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Just to really illuminate what Buzz has done:


08-09: 10-18
09-10: 15-16 (Bennett's first year)
10-11: 16-15
11-12: 22-10 (NCAA first round)
12-13: 23-12 (NIT QFs)
13-14: 30-7 (NCAA Sweet 16)


13-14: 9-22
14-15: 11-22 (Buzz's first year)
15-16: 20-15 (NIT second round)
16-17: 22-11 (NCAA first round)
17-18: 21-12 (NCAA first round)
18-19: 24-8 (TBD)

Which one is more impressive?

RealDiehl's picture RealDiehl | The Key Play Tournament Challenge!! | commented 8 hours 3 min ago | reply

I've got UC Irvine facing UVA. Oregon is Pac-12 and that speaks for itself, and Irvine is just as good defensively as Wisconsin to beat them.

Culver is most of TT's offense. If he carries them then they can get to the Final Four, but there are a few solid mid-majors in the way.

FSU beat Gonzaga last year based on athleticism and shooting, and they could do it again this year if 'Cuse doesn't beat the Zags first.

I've got Iowa State beating Houston, but losing to Kentucky. Houston is solid but not trustworthy in the tournament. Good defense but couldn't score with Kentucky.

RealDiehl's picture RealDiehl | The Key Play Tournament Challenge!! | commented 8 hours 7 min ago | reply

there wasn't a hangup

So is this the only proof that he *might* leave?

...the use of triple negatives in a sentence (although this is primarily an eastern KY thing).

I've got UVA vs K-State, with K-State beating Oregon. Oregon is hot right now and I don't the the Badgers will get by them.

I think Texas Tech wins in round one but again (see above) I don't trust the Big 12 and have them losing to Buffalo in the round of 32.

FSU is gonna whomp Gonzaga IMO

Calipari will get UK to the Elite-8 and then run into UNC and get dismantled.

If Clay Travis and Bill Simmons don't make the final four, this tournament is invalid.

Also, a real shame that one of Gary Danielson and Cris Collinsworth has to win.

Also also, this tournament left out Brent Musberger and Dick Stockton. Yes, they're PBP guys, but neither one of them have been good at their jobs this century (though I guess it's possible Musberger retired, but even so)

Hypocritically contrary to my perspective on Buzz, I think Tony Bennett should definitely take the money and run to UCLA.

SoupHokie09's picture SoupHokie09 | The Key Play Tournament Challenge!! | 2 replies | commented 8 hours 55 min ago | reply

Just general match up questions.

UVA vs Wisconsin, even though I think Oregon might take them out.

Do people trust Texas Tech's shooting, cuz they could make it pretty far if they're hot.

Gonzaga vs FSU
Kentucky vs Houston

their fanbase is going to expect A&M to compete with Kentucky, Tennessee, Flordia etc. year in and year out.

If Buzz were staying, I would expect VT to compete with UNC, Duke, and UVA year in and out. I would still expect a top ACC team next year with the development from Bede and Blackshear and the unveiling of Nolley.

3 seniors, 1 NBA draft enrollee, and KB will be fine. There is more uncertainty now, but there was going to be a clear goal this post season.

It sounds like there are too many legitimate reports saying it's a done deal to be skeptical. Hopefully the VT players can tune out the noise during the NCAA tournament, but they are going to hear it.

I don't know if Marquette was exactly a national powerhouse under Buzz, but I pretty much agree with everything you said. I don't think A&M is a great move for Williams, even though I think he'll win because he's just that good of a coach.

I followed Bill Self's progression from Oral Roberts to Tulsa to Illinois and finally Kansas.

To me, Self was always a builder (Like Buzz). I remember when he got his "Dream Job" at KU and leaving Illinois (the Illini team went to the National Championship Game the next year with Self's roster!).

I always wondered if the money and pressure was worth it. I remember his joy and passion before the expectations, alumni and "One and Dones" became a necessity to continue to compete. The coach I see today on the KU sideline is not the same person.

If It goes as it currently seems and Buzz moves on, I hope he can continue to keep his joy and passion! He may be a great coach, but I wonder how he'll deal with the politics and pressure of a place who hired Jimbo Fisher.

