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For years we've bitched what we could do with an offense that was merely better than average combined with Bud Foster. Careful what you wish's how I see it:

1) As in years past, our defense will progress as the season goes on to be dominant, the talent is there once some experience is mixed in.
2) Our defense, inexperienced as it is, is still good enough to get past Boise State. Maybe not with our past offenses, but this year is different. With Tyrod + RMFW + Darren + Boykin et all we can score enough points to keep up. Stated another way, I like this matchup because I feel our defense can slow down their offense more than theirs can slow down ours.
3) If we get past the Smurfs, why WOULDN'T we be the favorites for the remainder of the season?

10 wins is the just the norm around here, it's time we raise the bar as we "Raise the Crystal"!

I love my hokies, and as long as we crush somebody in an upper-tier bowl I'm happy and will still talk some smack, but I don't think that quite defines success given the opportunity that I outlined in 1-3 above.

And I think we really can win the ACC... but I also think the ACC gets two BCS bids this year.

I expect a special year from RMFW... a Heisman year.

I think a successful season for the Hokies this year would be another consecutive 10-win season along with a BCS bowl game appearance. We are quickly shaping up to be a powerhouse in NCAA football and if those two things happen, it will shut all the disbelievers up and prove to them that we consistently belong at least in the top 25.

I wish the season would just get here already...these fans/bloggers remind me of my teenage self when I thought I knew everything, right before I got my ass kicked by the real world a few times.

How about 2(00) Proof Backfield ?? 2 Great Running backs,
200 proof is 100 percent Alcohol !

They should have looked closer at the highlight they showed before condemning Tyrone...he threw those strikes with his jersey in the grasp of superfreak Ndamukong Suh. I believe that's called an "intangible". Guess it's easier to look at %completions and TDs though.

Hat tip to BeerControlOffense (or BeerControlFather) for helping me here... first time I have tried digital photography... smh, and it's 2010... guess we all learn something at some point

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