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Congrats on 100,000 legs!

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Congrats GGC and thanks for all you do for the TKP family.

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wow! -- pretty sure hatin' on ricky rahne got me over the hump. i'd like to take this opportunity to thank my former employer for paying me to TKP all day.

edit: also thanks to everyone who has consistently affirmed my general silliness around here, much obliged!

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my former employer for paying me to TKP all day


so your current employer doesn't pay you to TKP all day?

Onward and upward

not all day, no, just here and there

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Jordan Bass to Pitt as of yesterday

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

The Pry signal is up

Who could it be? ๐Ÿ‘€

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Misun Kelley, a high 3* WR/DB out of South Carolina.

Us and Louisville are his only P5 offers, but he was rumored to take unofficials to Oklahoma and Clemson soon. Apparently his cousin is 2023 Hokie commit Thomas Williams, so that's pretty cool.

Really pumped for this kid and can't wait to see him play.

This is the same kid whose friends went nuts in the car when he got offered. Really loves the school. Stoked for the commitment.

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Well, at least we can easily sell early playing time to recruits, so I guess that is one positive for any of the kids that watched Friday's game.

Culliver would be a huge get. Impressive offer list. Gotta get some positive recruiting momentum, our 2023 class doesn't have me too excited right now.

I like it. It has players that are gonna play at natural positions unlike this bandage together team this season

Here they come
Here comes the bastards
I heard it from a confidant
Who heard it from a confidant
They're definitely on their way

Yeah, but it just doesn't look like a lot of the guys were highly sought-after going off their offer lists. I guess it just worries me a bit that our current staff isn't out-recruiting Fuente's staff which was on the hot seat. Honestly though, not too worried about it yet considering it's still early in the rebuild and Pry probably spent a lot of time keeping Fuente's 2022 commits on board which I think is huge.

We're not going to get "highly sought after" right now especially with NIL the way it is. This class has talent and P5 offers. It may not have the talent we want moving forward, but I don't think they're bums either. I really think that Pry is making this class a culture class, the guys who he said really want to be here. Then when we hopefully get higher rated guys coming in there's a good culture in place. Sometimes when you just bring in a bunch of blue chips, they can be entitled and a bad culture can fester (see Texas, Miami, UNC, Tennessee)

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

This class has a lot of the type of players that were well developed and played well under Beamer after a number of years in the program.

However those guys were mixed in blue chip players. The way recruiting is, those blue chip players have been in contact with other staffs for a while now. Hopefully, the 2024 can build on what they started 10 months ago.

Hopefully Mack knows he's supposed to rescind the offers to kids who visit other schools after committing. It's what all the top notch coaches do.

If this year is as bad on the field as we think itll be, we'll find out about the recruiting chops of this staff pretty soon -- not just convincing kids to be part of the turnaround but also keeping them committed in the middle of a bad season

Edit: words are hard

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Here they come
Here comes the bastards
I heard it from a confidant
Who heard it from a confidant
They're definitely on their way

Correct. Losing to ODU does not help with the ole cred in the 757 either

Bring on the 804!

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

ref a potential bad season. That can be a selling point, "that's why we need you here!!"

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

Yes, just need to spin it towards immediate playing time. Other coaches (*cough* Mike London *cough*) used this approach to land some higher ranked players in the past. There is no reason that we can't as well.

"Give me a fuยขking beer", Anonymous Genius

Good article on tech lunch pail about 4 star Oscar Smith DB Asaad Brown

The #Hokies are among those standing out for 4* 757 CB Asaad Brown Jr along with Clemson, Texas A&M, LSU, and others. Check out more on Brown and Virginia Tech including why he's confident Derek Jones could develop him into an NFL CB here Virginia Tech Among Those Standing Out For 2024 Four-Star CB Asaad Brown Jr

I heard that there were 140+ recruits at the BC game. Has there been any follow up with some visiting on their impression?

Previously LowBrau.

Yes there is a VTScoop VIP article on it

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

I'm not a VTScoop VIP member. /s

According to Pry's comments at the press conference today, VT was expecting about 100 kids to come to the BC and ended up at 133.

[Per Andy Bitter's twitter feed coverage.]

