I PLEDGE: Agriculture-style.

As you all know, Lane Stadium North issued an ABP to all Wahoos to guarantee that Scott Stadium would be filled to capacity this coming Saturday. Thankfully, the UVA ticket office was able to accomplish its goal... but with no help from its apathetic fan base. Virginia Tech Hokies gobbled (no pun intended) up a majority of the remaining tickets. Alas, for the Cavaliers, it seemed that the YouTube sensation "I PLEDGE" video was for naught.

Because of the overwhelming response by Tech fans, I decided to put together our own set of pledges:

Hokies Are Thomas' Team

Quarterback is the most visible position on the field. They will always get the star treatment; people love to build them up when they succeed, and tear them down if they don't meet expectations. For a sophomore first year starting quarterback, Logan Thomas came into the season with unrealistic, and quite frankly unfair expectations. However, he has emerged from of a rocky start, and has taken ownership of the team.

Hyped Start

The Logan Thomas Hype-O-Meter documented instances of articles that pushed Logan's expectations in the off season. A lot of Hokies thought LT would immediately play like Heisman winner Cam Newton because of their physical similarities. Virginia Tech fans were also spoiled by Tyrod Taylor who performed great the last two years. Last spring, and the clutch pass in the '10 Miami game helped to justify all the Logan hype.

No. 5 Syracuse Preview

We interrupt your previously scheduled hate week to bring you a little side dish of basketball. The Hokies take on No. 5 Syracuse at the Garden tonight. Here's a preview:

Who: Virginia Tech Hokies (3-0) vs No. 5 Syracuse Orange (4-0)

When: Wednesday, November 23 @ 9:30 p.m.

TV: ESPN2 (Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, Doris Burke, Andy Katz)

Where: Madison Square Garden (19,544), New York, NY

The Opponent: After years of failing to reach the world’s greatest arena in the postseason NIT, the Hokies advance to MSG with wins over Monmouth and Florida International in this year’s preseason NIT. The prize? A meeting with one of the best teams in the nation, the Syracuse Orange.

Jim Boeheim’s squad has started off the season at 4-0, easily dispatching of Fordham, Albany, Manhattan, and Colgate, all by at least 24 points. The main reason for the success is the offense, as the Orange has scored 90 points in three of its four games. SU is balanced and obviously has a lot of talent and depth that can cause a lot of problems for their opponents.

Here’s a look at their starting lineup:

Six Pick: Week 13

I told you the madness would come, but even I didn't realize it would be this damn crazy. It's not done with, either. Two weeks of big games among good, but flawed teams, means more late nights and ever changing BCS game scenarios. I had a dozen legit games to choose from before narrowing down to these 6. My apologies to Notre Dame at Stanford, FSU at Florida, Clemson at South Carolina and others, it was impossible to get them all in.

Sadly #beercontrolfather has a busy week, as I am sure the rest of you do too. The time crunch kept this week's Six Pick brief, but I love this week. It's not because of the short work week, or the turkey, it's because of college football. It's not just any ole week, either it's rivalry or hate week. These games are the most intense between the teams, fans and coaches. Get the meat sweats, drink hard from the bottle and most importantly soak in the passion, the energy and all the HATE. Here's to hoping college football has saved it's the best for last.

Friday, November 25th

3 Arkansas at 1 LSU -12 --Battle for the Golden Boot-- 2:30 pm CBS

MascotMock™: AscotMock Edition

Editor's Note: I didn't think it'd be possible for Box to outdo his work over the last couple of months, but here we are. Let's get out mock on. --Joe

Well, we're now 3-0 on the new and improved MascotMock™.  Thanks for the patience and hard work but lets really hit it hard this week.  These "people" deserve nothing but our unrelenting disrespect and teasing.  Lots of material so no excuses not to help out and degrade our enemies.

Hate Week: UVA Game Preview

Here it is. One big game that has implications on Commonwealth bragging rights, recruiting supremacy, an ACC championship, a BCS bowl, and a long shot at playing for a national championship. Any Hokie football player, whose focus is not 100% on not only winning in Charlottesville on Saturday, but making an emphatic statement of dominance, should be punched right in the dick.

From a matchup perspective, UNC provides Virginia Tech with a pretty good "scout team" look for what UVA does and does not do. UVA uses a multiple pro-set offense and a base 4-3 defense, both very similar to what we saw from UNC. I have only watched one UVA game this season (the debacle against Florida State) and I saw the following tendencies.

UNC Roll Call

First, let me say something to the seniors reading this. I hope you enjoyed watching a win as a student for the last time. My senior night was also a win over UNC -- I have many fun memories from that night, a brief period where I have no memories, then ending with some good memories. OK, enough about me.

A few minutes into the game, I thought to myself, and tweeted, "Why does UNC always play this game like it's their Super Bowl?"

About a minute later, Ryan Houston fumbles, Derrick Hopkins recovers and they show Ryan crying on the sideline. I felt validated. OK, seriously, enough about me. But you get my point, right?

The crazy part is, for some unknown reason, it seemed UNC's intensity caught the guys off guard. We looked flat. (Also, an illegal formation penalty on the first play of the game? How does that happen?)

But what's most important is their short memory and refocus. I was pleased to see them respond in a strong way on offense. Also, when we gave up the second touchdown, did you see how pissed Foster got? I love that.

Lastly, if I'm a UNC fan, I'd be losing my mind about the officiating. However, I'm chalking it up to the ball bouncing our way. With the injuries we've had, I call it even (I know UNC doesn't give a damn, but whatever).

Let's talk about our guys:

1. Antone Exum - Hello, Mr. Exum. I think he gets the game ball on defense. Great display of tackling.

7-Straight: A Synopsis

Well that was fun, wasn't it? Watching the Joe Tessitore-induced BCS apocalypse made for one of the more fun Saturdays in recent memory. This past weekend - from Thursday to the wee moments of Sunday morning - reminded us all why we love college football.

And after watching gleefully as the number 2, 4, 5, and 7-ranked BCS teams fall by the wayside, we are left with this:


Hokies Ranked 5th in the BCS

DISCLAIMER: These rankings are not relevant to us unless we beat Virginia and Clemson.

  1. LSU 1.000
  2. Alabama .949
  3. Arkansas .899
  4. Oklahoma State .841
  5. Virginia Tech .784
  6. Stanford .771
  7. Boise State .688
  8. Houston .668
  9. Oklahoma .653
  10. Oregon .647

The Hokies are ranked 4th in the Coaches' Poll, 5th in the Harris Poll, and 7th in the computer average.

Please leave any and all scenarios in the comments, no matter how crazy, for how you'd like the season and BCS to play out.