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| Meta/Ask TKP: How to improve? | commented 6 hours 13 min ago | reply

All hype and no substance

Joey Coogan's picture Joey Coogan
| January 2019 - Recruiting/Transfer thread part II | commented 6 hours 25 min ago | reply

They have coaches that are good at — and value — recruiting.

Small announcement: I'm finally one of the cool kids, I am now a member of the TKPC. I am the 669th person to join.

It's real because they hired recruiters. They are creating UNC football hype because they hired a bunch of guys who can sell that vision to these kids and it's working.

I really don't understand how UNC, which has been a middle of the pack football team at best, is all of the sudden lighting the world on fire in recruiting.

Is this real or just perception???

Edit: was unaware source was 247 writer, as I dont frequent the site. Nvm.

VBVTUSCG's picture VBVTUSCG | Rumors: Horne possibly out for the year | commented 6 hours 41 min ago | reply

Word, I retract my criticism then. I did not know this, cheers

Pierson Booher's picture Pierson Booher
| Buzzketball Gets Back On Track Against the Deacs | commented 6 hours 43 min ago | reply

Old enough.

(And thanks)

The person who posted the information is Chris Arvin, who is considered to be very connected to the basketball program. I wouldn't call this unsubstantiated or without sources.

I saw him limp off, it it did not look that bad. That is it for a margin for error on injuries. We need everyone else to stay healthy.

Edited to remove the oleo.

Rumor is that it's potentially season ending. I'm hearing at least 4 weeks

Yeah I'm in the same boat here. I initially really liked these unis, and they're definitely better than the throwback/modern hodgepodge we had the past few years with the huge vintage shoulder stripes clashing with the new number style and tapered helmet stripe.

But the more I look at these new unis, they almost look like the Power Rangers or something. It's not necessarily bad, but as you said kind of missed the mark and are just kind of off in some way.


Yup. Fuck'em. Either join the conference for real or stfu.

Cool who is they

Edit: ☝️nice edit


For all of those who put a lot of weight on rankings, particularly 247 rankings, they just hired Tim Brewster, Jr and all of a sudden UNCs 2019 class doesn't look as bad.

If you ever expect VT to have a consistent 15 - 25 class rank going forward, this will be a hindrance

So, bak to the status quo for An U.

He put an imaginary chain on Reggie Floyd but yes. I didn't have any luck finding the gif of it.