Second Scrimmage Thoughts

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The Frankinator continued to praise Holmes, who has all but locked up the starting running back job coming out of spring. "He's learning, but when he gets out there, he's running away from people. People can't catch him. He's a big body. He runs with power. I thought he could cut it loose a little more at the line of scrimmage, but overall, I think you've got to be impressed with Michael Holmes."

Associate Head Coach James Johnson Leaves Tech for Clemson

So James Johnson is the second assistant coach, and third member of Seth Greenberg's staff to bounce to another school since the beginning of April. Last Friday, UAB announced the hiring of Rob Ehsan and Jeff Wulbrun (former director of basketball operations) as part of Coach Jerod Haase's new staff. Turnover is becoming the trend at Tech. Johnson is the sixth assistant coach in four years to leave the basketball program.

Money was an issue. Johnson will reportedly make an extra 45-large on top of his current salary of $140,000.

One person close to Johnson said this move to Clemson was purely for monetary reasons and that Johnson is expected to receive a $45,000 increase from his current salary of $140,000. That same source said Johnson was elevated to associate head coach last April and given a raise because new Georgia Tech Coach Brian Gregory had expressed interest in hiring him.

$45,000 isn't anything to sneeze at, but it would be disappointing if that's what came between us and retaining Johnson.

Nasty -- Closed Scrimmage Notes

Word just came from the Hokies 66-play scrimmage this evening that the Hokies defense got 10 sacks on 66 snaps. And, that was with both James Gayle and JR Collins sitting out of the scrimmage to do classwork. Either the defensive line will be unstoppable this year, or the offensive line may be abysmal. Let's hope it is the former.

Other notes from the beat writers:

Logan Thomas was 9-13 for 70 yards. Michael Holmes lead the running backs, and a little bird told me that Martin Scales may have passed J.C. Coleman on the running back depth chart... Coleman didn't gain a yard on 6 carries.

11 Days

Let the Countdown begin in earnest. See y'all April 21st.

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First Scrimmage Thoughts

via Mike Barber

A defense dominate enough to make you feel nervous and insecure about the offense, that's Virginia Tech football in April. The headlines are usually the same this time of year. Avid fans know what the offense is working with right now —four new starters on the o-line, rookie tailbacks, veteran-ish receivers and tight ends— but I think we gloss over what that means. It's going to look ugly now. A flawless closing night performance doesn't come right after casting. There's rehearsal, and boy does this group ever need that. There's a lot of talent on offense, what remains to be seen is if they gel, and that doesn't happen overnight.

Misleading statistic that you've probably heard 100 times: 11 sacks in 85 plays. That was mostly the second- and third-team offense getting worked. It's also important to note the defense has their blitz package in.

2013 Recruiting: Anthony Jennings

Anthony Jennings is a 6-2, 205-pound dual-threat quarterback from Marietta, Georgia. In addition to the Hokies, 14 I-A programs (West Virginia, Iowa, Mississippi St., etc...) have offered Jennings. He hasn't named any favorites, but he's in Blacksburg this weekend for an unofficial visit. The Hokies are looking to take two quarterbacks during the 2013 cycle, and Jennings is high on their list. Marietta head coach Scott Burton was generous enough to talk with me yesterday about Anthony.


How adept is Anthony at reading defenses; seeing coverages and blitzes before the snap?

That is probably the best thing about him, his football acumen. He has a very very high football IQ, and part of that is because he likes the process of what it takes to be a good quarterback. He really enjoys film study, he understands how important it is. He doesn't look at it as a chore, he looks at it as something that is not only necessary, but fun.

So he's the type of kid that's asking for tapes, getting his hands on tapes and really going after it?

The Million Dollar Man and Unfriendly Space

As the Hokies start to ramp up spring practice, we outsiders have received trickles of information that have started us down the road of starting to formulate conclusions about the makeup of the 2012 Hokie football team. What are some of mine?

Notes and Quotes From Yesterday's Practice

The Hokies held their fifth practice of spring yesterday which concluded with a closed 47 play mini-scrimmage. The Frankinator described it as, "ragged," but not lacking in effort. "I think what you have to really be pleased with is the effort and how we worked against each other and our aggressiveness in full speed work. As long as you have effort, we'll get better and that's the important thing."

Michael Holmes was a shining star of the scrimmage and was singled out by Coach Beamer, "The guy who you kind of notice a couple times is Michael Holmes." "He's got good moves, power and speed. He's a guy you kind of notice."

It sounds like J.C. Coleman is enjoying his fill of HokieClubs from West End, "Almost up to my goal weight of 190. At 183 right now. #hypee !" And the Gentrification has only just begun.

The Frankinator mentioned Ethan Keyserling as, "the guy who has been punting well," and Michael Branthover as, "the better guy at field goal." However, the kicking game is still a work in progress. Keyserling had punts of just 37 and 29 yards in the mini-scrimmage. Branthover had a punt of 33 yards, made and missed field goals of 32 and 37 yard respectively. Conor Goulding missed a 32-yard attempt.

Bucky Hodges, Matt Rolin Updates

Salem quarterback Bucky Hodges and Briar Woods linebacker Matt Rolin are two highly regarded and recruited players in the 2013 cycle. Each hold numerous division I-A offers and the Hokies are in the mix to potential land both. Hodges visited Blacksburg last weekend and it seems like the 'Burg made an impression on him as he visited practice, talked with players, and faculty.

"It was a good visit. It was probably the best visit I've had up there," said Hodges. "I got to meet a whole bunch of the players. I'm starting to know some of them and I like the feel of things up there."

That's a good thing.

Thomas and back up quarterback Mark Leal spent some time with Hodges, reviewing all things related to quarterbacking in Blacksburg.

"We talked a lot. They're real good dudes. They're really down to earth guys," Bucky said. "Logan told me how it is (to be the quarterback there). You can't really go anywhere without people wanting to take pictures with you. You have to stay to yourself. You have to focus on school and football. It's real easy to get into trouble because everyone's watching you."

The quarterbacks also discussed the offensive system at Tech, which is getting an update this offseason.