I told him Iโ€™d crawl on my hands and knees to be the DL coach at Virginia Tech. Now, all of a sudden, Iโ€™m sitting in this chair and I told him Iโ€™d still crawl on my hands and knees to work here. I just want to be here.
JC Price

Very good they saw a win... vs. a shit the bed performance - every little bit helps

Lest we forget, we had a ton of recruits at the Duke game we choked. And we also took the recruits out of the stadium to feed them for the entirety of the second half. Not that they needed to see us choke that badly. But who thought having them miss the game was a good idea?

Didn't Fu not go out of his way to embrace the '99 team that very same weekend? Hmmm..:

"Give me a fuยขking beer", Anonymous Genius

Not to mention a damn good atmosphere.

I took a bit of a sabbatical from following TKP after the NCAA Tournament, so I wasn't sure if we were embedding things again. Thanks for sharing link.

It's a good thread, just to see Pry praise the recruiting staff for handling the overload. I can't remember if JF did or didn't do give props to the recruiting staff like that after big events - but it's nice to see it coming from Pry regardless.

Durell Robinson to Boston College.

We may not be going in on an RB because Mitchell or Williams are considered the RB recruit in this class.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

He clearly didn't watch the game last Saturday...have fun running behind that line with no Jurcovek

If it came down to BC vs VT I'm not sure which line I'd want to run behind after last week's game.

I believe you are correct that Tralon Mitchell is considered a RB at the moment.

He's the one who plays for the option team, right? Whichever one that is, they are really fast

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Man Lord Boutetourt has a 6'5 330 OL that would be 2024 named Kesean Anderson. Give me the beef๐Ÿ‘€

Here they come
Here comes the bastards
I heard it from a confidant
Who heard it from a confidant
They're definitely on their way

The RBs for Cosby ran all over Clover Hill tonight. It was 30-6 when we left. They had a big bruiser, Nazir Coley, up the middle, and a lightning quick kid, Robert Boyd, was running jet sweeps galore.

Very surprised. CH has serious D1 talent, and they got whooped.

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Clover Hill as a team has been pretty bad most years for awhile considering they put out good talent.

Cosby isn't very old, but so far hasn't had competitive teams.

But, my daughter's gym teacher is Bryan Still, and he spent a class showing his VT highlights, accolades, and running past Texas in the Sugar Bowl.

TKPhi Damn Proud
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That punt return was the one that launched beamerball

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Finally kids learning something important in phys ed

Good to hear Still is still there, I was one of the first full classes through Cosby. Still was an overall good guy. You're right about Cosby football. They've had a few good players but never enough talent to really string success together. They've been a powerhouse in seemingly every other sport since inception though, Soccer, M/W Volleyball, Cheerleading, Baseball, Wrestling were all leading the district when I was there.

(add if applicable) /s

My daughter is in his last class. He's retiring at the end of the school year.

TKPhi Damn Proud
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Retiring? He can't be much older than 50.

Swimming as well

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

They didn't even have a swim team when I was there lol

(add if applicable) /s

2024 QB Riley Trujillo after his visit to VT this past weekend.

Tech Lunch Pail Article

247 Profile

I personally like his tape. I think we got some stronger offers out there. The staff is making QB a priority.

TKPhi Damn Proud
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The staff is making QB a priority.

I certainly hope so.

Louisa County has a pair of 2026 studs. 6'0 175 WR/S Dyzier Carter( and 6'0 182 RB/LB Savion Hiter ( We've got Louisa this week, I've heard about them and watched them dominate youth and travel leagues but seeing them playing varsity, they are both going to be FBS level players. I think Carter could end up being a top 5 player in the state for '26. His older brother Dequece played WR at Woodberry Forest and Fordham. Recruiting staff should def check these two guys out before the blow up this offseason. Both have already visited IMG, St Johns(DC) and St Frances(Bmore), may see one or both transfer in the summer.

There's no glory in practice and lifting but without practice and lifting, there will be no glory!

Carter looks to have one offensive move in that offense, out run everyone.

Hiter looks like he's a high school senior playing against middle schoolers, he looks as big as the linemen.

This is a 247 article about the current QB commits for each ACC school.

And.... I sure hope the staff has a good plan for QB. It doesn't sound like Dylan Wittke is lighting it up or being asked to do too much. Doesn't have any other P5 offers either. I think it's crucial we find a good QB in the '24 class or in the portal.

