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There are only 150 more days until kickoff against Appalachian State. That calls for an Ashley Schaeffer, "Woo!" I wrote only like it somehow won't be an excruciatingly slow crawl though summer until the start of the season. It will be, but at least now we have spring ball to tide us over. Right?

Including the two scrimmages and the Maroon and White game there are 15 spring practices in total. The former three events are the only ones open to the public. Those are our only opportunities between now and August to use our eyes to evaluate, scrutinize and analyze the team. Everything else that goes on will happen behind closed doors, with peaks through window granted to a precious few media members, some of which the average Hokie cannot stand because they don't hold the team as near and dear to the heart as the rest of us do. (That's neither fair or rational, but it's true.)

Wild Thing

This Photoshop was inevitable.

"I was really bad when I first got here," Thomas said. "I was throwing high, low, skipping it across the ground. Now they're a little bit more in the strike zone."

O'Cain said Thomas has made "tremendous improvement in all areas" since his first week at the position and the end of this past season.

"He was just wild," O'Cain said, "like a fastball pitcher that sails into the upper backstop every now and then. He's really improved that. He'll still miss one occasionally, but they're close misses. Three yards, or four yards ... you just say to yourself, where in the heck did that come from?"

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The Logan Thomas to Cam Newton comparisons are premature, but the Logan Thomas to Rick Vaughn comparisons are reasonable and timely.

Germond Oatneal to Leave the Football Program

According to Mark Giannotto of the Washington Post Germond Oatneal has decided to leave the football team. Last fall and spring Oatneal worked as a demon at cornerback on the scout team, and before that at flanker. Even though we're a bit thin in the secondary he wasn't expected to see any significant playing time. However, he was penciled in as the number one name after Nubian Shabazz-Zoser Peak transfered to Texas Tech last summer. It's unclear who will replace him. I'd say the favorites are:

  • George George
  • Jonathan Halfhide
  • Ju-Ju Clayton
  • Adeboye Aromire
  • E.L. Smiling

Best of luck to Germond in whatever he peruses next.

H/T James at Inside the Cassell

Festivus 2011

I decided to watch UVa's Festivus this afternoon. Why? It was on ESPN3 and sometimes you just do things because they're convenient and easy. It looked like you might expect.

What I learned from watching the Blue-Orange Game:

  1. Scott Stadium's grass field that earlier in the day took abuse from rain, sleet and a lacrosse game looked less sloppy than the football team. A missed field goal, interceptions, fumbles, missed blocks, missed tackles essentially dwarfed most positives.
  2. UVa is one quarterback away from competing against Duke.
  3. Watford is green, but you know, #newhoos.
  4. If UVa is going to televise Festivus next year, do away with the kickoffs and punts. The crowd shots were embarrassing.

Final Score: Blue 17 - Orange 7 - Humanity 0

You Too Can Follow VT Women's Soccer Recruiting

Joe and I are excited to share our passion for Virginia Tech women's soccer recruiting and we know you're all interested in how the Class of 2011 is doing. If you live in Northern Virginia, the excitement of the Hokies' future is just outside your doorstep. Several players that are either committed to Tech or on its radar right in the talent-rich 703.

With state soccer playoffs right around the corner, now is the time to get out there and check out what the future of Hokie women's soccer looks like.

Class of 2011

Recruiting Notebook: OH Meier!

Name: Ashley Meier
Class: 2012
School: Medina, Ohio -- Lady Mustangs Varsity
Club: Cleveland Whitecaps (Boys)
Position: Midfielder
Status: Committed

The Lowdown:

The Hokies, and especially coach Chugger Adair, couldn't be more fortunate to have Ashley Meier walking onto, err, no, strutting, taking over campus one golden footstep at a time in the fall of 2012. Tech will have to replace four senior midfielders after the 2011 season and Meier will be a huge addition for 2012. In our minds immediate playing time isn't even the question, it's how much and how soon. Both furrer4heisman and I have made a career out women's soccer recruiting, especially as it relates to our Hokies, and we can't think of a "surer" prospect.

Just For Kicks

links to the top women's soccer recruiting articles on the Interwebs

Scoring Machine

Concordia adds two recuits for 2011.

Kellie Skofstad of Gladstone, Ore., and Sydney Tucker of Redmond, Ore., have signed with the Cavaliers, joining Ashley Ames, Annika Hayman, Erin Huisingh, Becca Long and Hannah Scott in the 2011 recruiting class.

“It was important to me at this point in the recruiting process to find players who give us some depth in the fall, but who also have the potential to impact our team with quality minutes down the road,” CU head coach Grant Landy said. “Both Kellie and Sydney have tremendous upsides, and I see them rounding out our roster nicely in the fall.

UConn's '11 class is strong and well rounded. It features 10 new players, 5 midfielders, 3 defenders and 2 forwards, including Mika Bussey.

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