington Post is reporting Greenberg has been fired.

Update: 1:37 PM Jeff Goodman of mentioned Seth's only remaining assistant John Richardson "is returning to Old Dominion". Might that have been the final straw?

Updates as they come will go up here, the original post is below.


Report: "#Hokies press conference is about a change in head men's basketball coach."

Earlier today Virginia Tech announced a mystery press conference at 4:00 PM with Jim Weaver. No reason for the presser was given. Rumors started flying. Was Jim Weaver going to retire? Was Bud Foster going to accept the vacant head coaching position at Arkansas? No. According to David Teel, there's going to be a coaching change on the basketball team.

Thunder and Lightening Delays Unveiling of the New Look Hokies Offense

Well, it was terrific to meet may @TheKeyPlay posters for the first time, and we revelled in the rapid fire announcements of commitments that hopefully have given us bookends to the offensive line and the next great Hokie quarterback, but I was very eager to see the Hokies run their new offensive philosophy. I wanted this post to go one of two ways.

Recruitsburg Recap

Even though the Maroon-White game was a washout (puns, puns, puns), Tech still addressed a lot of its needs for the 2013 cycle Saturday on its biggest recruiting day ever. Four of the six players that committed held UVa offers too (Charles Clark, Bucky Hodges, Parker Osterloh and Braxton Pfaff), so naturally this is appropriate.

Of course this from our very own VTBox. His giffing skills apparently know no bounds. Every frame above is absolutely glorious.

The Hokies could take as many as 6 offensive linemen this year, and they're off to a fantastic start by landing the top two o-line recruits in the state.

Osterloh, a 6-foot-7, 275-pound junior, committed this weekend while in Blacksburg for the Hokies' spring football game.

"I've always felt that Virginia Tech was a great fit for me, athletically and academically," said Osterloh, who is leaning toward a biology major and has been recruited as an offensive tackle. "I was very comfortable with the coaching staff."

Braxton Pfaff  a 6-5 290 tackle from Liberty Christian Academy in Lynchburg, will join Osterloh in Blacksburg. It was a toss up between Tech and UVa to land Pfaff. He was at Festivus last week and enjoyed his time, but lucky for us he picked Tech.

Maroon-White Game Live Blog

Box is running it, it starts at 4:00. Stay dry my friends.

Maroon-White Rosters

They're hot of the press, but were released as jumbo images so here is the maroon roster, and the white.

In past years the teams have been divided somewhat fair, but not this year. It's straight ones versus twos. I'm extremely happy the starting o-line is on the same team. I've griped before when they've been split up. Now we'll get a truer sense of how they look headed into August. However, it's not the truest sense. While our second team d-line is probably better than some starting units in the ACC, there's no denying that they're a step, albeit a tiny one, behind the starters, particularly at the 4th end and tackle positions. Also, I've heard all spring about quality battles between Painter and Gayle, and I'm disappointed I won't be able to see them go at it firsthand. Personally I prefer starters against starters, backups against backups, because I think it's the highest level of competition.

Identity: The Key to the Spring

Before I get into the key issues I will focus on as I attend my first Hokie spring football game this Saturday, I would like to take a moment to also welcome Brian Marcolini to @TheKeyPlay's staff. I have been very impressed with his first post and he will be an excellent addition to the team.

So, after shooting off my mouth all last week about my concerns about the lack of offensive identity in the offense made worse by adding offensive plays that require a new fundamental skill set to be learned by the offensive line, quarterbacks, and running backs, now the Hokies coaching staff has an opportunity to make me drink a big ole glass of shut the hell up this Saturday. Here are some of the key things I will be looking for in the performance this weekend.

1) Offensive Identity

I exepect that if the Hokies extensively use a pistol and spread package, they should showcase the full array of BASE plays out of each set. I have spent some quite moments this week watching YouTube videos of Nevada's pistol offense, and there are a couple of base plays that I feel the Hokies must establish in order to utilize the set in the heat of the ACC schedule.

What I'm watching for at the Maroon-White Game

Editor's Note: Say hello to our newest writer, Brian Marcolini. He's a junior communications student at Tech. In 2010 he nearly got into a fight sticking up for Grant Noel, and he once fist bumped Deron Washington's mom.

Over the past three weeks, Hokie football has gone into full hype mode. As big of a Tech football addict as I am, I have been able to satisfy my addiction with two spring scrimmages, making me even more amped for this weekend's spring game. Unfortunately for most people making a trip to Blacksburg for a ninety-minute inter-squad scrimmage is virtually impossible (but if you actually could convince your significant other of its value... I highly admire you). However, this year's game will be broadcast on ESPN3.

Whether you're in Lane, or watching online, never fear. Here I am to let you know what you missed over the past two weeks, and what developments I'll be watching through a rail/tailgating induced haze on Saturday.