Said it before, but I think this staff is really high on Devin Ferrell long term (2024?). Almost suspect they try and add an experienced vet in the transfer portal to replace brown for next year, and roll with whoever that is, Wells, Ferrell and bring along Witke. Unsure if bullock will be around/under center after this year

Agree, happy for each commit we get but the lack of P5 offers is always concerning to me. Other than that I don't really know what I'm talking about so who knows.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

Let's be honest Wittke is hopefully going to be a pipeline starter. He plays at a big school that is LOADED with talent. If you went by talent the QB from SC that decommitted from WVU, Jeter, is probably better.

Just seen where Layth Ghannam is now a composite 4*, congrats to him!

uva - the taint of the ACC

It's about time. It'll be interesting to see who rises and falls in their senior years. This class did not get evalled as early as most classes because of COVID and have also lost camp/development opportunities. I think Hughes and Copeland will end up as 4 stars as well.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Idk about Copeland. I think Lovett Fleming and Krystian Williams can.

Here they come
Here comes the bastards
I heard it from a confidant
Who heard it from a confidant
They're definitely on their way

Copeland is fast and incredibly long. If he puts on weight he could be projected as an Edge or LB. If he doesn't put on much weight he could be an Isaiah Simmons cover LB type. I know it may seem like a long shot, but he's got a lot of the measurables that evaluators look for.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

I don't follow recruiting that closely, but I saw this in the Athletic today and was pretty shocked:

There are seven blue-chip prospects in the state of Virginia in the current cycle. Penn State holds commitments from four of them, North Carolina has two and Tennessee has a pledge from the other.

Of the top 20 prospects in the state, Virginia has commitments from two (Nos. 10 and 19), and Virginia Tech has only one (No. 20). That helps explain where their recruiting classes are at the moment.

Anyone have a high level pulse of where we sit in in-state recruiting? How many of the remaining top 20 VA recruits are we targeting/still in the race for?

Twitter me

Looks like our focus on HS kids in the remaining class has narrowed considerably. We are still after a few guys like Elijah Hughes, the recently offered Pennix after getting updated transcripts, and maybe room for a late-riser.

Like we've discussed before, I think they are probably going to take a long look at the portal this winter/spring.

Everyone in the composite top 20 is already committed. FWIW in the 247 rankings we have commits from 14, 17, 19, & 20 plus Hughes is at 13.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

This class in-state was always going to suffer wrt the higher end recruits due to last staff and the transition to this one -- where Pry and staff have made an effort is rebuilding relationships across the commonwealth. We have just one commit in the VA top-20 (edit: by composite), but we also have #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #30, and #36. Five of those nine have 247 in-house ratings better than their composite, fwiw, indicating there might be room for one or two of them to play their way into the top-20 this season. Nobody in the top-20 in-state is currently uncommitted, so it would have to be a flip.

What sticks out to me in this class: 9/19 commits are in-state with multiple Highland Springs guys committing to VT, and UNC and PSU feasting at the top in VA which absolutely needs to change (and hopefully we see it with Pry's familiarity with PSU's pitch)

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Thank you (and Ben) for the additional context. I understand that it will take time for us to start landing top 10 players in VA. But it's good to know that we landed some potentially underrated players.

Nobody in the top-20 in-state is currently uncommitted, so it would have to be a flip.

Were we in any of these recruiting battles? Going off memory, I feel like we only made top whatevers for 3ish 4-star players, and 2 went to PSU and one to UNC.

Twitter me

Good catch, and worthy of mention.

This is something we REALLY need to fix.

We need get the top recruits in Virginia in order to own Virginia, which has to be one of our goals. Of course they're related facts, and not where we are just yet.

Fuente clearly failed us in this regard, but I know Pry gets it.

I knew it would take time to before we started landing top 5-10 VA recruits. I would've thought that we'd see earlier progress on the rest of the top 20.

Twitter me

Has it been discussed when the most important time is to get in on recruiting? I know I've seen stuff where guys say "I like that they believed in me when I was a sophomore." And I think I've seen other things that sound like longevity of the relationship, relationship with coaches who give them advice, and relationships with parents are all big factors. Fuente really seemed to count on things like getting them on campus for the bbq to get interest up (if I recall correctly).

