Hokie Tracks are Beating the Heat

Things have been quiet around here. That's a good thing, noise around a college football team at this point in the season is never a good thing. I hope you guys have more to share than I do.

Jim Tressel resigned as head coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes on Memorial Day morning. His brilliant coaching career was ended the minute he withheld information about his players receiving improper benefits. Good people make mistakes too, and I hope he gets the opportunity to redeem himself. Tressel (241) had been second only to Joe Paterno (401) in wins among active coaches. The Frankinator (240) now has the distinction of riding shotgun to JoePa. The HokieMD is thankful for everything Coach Beamer has done.

Eleven Hokies on Phil Steele's Preseason All-ACC Team

Phil Steele released his Preseason All-ACC Team Friday afternoon. Eleven Hokies were among the 112 players selected by Steele.

  • Jarrett Boykin 1st Team WR
  • Blake DeChristopher 1st Team OT
  • David Wilson 1st Team KR, 2nd Team RB
  • Bruce Taylor 1st Team LB
  • Jayron Hosley 1st Team CB, 2nd Team PR
  • Jaymes Brooks 2nd Team OG
  • Eddie Whitley 2nd Team S
  • Logan Thomas 3rd Team QB
  • Marcus Davis 3rd Team WR
  • Danny Coale 4th Team WR
  • Dyrell Roberts 4th Team KR

As far as the Hokies are concerned, I don't have any major gripes with his picks. I think you could argue David Wilson as first team running back over Miami's Lamar Miller. They have similar rushing statistics, however Wilson was more effective catching balls out of the backfield.

I'm more bullish on Marcus Davis than Steele. There's no doubt Boykin's past performance (2,123 yards 13 TDs in 3 seasons) earned him a spot on the first team, and it's well deserved. Tyrod had a great rapport with Boykin, and from what I saw and read during spring Logan is building a similar on-the-field relationship with Davis. I think more balls are going to end up going Marcus' way and he'll end up having a statistically better season. I do believe all four of our top receivers are truly some of the best to ever play at Tech, and each could steal the spotlight if given the opportunity, but there's only one ball.

Hokie Tracks are Counting Down the Next 100 Days

Their facial expressions are priceless.


*I mean this in the most literal sense. If we win the toss we're going to defer, and if App State wins they'll take the ball.

Preseason rankings mean very little, but they make for good conversation to obsess, gripe and swoon over. Bill Roth says preseason preview magazines Athlon and Lindy's have the Hokies ranked 7th and 12th respectively. I think both are too high. I rate a team based on how good I think they are, not how well I think they can manage their schedule. I can't see the ceiling for this team, but the offensive line and LT3 really need to convince me they can ball before I look up.

More importantly Roth reports (pun intended?) the STRAIGHT BURNER and Nosal will be 100% healthy for camp.

INJURY UPDATE: Good news on the injury front for the Hokies. Per Assistant Director of Athletics for Athletic Training Mike Goforth, Tech receiver Dyrell Roberts is "100 percent and back over 200 pounds for the first time." Goforth said he’s never seen anyone so excited to get back on the field as Roberts, who endured a painful injury and rehab from his compartment syndrome incident in last year's Georgia Tech game. Goforth says that lineman Greg Nosal, who had shoulder surgery, will be at 100 percent by the start of the second summer session and should be ready to for the opening of preseason practice. Safety Theron Norman, who also had shoulder surgery, could return by the end of September or early October, per Goforth.

Lane Stadium Wedding Cake

The Twitter search for #Hokies was flooded with links this afternoon to Market Salamander's Facebook page. They're the apparent creator of this all too realistic looking Lane Stadium cake. It is complete with working lights, you know for night eating. Take in all of its glory.

A magnificent job to those individuals responsible for its creation.

Our Rivals: A Current Introspection

Merriam-Webster defines the word rival as:

a : one of two or more striving to reach or obtain something that only one can possess
b : one striving for competitive advantage

Specific to college football, rivals, and rivalries are constantly evolving, growing and shrinking in terms of importance and relevance. What makes an opponent a rival, and what makes a rivalry intense? I think in most cases it goes without saying that teams who play annually, and are in close proximity stand a better chance of developing a rivalry. There are plenty of other qualifiers, both general and distinct, but above all, in my opinion rivals give as good as they take, and the most bitter rivalries develop when the stakes are the highest.

Who are our rivals and how do they rank in terms of current relevance, all-time relevance, loatheability, and must win?

Hokie Tracks are trying to Follow David Wilson but are Blinded by his Bling

The mainstream media has used the following outline to guide their thesis, or supporting argument for any piece on Virginia Tech football this offseason.

  1. Write an article about the Hokies.
  2. Compare Logan Thomas to Cam Newton.
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!!!

If Thomas does do something magical like guide us to a national championship, I agree with Furrer4Heisman, he'd be more like our own Tee Martin.

Roc Carmichael's career may be on hold at the moment, but his journey leading to being drafted by 127th overall by the Texans is respectable. Through Roc, Rick Maese gives us a glimpse through the keyhole into what it takes to become a professional athlete.

National Title Talk, Year 13

We are at the point in the year where students are graduating from college, as I did over 4 years ago, and going out into the real world. Of course these kids are now aspiring to do big things in life as no one wants to just be merely average. In that way I would like to segue to Virginia Tech football in which average has risen to winning the ACC and attainable greatness for the program is now the national title.


...and with that, I'd like to introduce our next commencement speaker, our "Dean of Defense" Bud Foster.

//Foster walks up to the podium
///more applause

Good evening.

/taps microphone, feedback
//adjusts microphone

I'm prouder than a peacock to be here this evening to speak to you all. It'll be short and sweet. Your college careers are over, and your lives as professionals are about to begin. It's a little bit easier out there today, beyond these nurturing and comforting walls of Hokie Stone, but make no mistake the real world can get after you. Shake the molasses out of your britches, put that degree to work, take it one step at a time, don't over commit, and you'll beat the bear.

Congratulations to you, the class of two thousand and eleven!


Hokie Tracks are Following Mr. College Football

As I mentioned last week I hope Hokie Tracks catches everyone up on relevant Virginia Tech, ACC and college football news, as well as puts forth discussion points to engage you and spark conversation below.

Tony Barnhart asked and answered his Top 10: Burning questions about the ACC. I answered his questions too. I stole this idea from Bud.

1: Is this the year Florida State wins another ACC championship and gets back into the discussion for the national title?

Media darling Florida State is certainly the preseason favorite to win the ACC. As it stands now they have the deepest, most talented roster in the Atlantic. However, they travel to Clemson after hosting Oklahoma, and have to head north in November to face Boston College on a Thursday night. I think they lose one of those two ACC games, and they'll be a slight home dog to the Sooners. Splitting against Clemson / BC will be enough to get them Charlotte, but they're still a year away from national championship contention.

2: Will Georgia Tech's defense make significant strides in year two under Al Groh?