Buzz will be expected to provide "Blue Blood" results quickly at a football school... I really doubt that the alumni and fan base will really give a shit about Emotional intelligence or teaching players about handling $$$ if they take 3+ years to rebuild. "When much is given, much is expected".

StickItIn04's picture StickItIn04 | Hokies Are No. 4 Seed in East Region | commented 9 hours 37 min ago | reply

This is a totally backwards mentality. I am rooting for a 1st round win. Why give yourself two wins? Relief if you win and disappointment if you lose is not how I want to watch this weekend.

"The wide expectation among college basketball insiders is that Williams will be the next coach at Texas A&M," national college basketball columnist Seth Davis recently opined. "... If Williams turns this down, a lot of folks around the sport will be quite surprised."

Hopefully that's not true.

At the same time, the "wide expectation among college basketball insiders" is that a coach wouldn't leave a Big East powerhouse for the worst program in the ACC. Buzz doesn't care about what anyone else thinks, he's not normal.

A lot of people keeps harping on money but I earnestly believe excessive money isn't important to Buzz. I keep referring back to this quote from a Washington Post article in 2015:

His Virginia Tech contract pays him $2.3 million per year, but because he once associated money with success, his family lives off $500,000; the rest goes toward savings, donations or insurance. In fact, Williams allows himself $54 per day, funneled at the beginning of each month into an account labeled "Daddy's Money"; during the final days of each month, the employees at Joe's Diner, his favorite breakfast joint, are no longer surprised when his debit card is declined.

Buzz has an opportunity to become the basketball version of Frank Beamer. He could easily stay here for the next 20 years, create his own culture, compete against the best coaches in the country (when K, Williams and Boeheim retire, those three programs will only attract the most elite coaches) work under one of the best ADs in the country, raise his family in an idyllic college town and not worry about getting fired after a sub .500 season.

Bill Kennedy held the A&M job for seven seasons with a conference championship and two sweet sixteens on his resume- he still got fired. Culture doesn't matter to their fanbase, only winning (you can tell by the reaction to Kennedy's firing, lots of "Kennedy is a good man, but..."). Does Buzz really want to enter into such a cutthroat environment and minimize the mentorship element of coaching that he clearly loves? The price of success is expectation, if he signs a 5+ million contract, their fanbase is going to expect A&M to compete with Kentucky, Tennessee, Flordia etc. year in and year out.

I'm really hoping he stays but I actually believes it's not as cut and dry as everyone makes it out to be.

hokienator's picture hokienator | March-April 2019 Fishing Thread | commented 9 hours 37 min ago | reply

I did some talking to some biologists and they're studies show the effect of coyotes isn't as bad as feared once since they do a serious bit to raccoons and other pest varmints as well which in turn also helps the turkeys out by ridding the nest raiders from the chain. Dunno if I fully agree they're hurting the numbers but also think the bag limits have gone a bit high.

This times the best to coyote hunting here cause of the turkeys and cause I think it's mating season. I never see them outside of spring turkey so I tend to hunt them this time of year

Buzz, if you stay you can have both of my Smithfield bacon coupons from the night we trounced Duke.


He doesn't have that long left to coach. He's mentioned several times that he "can't do this forever" or "can't keep at this pace forever". My guess is he coaches about 5 more years and then retires with a large ranch in Texas.

I keep coming back to his current relationship with local Southwest VA media who don't push him at all and how he always acts like they're the enemy. Bad news Buzz. Texas A&M has the pettiest, leakiest media (and boosters) in the country.

But hey, I'm happy he will have family close by. I'm sure it will work out.

OkieDokeyHokie's picture OkieDokeyHokie | 2019 Spring Practice Starts Tomorrow | commented 9 hours 59 min ago | reply

Well... I think we can say now that this is ALL Fuente's team.

With last year's personnel and "cultural" changes, I'm really excited to see how (or if) the team responds. Who will be the new leaders? What will be the personality and character of this team going forward? Will this team finally gel and be loyal to each other and give themselves to the team?

Maybe we'll get an initial glimpse over the next month! I really hope we look back at this time next fall as the start of something special!