And we've all heard how there were virtually zero relationships with coaches in VA (and it rankled the coaches, so who do you think the coaches would recommend as the programs to go to? If you're building those relationships, do the coaches turn around and change who they said they thought was the best program for a kid to go to? I assume those relationships work for recommendations going forward, not decisions and advice that may have been made to some extent awhile ago.

I think I'd also read that kids liked having the decision made as early in their senior year as possible so they can concentrate on just playing and keeping their grades up. So curious to know how much inroads was really possible for Pry in year 1 of recruiting given the status of recruiting and relationships he was left with.

William "Woo" Spencer is visiting tomorrow night

4โญ DL out of Indiana.

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New Albany is basically Louisville for anyone who is geographically inclined like me

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay


Here they come
Here comes the bastards
I heard it from a confidant
Who heard it from a confidant
They're definitely on their way

Well, I want the same thing soo...


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Wait, we offered him yesterday? And we're listed as "Warm" along with UK which he had a crystal ball for? Sounds ripe for a FLIP

EDIT Nevermind, per his twitter we offered him back in June. But still, seems like momentum might be swinging our direction

Me likey. Have we ever had someone this big on the DL?

I hate rude behavior in a man. Won't tolerate it.

Tim Settle

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

Gunner Givens (R-Fr) is the same height but like 20 pounds lighter

Rodney Lora .86 6-4 270 DL from Woodberry Forest #19 composite in VA decommitted from UVA. We were one of his finalists but now he's saying he's looking at PSU, Michigan, and Tennessee. Somebody cited an article from The Athletic that said UVA had two top 20 in-state recruits to our one, Lora was one of those two recruits.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

If PSU is going to just keep picking our pockets in VA pry should have no shame about pulling kids from PSU like some were speculating he may not do because of his loyalty to Franklin

I think there's a difference between raiding your former HC's roster on your way out, a man with whom you have a close relationship, and recruiting high school kids from within the other program's home state.

Yeah, I think he may have given the courtesy "I won't steal current recruits" deal, but I have to believe Pry is going to try and win head-to-head recruiting battles against PSU.

If not we're screwed. #TX2VT

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

I'm still teams #Va2VT, but I'm also an associate member: #FL2VT, #DMV2VT, #PA2VT

Penn St is the closest Big Ten or SEC school to the DMV and Richmond. 4 and 5โญ kids want the lights camera action of playing big time football. Not only is the ACC not there, neither is VT or UVA. I can't blame them.

As for UNC raiding the top VA players, I haven't heard a single parent say one bad thing about their kids' experience at UNC. Meanwhile, parents of VT players were openly complaining to each other on Twitter before the coaching change.

Relationships absolutely matter. But that's only the start of what Pry needs to do.

TKPhi Damn Proud
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Relationships matter, but also wins matter/winning tradition matters.

Team PryWillRightTheShip

Penn State is not closer than Maryland

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller


They didn't pay me, so I don't know about them.

(That's a joke about them paying recruits last year, if anyone didn't get it)

TKPhi Damn Proud
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I truly doubt that Pry wouldn't recruit Pennsylvania because of loyalty. He may not recruit PSU commits but I'm sure he'll recruit the state.

Agreed - any notion that suggests he wouldn't recruit a state because of "loyalty" is flat ridiculous.

Pry's loyalty is to VT now. He absolutely should keep the press on PSU commits

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Alright let's get real for a second:

We can whine about the last staff burning all the bridges in the commonwealth all you want, but the reality is that in a year that they were on the hot seat, they were able to pull in 5 of the top 17 recruits in the state, including 2 of the top ten. We have a lot of VA commits this year, but only one of the top 20 (#20).

Granted, it's not all about rankings, and we can try and convince ourselves that all of our recruits are underrated and should be ranked higher, but Fu's staff in c/o 2022 which was on the hot seat out-recruited Pry's staff with a new coach boost in c/o 2023. The classes of 2024/2025 are HUGE for us - we gotta start pulling in some of these guys.

Yes we absolutely need to do better landing blue chippers in-state than we have been. But it's not like kids are only recruited to a school during their senior season. Pry's staff (as Hokies) has had limited facetime with this current recruiting class and relationships are important. It absolutely needs to be better next year.

