Wrestling: Rules and Such

I am writing in hopes of increasing your wrestling knowledge, so that you no longer have an excuse not to go watch our nationally ranked team wrestle. I will do my best to explain as many of the rules and as much of the scoring as possible. Like any other sport wrestling is very complex and just watching the sport is the best way to pick up on all of this. My goal is to give you a base of which to go off of so that when you do watch the team, you have some sense as to what is going on.

NCAA Match Format

1st Period: 3 minutes

2nd Period: 2 minutes

3rd Period: 2 minutes


The Faces of Seth Bingo

Seth Greenberg is as animated of a basketball coach that you'll find courtside. I don't know how we've gone this long without "The Faces of Seth Bingo". Sometimes genius can be too obvious I guess. The start of ACC play has been rough to watch, but this ensures we'll have some fun the rest of the way.

The original source is unknown to me, but H/T to @hokie8807 and @Kevin_Foster for sharing this masterpiece on Twitter.

#8 UNC Preview

Who: Virginia Tech Hokies (11-6, 0-3) vs #8 North Carolina Tar Heels (15-3, 2-1)

When: Thursday, January 19 @ 9:00 p.m.

TV: ESPN (John Saunders and Jay Bilas)

Where: Cassell Coliseum (9,847), Blacksburg, VA

The Opponent: Well, things couldn’t have started any worse for the Hokies in conference play. Losing the first three games, including two to what many people considered the two worst teams in the conference and now Tech faces a UNC team that got shellacked by 33 at Florida State last weekend. Doesn’t sound that encouraging does it?

Coach Greenberg has already unleashed his mantra of “it’s never as bad as it seems, and it’s never as good as it seems.” Well with two top-15 opponents in the next four days, things may get a little worse than they currently are. But, as far as we know this 0-3 start could be a hidden gem and this young team could play with a passion we haven’t seen yet and knocks off both the Heels and Hoos. Two weeks ago, some of you may have believed that, but 0-3 starts drastically change expectations.


"Don't be messing with my kicker." Beamer's tone was both playful and serious, although his face read with a dismissive, "just fucking try me." That was the conclusion to an anecdote about an over-coached punter that regressed on his watch at Murray State told during the Duke week presser. Special teams are the Frankinator's baby. They're an integral component of his brand of football, BeamerBall. A lot of other coaches try not to lose with special teams, Beamer tries to win with them.

Special teams were a liability this season, and that's on no one else but Frank Beamer.

The Hokies were ranked 108th nationally in net punting (33.6 yards/punt) in 2011. Scott Demler and Michael Branthover struggled to find consistency, routinely shanked balls and flipped field position out of favor. Danny Coale was more reliable and averaged 6.7 more yards a punt than the team. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed #Coale4Punter because it enhanced his legacy, it hurt the team because it detracted from him playing receiver.

The Hokies only made 72% of their field goals last season. Compare that to 95-, 87-, 79-, 81- and 95-percent success rates in 2010 back to 2006 respectively.

Reality check, a Frank Beamer coached team didn't have a dependable punter or kicker.

2011 Opponent Recap: University of Virginia

UVA RECORD: 8-3 (5-2 ACC) (W 14-13 against (25) Florida State)

VT RECORD: 10-1 (6-1 ACC) (W 24-21 against North Carolina)

SCORE: (6) VT 38 – (24) UVA 0

GAME SUMMARY: On their first drive of the game, the Hokies went 70 yards, capped by a 14 yard Logan Thomas touchdown run. The Wahoos responded with a 75 yard drive, but Mike London’s fourth down gamble was stopped a yard short at the VT 7 by Jack Tyler, and the rout was on. 31 more points were scored in the game, and UVA scored none of them. For the duration of the game, the Cavaliers would enter the Hokie red zone only twice more; before halftime Mike Rocco was strip-sacked by Kyle Fuller, and near the end of the third quarter UVA K Robert Randolph missed wide right from the 21. In short, this game was the epitome of LOLUVA.

Boston College Preview

Who: Virginia Tech Hokies (11-5, 0-2) @ Boston College Eagles (6-10, 1-1)

When: Saturday, January 14 @ 3:00 p.m.

TV: ACC Network (Tom Werme and Cory Alexander)

Where: Conte Forum (8,606), Chestnut Hill, MA

The Opponent: Looking solely at the stats coming into this game, the Hokies should cruise over Boston College. But then you throw in Tech’s last two games, the 1-9 record for the Hokies all-time at BC, and the fact that BC is coming off a win over a Clemson team that crushed FSU by 20. Tech’s only win at Chestnut Hill was an overtime victory in 2008. That’s it. And we all remember BC dominating the Hokies on Senior Night last year in the singular game that probably kept Tech out of the tourney. So who knows what’s going to happen.

BC is easily the worst statistical team in the ACC. Coming into league play, many thought this could be the worst ACC team of all time, even worse than last year’s 1-15 Wake squad. But then they beat Clemson so the worst they can actually do is 1-15. The Eagles have lost to Holy Cross (by 22), UMass (by 36), Boston U (by 14), and 3-14 Rhode Island. Their best win outside of Clemson? Stony Brook. Plain and simple, this is not a good basketball team.

Here’s their projected starting lineup:

Rambling about Basketball

The Hokies are 0-2 in the ACC for the first time since the 2005-06 season. The team has looked lifeless, lost and inept in their first two conference games against Wake Forest and Florida State. Some fans are angry, others are showing patience with the young team.


I stepped foot inside Cassell Coliseum just two times during my four years at Virginia Tech. The first was mandatory. All freshman were herded inside for orientation a day or two before classes started. All I remember was the speaker explaining the importance of Ut Prosim, and how those cadets in attendance would know the truest sense of the motto. The last was for a celebration.

Screaming all the way my buddy jumped off the couch like his ass was on fire, ran outside my apartment and smashed two empty beer bottles against the cold metal backside of the stairs. Virginia Tech had just beaten Miami, in Miami, back when Miami was back. We had won our first ACC Championship, and it was a big deal. Soon after, my roommate got an email or an IM (remember AIM?) notifying us that there'd be a reception to welcome back the team that night.

We were pretty drunk and my roommate hit on a 70-year-old lady in front of her husband. One of my favorite college nights.


Final BlogPoll (BlogTroll)

The BCO came up with this idea a couple of months ago, a way for us to have a little fun, and close out the 2011 season. He and I co-authored the final poll. At the very least we have Alabama first, Clemson ahead of Virginia Tech and the SEC overvalued. Your arguments are invalid.

1. Alabama - Held LSU to 92 yards in the championship game; Georgia Southern ran for 302 yards on them in the middle of November. The masters of the one game season.

2. LSU - They now own college football's all-time resume with wins over: the Orange, Cotton, Rose and BCS National Champions.

3. Arkansas - But, but, they only lost to Alabama and LSU. #RememberThe5

4. Oklahoma State - Mike Gundy is 40, but any coach that loses a yard to setup a field goal, game winning or otherwise, when he's sniffing the end zone instead of punching it in for six isn't my man.

5. South Carolina - They play in the SEC East, that's as good as the SEC West, right?

6. USC Trogans - Lane Kiffin coached in the SEC, he knows what it takes to win at the highest level.

7. Oregon - The best team in the country (as long as they don't have to play defense).

8. Stanford - "Start of a dynasty. They won't miss Luck." -- No One

9. Wisconsin - SEC speed > Big 12 speed > Pac-12 speed > rate at which coaches are leaving Wisconsin > B1G speed

10. Michigan State - The B1G will hang their hat on Sparty's win over Georgia for the next 5 years.