Grillin' With Wolf: Arkansas State Baby Back Ribs

Arkansas State is the second largest college in Arkansas and is located on Crowley's Ridge in Jonesboro. ASU was founded as an agricultural school in 1909 and changed names multiple times finally settling on their current name in 1933. The Red Wolves, who are part of Sun Belt, finished 4-8 last year. ASU has put a lot of players in the NFL such as Ray Brown, Tyrell Johnson, Ken Jones, Ron Meeks, and Elbert Shelley. What comes to mind when you think of Arkansas? Barbeque should. Arkansas BBQ may not be as well known as NC, TN, TX, or KS, but is that because of the food or the people? Rex Nelson wrote an interesting article with his view that Arkansas BBQ is not often spoken of because the people of the state are modest.. Arkansas barbeque is almost always pork and is a mix between sauce and rub. So here is my interpretation of Arkansas baby back ribs.


Film Study: BBQ-Scented Potpourri

After re-watching the ECU game, I feel a lot better now about the team going forward than I did Saturday afternoon. Watching the game live wasn't easy on my eyes. The penalties, turnovers, special teams gaffs and little mistakes added up and overshadowed what was otherwise a clinic in power football supported by a tremendous defensive performance. We controlled the clock for 37:22, rushed for 241 yards, held ECU to 112 total yards and only won by seven points. We spotted ECU 92 yards on penalties, turned the ball over twice, only threw for 91 yards, got lucky ECU dropped some balls, missed a gimme field goal, shanked some punts and won by seven points. There's a very thin line separating wins and losses, and I'm happy as hell we're on the right side of it.

This week's film study won't have a theme, but will be a hodgepodge of things that caught my attention.

East Carolina Game Review (Focus on the Front 7)

Okay folks, lets not press the panic button yet. Yes, the Hokie offense struggled against a weak East Carolina defense, but the score of this game really should have been at least 26-10. I think this team shows a lot of promise, but there is vast room for improvement.

Before I focus on the critical, I would like to note some positives about the game.

Defensive line

Week 2 BlogPoll Ballot

My full poll is after the jump. As always I'm going to rely on y'all to keep me in check so leave your opinions, thoughts and suggestions in the comments and I'll adjust the poll as necessary.

  • LSU or Alabama - Last week you guys convinced me LSU should be in top slot, and for right now I'm leaving them there, but an argument can be made that Alabama deserves it. Both the Tide and Tigers have blown out lesser competition and strangled a top 25 opponent. I believe Oregon is better than PSU, but LSU won what was essentially a home game while Alabama did their dirty work on the road.
  • Texas - I have them higher than most. They're talented, but they don't have an identity. There may be a quarterback controversy developing, starter Garrett Gilbert was yanked for a rotation of underclassmen-- Case McCoy and David Ash. It wasn't a sexy win, but they beat what I believe to be a pretty good BYU and like him or not (I don't), Mack Brown is a damn good head coach.
  • Auburn - They took every punch Mississippi State threw and stood tall in end. They don't have Cam Newton, but they still have Michael Dyer, an under appreciated running back.
  • Michigan St. - Meh.


Any time LT3 runs someone over, it's getting GIFed.

Hey, do you guys remember this time last year when we were 0-2? That sucked. Thankfully it's 2011 and we're 2-0. An ugly, ain't no winning second prize in a beauty contest 2-0, but that's our record an I'm thankful for it. The Frankinator always says the biggest improvement comes between week one and two and right now I'm not buying it. Well...

The defense held ECU to 112 total yards (compared to 361 yards last season) and picked off a pass (that should have been a pair of passes). The defense straight hammed, and it's a relief to know we can once again bumble around on offense and win a game because the defense is there to get our back. Bud's ain't fooling around like last season.

Logan Thomas: 8/20 91 yards a pick and 11 carries for 66 yards.

/decreases Hype-O-Meter

ECU Live Blog

The live blog starts at 3:30. Eric will be moderating and approving your comments in between parenting, so hang in there if you don't see yourself showing up. #BeerControlFather I'll be there via Joe-mobile. Go Hokies!