Minor notes about the lame duck success by Fuente's staff -- Brody Meadows from UVA after Fuente was long gone and Rashaud Pernell never enrolled at Tech. If you go by top-247 ratings, we had 5 top-20 recruits in-state last year (none top 10, but including meadows and pernell) and four this year.

Imo it's not really as different as it seems

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Yes I agree it's not as different as it seems and it's not really fair to compare the two.

My point is that there's no evidence that the last staff neglected VA recruiting, pulled in terrible recruiting classes, and that Pry and co. have to start from square one. I mean just look at Fu's last two classes:
2021: 44th nationally, 8/28 from Virginia.
2022: 36th nationally, 12/23 from Virginia.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't where we need to be at. BUT they're not nearly as bad as they could be in terms of national/conference rankings and pulling in VA kids.

Neglecting recruiting I feel like is a bigger statement than showing results. Fuente could have ignored relationships with coaches and only focused on relationships with kids. So the second the coach leaves, you're kind of starting over. And depending on how important relationships are with recruits, maybe he didn't ignore Virginia, but he wasn't doing himself or future Tech recruiters any favors.

My point is that there's no evidence that the last staff neglected VA recruiting, pulled in terrible recruiting classes

1) there is absolutely evidence that fuente pulled in terrible classes lol

2) there is definitely anecdotal chatter that the last staff did not know how to leverage connections in the commonwealth and that the big time efforts to pull talent out of texas came at the expense of maintaining relationships here -- to me personally, highland springs is a clear bellweather for the sentiments towards VT in-state and it's encouraging to see two players commit to this staff in 2022

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

(1) Where is the evidence that Fuente pulled in terrible classes? And I'm not being snarky, that's a genuine question as someone who doesn't follow recruiting closely. From his first year to his last, his classes were 24th, 26th, 24th, 76th, 44th, 36th. All but one of those are on par with where VT recruiting is historically. Now, obviously roster mis-management is another thing, but 5/6 classes were either "pretty good" or "okay" to me.

(2) That's interesting about not being able to leverage connections in the commonwealth. That makes sense though with how the 2020 class looked. Its almost like Fuente and co. realized their mistakes and went back to recruiting VA in 2021 and 2022, but it was too late and they couldn't manage the roster well so it really didn't matter anyways. Don't know about highland springs but hope that Pry and co. are playing the long game and start to pull in some of these highly-touted VA guys long-term.

Going back to 2010, the worst ranking Beamer had was 35th in 2011 (I didn't go back further because 247 rankings get less and less accurate). 2011 was the year UVA pulled several 7-on-7 4 stars in VA. A lot of us were worried about that class. Every other class was top 30. Fuente's last 2 classes were failures and the 36th ranked transition class was below average.

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

A 76th-44th back to back is enough to totally crater the talent on a roster. 36th is a transition class that Fuente and his staff didnt actually sign, but wound up being better than "Year 0" classes typically are. If he gets credit for the 36th ranked class, he also gets stuck with 2016's 42nd ranked class which totally and definitely helped with the roster management issues that echoed forward -- some good players in that class but not enough.

When the high end upperclassman talent leaves, you backfill in with low 3*s, true freshmen, and G5/FCS transfers -- that's this roster

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Don't know who/why the subthread was locked below (seemed like good back-and-forth discussion to me), so I'll end it I guess, but that makes sense with the 2020 and 2021 classes cratering the talent level on the team, especially when you consider the talent we had that transferred out (Nester, Hooker, Robinson). Thanks anyway for the discussion.

Edit: I see that it was unlocked as soon I posted lol. Guess someone came to their senses.

Someone has fat stubby thumbs that make mistakes sometimes ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

๐Ÿ˜‚right on

Continuing the discourse....

You seem to be pretty skeptical of Pry & Co (this thread and others) - is it more "pump the brakes, they need to prove it", or is it more pessimism that they can turn the program around?

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

For now, it's "pump the brakes."

It's just.... we have a fanbase that was spoiled for soooooo long under Beamer. To do what he did, for 2+ decades, at a school like VT, is almost unheard of. When in reality, with how competitive this business is, it's the norm for programs to have a coach for 3-6 years, realize something isn't working, move on, and rinse and repeat.

