OT: Former Player AMA on r/CFB

There's a former player (unanonymous and as of now un-verified) doing an AMA on r/CFB. He played 4 years at a G5, then grad-transferred to a P5 program.

Some topics discussed/interesting comments:

  • Says VT & UGA were the two craziest stadiums he played in
  • Difference between P5 vs G5 - said every single calorie he at a P5 was tracked and he would routinely eat at Fogo de Chao with the team. Says the gap between the two programs was like 'the grand canyon'
  • Estimates about 20-25% of the team takes academic seriously (PWOs and players who knew they weren't going to the NFL)
  • Traveling for away games sounds like a brutal schedule
  • He got lots of cortisone shots
  • Said he never saw PED usage - "I don't think you understand how much weight training and protein intake we have. You'd be crazy if you weren't leaving college 25 lbs of muscle heavier."
  • Says he won't let his kids play football

Anyways, I didn't see anything that really shocked me, but it was a fun read, so I thought I'd share here.

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Interesting. Played at VT and at UGA. Transferred to Clemson maybe? Then again could have been at his G5 school he played at where he played at one or both.

I read through some of it, but not all so was not sure if anyone outed him in the thread.

Or georgia tech

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GT makes more sense as Atlanta has a fogo de chao assuming that was part of the 2nd team

EDIT: and they play VT and UGA on the same home/away schedule

yeah that does make much more sense

FYI there are 62 locations of Fogo de Chao, yay google!

This is what I assumed.

I think most of the guesses were went to Tennessee 2016

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Thanks Frank!

They never played at Lane. There was a picture of a bumblebee emoji with a deleted comment directly below it- guessing that was it (plus he responded that his whole family went to UF and he would have been disowned- seems to rule out TN).

He could have played at VT while at his G5 school, but yeah, I'm guessing GT also.

I know at Tennessee there were baskets of pills in the dining hall attached to the 49.999% athletes dorm. One was for water retention, I dont remember remember rest but every player had his mix of pills and none of them were PEDs.

Electrolyte and salt pills were free to take in the VT training room. Amazing for hangovers with a giant glass of water.

Estimates about 20-25% of the team takes academic seriously (PWOs and players who knew they weren't going to the NFL)

Based on the players I knew when at VT, I'd say this number is a little low but not dramatically so. I'd probably say about 35%. And they got lots and lots of help too. I'm not saying there was outright cheating, there wasn't. But if you put in any kind of effort at all, you should do well considering the resources offered compared to the rest of the student body.

Didn't see or hear any PED use. But Adderall was passed around like candy. In fact, I knew several players that would sell it to make extra cash.

I was friends with some of the deeper players, the resources to tutors was insane. If you tried (and at least Beamer made you) it was hard not to pass. But addy, lol ya.

Another user chimed in and said this...

"I HATED playing at VT. Stupid freaking bird calls."

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

His decision was made after a phone call with longtime Virginia Tech assistant coach Bud Foster. All Foster told him was, "We win. They don't."

I'm glad we annoyed him.

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...so we know they lost when they played in Lane.

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