Grillin' With Wolf: Pulled Pork

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill started enrolling students in 1795 and was the first state university in the United States. Since then they have been irrelevant in football. The South's Oldest Rivalry is a game between the Tar Heels and our beloved Hoos. They played for the 116th time this season. Even though we both hate of UVA, I still haven't gotten over the 2009 Thursday night loss. So how do we prepare for another Thursday night game in Blacksburg, one with ACC Championship implications on the line? Well, we get up early, start the grill, and grab the Wild Turkey 101*. Today we are making my favorite food from the state of North Carolina, pulled pork. You can add sauce if you want (North Carolina sauces depending on where you are can be vinegar or tomato based), but man up and eat some pulled pork that can stand on its own. Since I decided to not grill goat I included a quick goat cheese asparagus recipe as a side.


I Pledge.

Virginia has done everything to get their uninterested fans interested in their mediocre football program. There has been a TV show, commercials and discounted tickets in Valpak. Now there's this, a video begging UVa students to come back to the grounds for the Commonwealth Cup. A Cavalier loss is expected, but one in front of a pro-Hokie crowd would be worrisome for Mike London, a man passionately selling the Hoo brand of football across the Commonwealth.

As for the video itself, that shit cray.

This is the third version of the video uploaded by the Hoos, the other two have been removed. Some things may have changed.

0:00 - 0:05 Nothing says Thanksgiving football like the slow, soft vocals Skylar Grey delicately massaging my sensitive side.

0:05 - 0:30 Yes, we get it, you beat a ranked Georgia Tech. /round of applause

Death by a Thousand Sneaks: Second Half Analysis

Happy Monday everyone. I have reviewed the full film, and I had completely reviewed the 2nd half for both the Hokies O and D. Unfortunately, I lost my first draft and rather than re-watch the play by play for the full second half, I will just focus on the offense. Some quick notes on the defense first.

Georgia Tech Roll Call

What a thrilling win to watch. This is an awesome group to watch when its clicking.

There were a lot of huge efforts on Thursday night, and I try to mention them all below.

1. Antone Exum - He got away with one on a third down crossing route. I thought Bud had him lined up a little close to the line of scrimmage much of the night, which made it difficult for him to get outside when needed. Overall, OK night.

2. Josh Oglesby - He was impressive on the first touchdown drive and the TD drive where Tech took the lead. He's a tough runner, but I'm not sure we should be pitching him (or Wilson) the ball on first and goal from the two. But I like them, or Logan up the middle.

3. Logan Thomas - He already has that Tyrod Taylor confidence about him. Like Tyrod, he doesn't really show stress in adverse situations. I'm just really impressed: The throw to Coale was a laser right on the money. The second pass to Coale was beautiful. Even the throw that Drager dropped was sick. And we're seeing what we were all waiting for on these 3rd-and-shorts...Really glad he's on our team - I would hate to play against him. I'd probably punch him in the head.

They've Formed like Voltron

VTBox is doing the Lord's work.

Blake DeChristopher has "graded out" 90% or better in 9 out of 10 games this season (88% Arkansas State), Jaymes Brooks has 40 knockdowns on the year. Those metrics are utterly subjective, vaguely defined and couldn't be any less helpful when trying to convey the success the Hokies' offense is having in 2011. These are more concrete and well understood. David Wilson leads the nation with 1,360 rushing yards. Logan Thomas has thrown for almost 20 more yards per game in his first year as starter than Tyrod did his senior year, and has only been sacked ten times. Jarrett Boykin and Danny Coale will finish their careers as Tech's receiving yards and receptions leaders.

Like most of you, when I'm watching a game live I'm watching the ball, I don't pick a particular player or group to key on before the snap. Where the ball goes, my eyes follow. I notice David Wilson flying down the sideline, not the blocks that setup the run. I focus on Logan scanning the field looking for the open man, then marvel over the one-handed, toe tapping sideline catch that follows. I overlook the backside blitz pickup that afforded LT3 the extra couple of seconds to stand in the pocket and deliver the throw.

The offensive line is under appreciated when the scoreboard is getting lit up. They're overly criticized when the team's struggling.

Preseason NIT Basketball Preview

After a successful season opener against East Tennessee State, Virginia Tech welcomes three schools to Blacksburg for the opening rounds of the Preseason NIT on Monday and Tuesday. The Hokies are the #4 seed in the 16-team tournament and have the potential to play the #1 seed Syracuse in the semifinals at Madison Square Garden next week. Oklahoma State (#2) and Stanford (#3) are the other hosts in the opening rounds Monday and Tuesday.

Here’s the schedule for the Blacksburg (East) region:

  • Monday
    • Virginia Tech vs Monmouth (7 PM, ESPN3)
    • George Mason vs Florida International (9:30 PM, ESPN3)
  • Tuesday
    • (If win) Virginia Tech vs GMU/FIU winner (6 PM, ESPNU)
    • Monmouth vs GMU/FIU loser (8:30 PM)

As for the teams themselves, here’s a look at what to expect:

Virginia Tech Hokies (1-0)

Week 11 BlogPoll Ballot

My full poll is after the jump, the rankings are starting to get sorted out on their own. Please leave your opinions, thoughts and suggestions in the comments and I'll adjust as necessary.

  • Oregon - This is a team built to mash the Pac-12, but I still don't feel they'd contend against any team with an elite defense (read LSU, Alabama).
  • Oklahoma / Oklahoma State - Bedlam still seems to set up as a default play-in game to the national championship.
  • Stanford - Were they trying to suck for Luck?
  • Golden Eagles - Dropped after a 30-29 win over UCF, not necessarily for the close win, but because I had them too high in past polls.

Death by a Thousand Sneaks: Film Review of the Hokies versus the Yellowjackets

First Hokies Offensive Series:

1st and 10- One TE, 3 WR, DW at tailback. Line is 72-75-74-68-62. Bootleg on first down. Not a great ball fake by Wilson or Thomas, but plenty of time. LT3 looks a bit tenative and doesn't find anyone downfield. Scramble and gets back to the line. Good blocking, but Drager lost his man late to make Thomas scramble.

Gut Reactions: VT versus GT in Review

I don't know about you, fellow Hokies, but I am EXHAUSTED after last night's football game. That war had everything you could hope for in a big football game: offensive execution, defensive playmaking, dominant offensive line play, outstanding individual effort, and yes, mistakes. Mistakes often make the game that much more dramatic.

Virginia Tech again rode the undulating roller coaster of emotion, yet found a way to calm the seas and execute in the biggest moments of the football game. And, I know many of you don't share my respect for what Paul Johnson does, but his kids, especially on offense, really took it to the Hokies, and it is a testament to the Hokies that they were able to win the game.