So then, I ask myself, did we hire the right coach and the right staff that is going to be able to consistently recruit well, keep kids in the program, mine the transfer portal well, use the offseasons well to get our kids in game-shape and prepared for the season, and then during the season out-scheme the other coaches in the ACC and keep the kids disciplined and motivated to play at a high level? And I haven't even mentioned NIL stuff, good PR, etc. As a side note, some people on here and on Twitter seemed convinced that he is "the guy" after seeing Pry throw snowballs with students on the field haha. There's a little more to running a football program than that.

And then to answer that question.... I hope so. But I'm not necessarily convinced yet. I think Pry is a really good guy who knows and loves football and Virginia Tech, but he didn't have any experience running or rebuilding a program until the day he stepped foot in Blacksburg. On top of that, we have an OC and DC with virtually no experience at their positions either. Other people have pointed to Clemson, Ohio State, etc. who have hired first-year head coaches and that has gone well, but those head coaches took over great programs and kept them great. Not our situation.

All that to say, I really hope that we hired the right guy - but I'm in "wait and see" mode right now. Undisciplined, sloppy football and 'okay' recruiting don't have me convinced yet.

Clemson wasn't really a dominate program when Dabo took over. I think the big difference with successful first year coaches are they spend top dollar to hire experienced coordinators to cover their deficiencies. In the Clemson example, Dabo was an excellent recruiter and he had Chad Morris and Kevin Steele as his OC and DC.

but he didn't have any experience running or rebuilding a program until the day he stepped foot in Blacksburg.

He was on staff in a major capacity for the rebuilding of Vanderbilt 2011-2013 and Penn St. starting 2014. Both those teams were struggling prior to the hiring of Franklin. I don't know if that experience helps him here or not, but he isn't green behind the ears when it comes to rebuilding a program.

But I am also concerned about the tepid recruiting, lack of discipline, and the failure to establish any sort of offense. In my mind, by the end of year 1, the lack of discipline needs to be fixed. Improvements in offense and recruiting will take way more time, but we should see signs of improvement by next year. For recruiting, have a net positive in the portal and improvement in number of HS blue chips. For offense, every aspect is an eyesore and honestly any improvement would be a welcoming sight.

๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ

I think you got it wrong - I think the snowball fight was seeing a guy who really embraces the university in a way Fuente never did and really, REALLY hoping he's the right guy because he fits here so well. Not that a snowball fight in any way convinced anyone that he's going to be the coach that will get us to 10+ wins and playoff contention.

And the reason the snowball fight is so significant is because we are the die hards who love the university, and that snowball fight is such a big tradition at the school. How do you not want him to be the guy when he embraces the school that much?

Don't forget that being an in-state kid doesn't automatically make them a take for Pry. He said he's recruiting certain types of players if I'm not mistaken. I assume he's talking mentality and certain guys who are either really egotistical or have some other potential locker room toxicity (HS coach says the kid is talented but doesn't take direction well, skips practice, etc.). So looking at the top 20 and saying we missed on all I'm not sure is accurate.

But my guess is 16 of them are probably guys we'd take, but how much were we behind for other reasons? Yes, Fuente's recruiting class was better, but last year, even with a coach on the hot seat, I think players could look at Tech and see a certain amount of talent on the roster to play with. This year, assuming other coaches use negative recruiting, the big message I would send as a coach if I did that is - "look at the lack of talent on the roster,mid you go to Tech, you're going to lose, and lose a lot." Or another negative some coaches might use "you don't want to go play for a brand new HC with no HC experience, especially if you're on O, because the coordinator is brand new, you don't know if his scheme will be any good." Seems like a lot of negatives that could be used against us.

I think a lot of that Pry can shake off the longer he's here, but this first year, some of that I assume was going to be tough.

On the flip side, Pry could say " look at all that talent at UNC (or Miami) and they still suck." :-)

There is certainly that!

Haven't we churned a few serviceable recruits from Buford HS in Georgia? Holston maybe one of them? I think maybe a QB that never panned?

Look at 247s 2024 class Buford has 3 of the top 36 players in the country! The whole state of VA doesn't even usually get 1 in there!