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MaroonX2's picture MaroonX2 | National Champion VT Wrestler Mekhi Lewis | commented 5 hours 33 min ago | reply

Congrats on the Sex.

Hokie Fireman's picture Hokie Fireman | Hokiesports Auction Is Up | 1 reply | commented 5 hours 37 min ago | reply

The "25" went for over 900 anyone see the final price? We won the "27" AJ Hughes jersey.

Hokiemacho's picture Hokiemacho | National Champion VT Wrestler Mekhi Lewis | commented 5 hours 59 min ago | reply

At NCAAs they have to weigh in each morning before the first session of the day starts. That means you can't put too much on because you'll just have to cut it again. That being said you don't have to worry about that after you weigh in on day 3.

Orion86's picture Orion86 | Beer 2019 | commented 6 hours 2 min ago | reply

That would be awesome and I might be able to pull it off depending on the time of year :o

hokiejoe11's picture hokiejoe11 | NCAA Tourney - Gambling Questions Thread | commented 6 hours 5 min ago | reply

I second the recommendation for Bovada. It's an easy way to get to understand the basics. I stay away from prop bets and stick to parlays and round robins with low bets that have decent payouts.

IfishVTIam's picture IfishVTIam | March-April 2019 Fishing Thread | 1 reply | commented 6 hours 10 min ago | reply

We all have our blind spots and snobbery, and while shad may be in yours, I don't disagree with your take about crowds. I hate crowds on the river. I also hate ugly water, and have fished my share. The Smith through Bassett has some nice trout in it, but it is so ugly with industrial garbage and old litter that once was enough, despite me catching a dozen browns over 14" the time I fished it. Smallmouth on the New lost their appeal to me after catching thousands of them over the years, and having to witness, and deal with, the 10 fold increase in fishing and boating traffic on the New. I'd rather hit a good shad hole now than float the New. Muskies? You can have them, along with every largemouth bass and bowfin swimming.
If all you've caught is hickory shad, or maybe even more likely, the river herring that run with them, maybe you haven't had the best of shad fishing anyway, though I've found hickory shad to be really good fighters and a 2 1/2 lb hickory is definitely fun on spin or fly. They fight better than smallmouth, pound for pound, in my opinion. Minnows? Well, like you said, Tarpon are too, and I find a bright fresh shad not long from the ocean to be a very pretty fish, myself.
Reds? Yep, they're a ton of fun I haven't tired of, but if that's all that floated my boat, I'd sell it or move way further south so I could fish for them without serious travel issues.
Hopefully, you get into them on the Mattaponi and share the news with the rest of us. Hope you find the big whites, too. Get into the backing for a 6-7 lb American in current, and you may have a different take. Good luck getting one to stay still long enough to get a good picture! Their octane doesn't end in the net.

Edit: I will admit that shad fishing being one of the first runs of the spring is part of the allure for me, and after a few trips, it's out of my system for another year.

HomebrewHokie08's picture HomebrewHokie08 | ZION HATE WEEK | commented 6 hours 19 min ago | reply

I really couldn't remember how it was spelled and was too lazy to look it up. I have to lay myself at the mercy of TKP for all eternity for blaspheming our great walk-on.

H_ighlander_okie's picture H_ighlander_okie | 2019 "I wanna go fast!" Thread | commented 6 hours 38 min ago | reply


wasknick's picture wasknick
ambassador to lot 18
| 2019 "I wanna go fast!" Thread | commented 6 hours 44 min ago | reply

And Martinsville is the last cut before the Finale! That is gonna get wild.

bcollins0921's picture bcollins0921 | 2019 "I wanna go fast!" Thread | commented 6 hours 46 min ago | reply

FAM IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wasknick's picture wasknick
ambassador to lot 18
| 2019 "I wanna go fast!" Thread | commented 6 hours 49 min ago | reply


Damn shame Stephen A. wasn't there to get smacked in the head by it.

yea, but when we voted to make this a reality, the idea that many of these nonviolent crimes aren't even criminalized anymore was a pertinent issue.

H'burg_Hokie's picture H'burg_Hokie | ZION HATE WEEK | commented 6 hours 58 min ago | reply

Provolone on my sammy almost everyday. But I will eat aged Gouda over all others.

I was just coming here to post this.

It looks like somebody has trained a turkey vulture to sabotage the clear favorite in the tournament.

Boise state was an extra purchase. It was not included in the regular season package.

bcollins0921's picture bcollins0921 | 2019 "I wanna go fast!" Thread | 1 reply | commented 7 hours 14 min ago | reply

No statement will be made until 4:00:01PM EST on the Day of March 26, the year of our lord 2019

Egbert's picture Egbert | Beer 2019 | commented 7 hours 17 min ago | reply

tbradley chaosmountainbrewing -dot!- -com

VbVt2009's picture VbVt2009 | National Champion VT Wrestler Mekhi Lewis | commented 7 hours 22 min ago | reply

And what about rugby?

gobble gobble chumps's picture gobble gobble chumps | ZION HATE WEEK | commented 7 hours 25 min ago | reply

and there it is, folks! today's Context Free Quote of the Day, brought to you by VTBlackout!