East Carolina Preview

Who: #11 Virginia Tech Hokies (1-0, 0-0 ACC) @ East Carolina Pirates (0-1, 0-0 Conference USA)

Time: 3:40 PM

TV Coverage: Fox Sports Net (Ron Thulin, JC Pearson, Jeremy Bloom)

Venue: Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, Greenville, NC (50,000 – Grass)

Series History: Virginia Tech leads 11-5

  • Last Meeting (2010): Virginia Tech 49, East Carolina 27
  • This is Virginia Tech's first true "road" non-conference game since a 16-3 victory in Greenville in 2009
  • The Hokies are 4-2 all-time at East Carolina, including three straight victories dating back to 1994
  • Tech has won 9 of the last 10 meetings with ECU, with the only loss being the season opener in Charlotte in 2008
  • Since 1994, VT has won 14 consecutive true "road" games in the state of North Carolina

Injury Report

  • FS Theron Norman – Probable (shoulder)
  • LB Telvion Clark – Probable (ankle)
  • WR D.J. Coles – Probable (shoulder)
  • OL Michael Via – Probable (knee)

The Opponent: The East Carolina Pirates open their home slate with a visit from Virginia Tech Saturday in Greenville. The Pirates are coming off a 56-37 loss to South Carolina in Charlotte last Saturday, a game in which they held a 17-0 lead in the second quarter.

Hokie Tracks Are Heading to Greenville

Are you hazy on just what-in-the-hell ECU's Air Raid offense is all about? Then checkout this piece from the TKP archives.

The Air Raid aerial philosophy is like a polished playground attack. There's not an overwhelming amount of passing plays. Rather, the same plays are ran out of many different formations. It also stresses quality, through repetition at practice, over quantity. Receivers work short routes over the middle of the field and to the sidelines trying to feel out and settle in space, and there's always an option to push it deep. Simply put the receivers try to get open and make a play. How our linebackers defend the short routes is going to be something to keep an eye on.

The chillest offensive line in the country?

This isn't a new or lofty request, a bunch of SEC schools provide scooters for the players to cruise around on. I've seen Georgia and Florida players riding them first hand. I'm not sure what Jaymes means by "carts", but I can only assume it's either golf carts riding on chromed out eights, go karts, or co-eds with broad shoulders. Whatever it may be just keep in mind that recruits like shiny things.

Six Pick: Week Two

That felt gooooood. Let's do another 14 more weeks. The shock (ongoing conference expansion) and awe (Maryland's uniforms) certainly kept Twitter abuzz for week one. This week I hope it's more about close games like the TCU-Baylor classic. Luckily, over the horizon are a large number of high quality games, so keep your eyes up and clicker close. To those paying attention, Notre Dame vs Michigan and South Carolina vs Georgia did not make this week's cut. The Irish and dawgs have to earn the right to make the Six Pick again. Though the Michigan throwback compilation by Adidas is almost badass enough to garner that spot.

Well my weekend plans are up in the air. As of this past Monday, I was Los Angeles bound for work. Using some marriage capital, I got the OK to head out a day early to catch Utah vs USC in the Coliseum. I am not going to lie, I was pretty geeked to see the legendary Coliseum and bum some fantastic West Coast IPAs in the parking lot. All sadly is for naught, as someone on the left coast dropped the ball. That does leave me with time and opportunity to go to ECU to see the Hokies take on the Pirates. Though there is a let down if you consider I am trading L.A. for Greenville. I've been to Greenville multiple times, visiting (getting torqued) family and friends who were attending ECU. This gives me some insight for my fellow Hokies heading down for the game. Go to B's BBQ, this is not a suggestion. It's a hole in the wall, where they have no time for websites or even telephones, they are all about pork and fried chicken. That 10 minutes added to the front end of your trip is well worth it as they are the best Eastern Carolina BBQ in town. Have thick skin, the Pirate fans are a faithful, delusional and enthusiastic bunch, some who will surely spit some anger your direction. Look with amusement, then carry on. Also, if scalping tickets, do not buy seats in the upper deck, those seats stank, I'd rather watch at a bar.

Offensive Line Review: Vs Appy State

One negative yet consistent theme for Hokie football throughout the 2000's has been weak early season offensive line play. That theme has stayed true regardless of changes from the I formation gap concepts of the 90's and early 2000's to the zone blocking schematic used today, and we have seen inconsistency early in seasons from both veteran groups and newcomers. I think most Hokie fans have come to expect early season offensive struggles, no matter how promising the outlook for the season.